Metformin Hurt My Liver


I was on metformin for years, was having pain near liver area, biopsy revealed a non-alcoholic -stealatic -liver.{ Fibrosis } stage -2-3} the Dr. told me it progressed badly because of the metformin and took me off of them.

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I am very sorry about the problems you have experienced from it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know, ahead of time, how any given medication is going to affect anyone that takes it.


Most medications are processed through the liver, so there is always a risk associated with using them for a long period of time.

What do you use for your diabetes, now?

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I am on novalog 25 untis before meals and 85 units of lantus at bedtime.

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I don't know what you are talking about but I take no meds without first researching on the internet, etc. myself and my book containing drugs and reactions, etc.etc.etc.
Thank you

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May I increase in taking metformin (only generic name), from two tabs a day(a.m. & p.m.) to two tabs a.m.& two tabs p.m.? My wife & myself are diabetics for 5 yrs. We are both having pains on our right side kidney area. Much more my wife is having some pain on her front right side of her body. Pls help us.

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I am on novalog 25units prn and 85 lantus at night, I am in stage 2-3 of a fibrosis, actually i developed non alcoholic stealeatic hepatitis which turned into into fibrosis of the liver.I am scheduled tyo have a procedure in a week that is very dangerous. only 9 dr's in MO can do this. already had liver biopsy last month.

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I was just told i have type 2 diabetes 1 month ago i am taking mar-metformin 500mg metformin HCL, first thing i notice was the diarrhea that went away, i feel sick on my stomach now my stool is really black should i have the doctor change my medication

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