M Amphet Salts 20 Mg Vs Adderall Xr 20 Mg


Adderall xr 20 mg and M. Amphet Salts 20 mg. Are these the exact same medications? Are they both manufactured my Shire? Does Shire provide Teva/Barr with the generic version of Adderall xr under the name M. Amphet Salts 20mg? Thank you....

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In order to tell you the manufacturer, you need to provide the markings or imprints on the capsules in question.

I do, however, doubt this is the case, because TEVA manufacturer's their own generic medications.

Both items that you described are the same medication, the only different you listed was one being controlled release, I do not know if the other one is controlled release or not, from what you provided.

There are many companies that make generic medications.

Can you please post back with the imprint? I will gladly check to see who makes it for you.


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Thank you for your reply. The markings are, M. Amphet Salts 20 mg The capsule is orange. Other than the above imprint it looks exactly like the Adderall Xr capsule manufactured by Shire. Thank you again for your input.

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I have been taking name brand Adderall XR for over 3 years. Finally being diagnosed with ADHD at age 31 was huge relief! And being able to control most of my symptomatic behaviors by taking Adderall XR has been a very positive experience for me.

Last week, when I filled my prescription for DAW (dispense as written) name brand Adderall XR, the pharmacist showed me that all the pills in the name brand bottle were all imprinted with M. Amphet. Salts - just like the generic. She even opened a new bottle of the name brand capsules to show me that Walgreens wasn't trying to screw me over.

I called Shire and they said that the FDA approved Shire imprinting the name brand capsules with either ADERALL XR or M. Amphet. Salts and that as long as my prescription came from a name brand bottle that said Shire that I was taking the same name brand drug I've been taking all along.

I HIGHLY doubt what I've been taking for the past few days is regular name brand Aderall XR. I have been experiencing headaches, tight/clenched upper back muscles, tingling/numbness in my face and pressure behind my eyes. My ADHD symptoms are not well-controlled and I also feel like I'm on something - I never felt like I was on something when I took name brand Adderall XR before!

I called Shire again and again they told me that as long as my prescription came from a bottle that said Shire that I was taking the same name brand drug.

Today I called the FDA and the representative said that Shire DOES NOT have permission to imprint the name brand Adderall XR with M. Amphet. Salts. The FDA rep said that name brand Adderall XR must be imprinted with the text ADDERALL XR.

I also told the rep that I had been experiencing side-effects after taking the generic imprint name brand and that those side effects were similar to those I experienced when taking the actual generic.

The rep said that the best thing to do is file a report online: https:/­/­www.accessdata.fda.gov/­scripts/­medwatch/­medwatch-online.htm

The rep also said that sometimes it only takes one report of mislabeling or side effects to warrant an investigation, but if multiple people file similar reports it will make a bigger impact.

If you have purchased name-brand Adderall XR that was labeled M. Amphet. Salts, whether or not you have experienced side-effects, please file an online report. It takes just a few minutes.

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Melanie thank you for writing and for following up with the FDA. My daughter had headaches taking the M. Amphet from Shire too. I spoke to Shire and they told me that the Adderall XR 20mg and the M. Amphet 20 mg. capsules were exactly the same. They said that some are marked Adderall and some are market M. Amphet. I kept telling them that it did not make sense to me. Why would my daughter have headaches when taking the M. Amphet and she would not have any headaches when taking the Adderall XR. They kept insisting that they were the same. I kept disagreeing. They asked if I wanted to file a complaint and I told them definately. Which I did. I had her doctor write out another presctiption and had it filled at Walgreens. My daughter is now taking the brand name Adderall XR 20mg and she has not had an headache since she started. I agree with you that there is definately a difference with these two capsules. Thank you for giving the website for the FDA. I just finished filing a report. Something is not right here. In my search tonight I read the Shire is losing their license for manufacturing the Adderall XR and that is why they are now marking the capsules as M. Amphet Salts. This makes more sense to me, than what Shire was telling me. If there is anyone else having a problem with the M. Amphet Salts I urge you to file a report with the FDA and to call Shire to file a complaint.

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I an SO glad that I came upon this site! I had mny many problems when taking the generic form of Adderall XR ~ migraines, irritability, moodiness, nausea, foggy head and numbness in my face and extremities. My old Dr refused to listen to my complaints and always told me that the generics were the same as the brand name. To be honest, at the time, I had never tried the brand name and didn't even think this could be the issue at hand; I simply thought I was on the wrong meds. I found a new Dr who is amazing, and takes the time to listen and talk with me every visit. He suggested from the start that I try the brand name to see if there was a difference for me as many of his other patients noticed. It was a life changing decision for me and my negative symptoms disappeared as well as my issues with ADD. Just this past month, I went to pick up my prescription at Walgreens and my pharmacist (who I adore and who knows and validates my issues with the generic) made a point of showing me the generic imprinted capsules coming from the brand name Adderall XR bottles. She was very confused and said she's never seen anything like it before. As soon as she opened the first bottle like this earlier in the month she said she thought of me and if I would have a bad reaction. She wondered aloud if perhaps Shire was trying to pull a fast one and save money by being able to dole out the generic while pretending it's the brand name. She suggested I call Shire and log a formal complaint as well as the FDA. As soon as I started taking them, I could tell it was not the same med as before. I go to see my Dr this week to talk about the possibility of switching meds. This is devastating for me ~ finding a med that worked and allowed me to lead a productive lifestyle was a Godsend. My self confidence improved dramatically ~ all these years I just always thought I was stupid or lazy. Now what will I do? Going through months and months of trialing new meds until I hopefully find another that works is going to be pure hell. Why would Shire do such a thing? Do they honestly think it will go unnoticed by those of us who take it and by those who dispense it? And if the above post is correct in that Shire doesn't have permission to be imprinting both labels on the brand name then how do they think they will get away with it without being held accountable legally? I'm going to call Shire as soon as I log off of here and then the FDA is next on my list so that I can file a formal report. Following that I think the news media needs to be contacted. Who knows, although Adderall users have gotten a bad rep as junkies and abusers, there are those of us who rely on this med daily and use it responsibly; think about if you altered a schizophrenics meds without telling them, maybe the media will at least care about the corruption and scandal involved? I say it's worth a try and i'm so irritated I'm going to do whatever I can to bring this to light. I wonder how many Adderall users are experiencing horrible issues because of this currently and just attributing it to their own lacking. This is more than just a shame, this is unforgivable....and all because some already rich jerk wanted to make an extra penny.

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I also have migraines when on the generic, I went back to the pharmacy and demanded the money back on the difference with the brand vs generic. The pharmacist called the distributor, and said exactly what you mentioned above, they are the same, however thank you to whoever posted the link to the FDA I filed a report! Has anyone taken the non-XR version? I may have the doctor prescribe that if it is not generic?

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Unfortunately I have only taken the generic form of the IR that Barr makes. I had an immediate reaction that produced pressure behind my eyes and then a an awful rash on my hands, feet, knees and face. (I took the blue 10mg dose) I have taken that same dose, from Barr before (maybe a year ago) and had no problems. This time however, my body reacted in a completely different way. My knuckles also swelled and then cracked open. It was awful. Whatever Barr has done to change their formula, it is very very bad.

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I have had wonderful success with Adderall XR for the last 5 years. My doctor has been writing Brand Name Medically Necessary because a few months ago they gave me a generic. I got serve heart palpitations, nervousness, I felt like my ADD symptoms were not controlled from the generic. I went to get my prescription filled a few days ago, and the last few days I haven’t been feeling like myself. I feel serve heart palpitations, nervousness, headaches, feel like I am going to have a panic attack, and my attention isn’t normal. I thought maybe I was just tired. However, after a few days of feeling like crap…this morning when I taking my ADDERALL XR 20mg pills I noticed it said M. Amphet Salts 20mg. I feel like crap and told the pharmacy that I am on Brand Name Medically Necessary for a reason. They told me I got the BRAND NAME of ADDERALL XR! I know I am not taking the same thing. Did the manufacture stop making Adderall XR? I have been on regular Adderall but the XR works so much better for me. I am very concerned..what is everyone doing in the meantime?

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I have checked with different pharmacies and have found that the Walgreens by us carries the capsules that state AdderallXR on them. It is costing me more but worth it. In the meantime, I have contacted the FDA, Shire by phone and today sent an e-mail to both [email protected] and [email protected]. I have alerted them to this website. I encourage anyone with these problems to contact the same. I also sent an e-mail to the board of directors. The website is http:/­/­www.shire.com/­shireplc/­en/­about/­directors. To send them an e-mail use the first initial of their first name and their whole last name @shire.com, ([email protected]). Please do what you can do to help stop Shire from using M.Amphet Salts as brand name. Thank you

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I have been taking Adderall XR for 10 years at the same dose. It was a Godsend for me and three of my four sons. I'm 45 years old and have struggled with chronic iron deficiency for a few years as well. I accepted the generic when it was released by Barr Pharmaceuticals although it wasn't as good but I had no specific complaint to justify demanding the brand name. In January and February, my pharmacy filled my prescription with brand name. I remember thinking how I was finally starting to feel better but relating it to diligence with my iron supplements then about a month ago I started feeling worse than before and it wasn't until this past weekend that I figured it out. My last prescription was filled with a generic made by Global Pharmaceuticals. It seems to make my ADD symptoms worse along with a tighened feeling around my chest and back about an hour after I have taken it. I've had mild headaches which I never have. I've also had sores that are similar to chicken pox on my face, neck and scalp. My physician wrote me a new prescription so that the brand name is dispensed and I picked them up this afternoon. My insurance even covered the cost when they were told that I was having problems with this new generic. I'll post again after I've taken the pills marked Adderall XR for a few days. My son hasn't noticed any physical symptoms but it doesn't seem that this generic is controlling his ADD symptoms either.

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I just wanted to add that the generic made by Global is marked M. Amphet Salts. When I had Shire's pills for the two months I wasn't paying attention to how the pills were marked but when looking back in my journal it seems that I was having some good days and some bad. The pharmacist said that he has also seen pills marked in both ways coming out of a Shire bottle.

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My Pharmacist said I got the brand name from Shire even though it is marked M. Amphet Salts on the pills and my bottle of pills says ADDERALL XR. They would not take my pills back and now I am stuck for a month. I swear the pills are not the same and the pharmacist made me feel like I was crazy. I am so happy I can accross this site. Next month, I am going to go to Walgreens and report this to the FDA.

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I had this happen to me too. My Adderall XR was mixed with M. Amphet Salts. What I did do, was go to the pharmacist and DEMAND that they only put Adderall XR pills in, and it worked for me.

However, if Shire does stop making adderall XR (or stop making it like it used to be), I am going to be pissed because these off brand manufacturers don't do it right. I feel like poop when I take the off brand.

The first time when I was talking off brand only it gave me sleep apnea, tension headaches, stuff neck and upper back, and pulsative tinnitus (in other words, I could hear my blood flow behind my ear). I felt terrible all the time, really.

It was once I started feeling these symptoms again (on a smaller scale) that I noticed my adderall xr was being swapped with generics.

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I just want to let everyone know that last week I received a call from David Baker, VP of the ADHD Division at Shire. He told me that in January Shire stopped producing the M.Amphet Salts and is only producing AdderallXR. David insisted that the M.Amphet Salts and AdderalXR were exactly the same down to the ink they used onthe capsules. I still find this hard to believe. He said that Shire decided to produce only the AdderallXR because of the confusion the 2 names were causing. I know for a fact that my daughter had a reaction to theM.Amphet Salts, and I totally think that there was a difference between these 2 capsules. The most important thing is that Shire STOPPPED producing the M.Amphet Salts. It was suggested to me, by the mail-in prescription company I use, that when your doctor writes a prescription for the AdderallXR, have the doctor also write...Dispense capsules with markings of AdderallXR ONLY.

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Just a thought. Has anyone considered having Adderall XR and M. Amphet. Salts evaluated by a certified lab for the exact ingredients? However, a friend of mine said that even if the ingredients are the same the process in which the medication is produced may alter the effectiveness. Thank you.

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I'm back to give a little update. Being back on brand name Adderall XR (capsules imprinted with Adderall XR) has been wonderful and I feel so much better. This situation has opened my eyes to the differences between brand name and generic versions of prescriptions and I will be much more cautious from now on. I hope that Shire will continue manufacturing the original formula.

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Thanx for the tip Cathy, re : having write your doc. Dispense capslues w Adderall Xr markings only, I asked my doc to do this. Yet having a hard time finding a pharmacy that will actually do this. the ADDitude, I have gotten.... unreal!! The first time, I went to the pharmacy that I usually fill me script (CVS) when I realized half way throughoout the month that half my pills were different. I told him that they might have made a mistake (being VERY polite) and given me half of the Generic. He then open up 2 bottles in front of me, both shire. One had only adderall XR the other only mix amph salt imprints. He said: I'll swap them out for you this time, but next time if you feek brand, I will have to filled it once I open the bottle. I kept quiet, whats the point of arguing, but A: You can fill it all u want, I just wont pick it up and get a new script if you wont give it back to me. B: Also, you should be apologizeing AND have an explanation. The only logical one I have that Shire gave up on Adderall all together, and sold whatever they had in stock to BARR, told them, yeah go ahead, use our bottles, make that $$ Corupt pisses of S***!!!! BOTH of them. Same thing happend to the IR. Anyone remember filling brand, and gettting the dp on the back (looks like a % sign), this was about month ago, which used to have the AD. Well, i spoke to severall docs. and patients, most of them havent realized a change in the imprint, but on how they felt. So we are not talking placebo effect here!!! Barr changed the mixture, made it cheaper, I am sure...kept the same price. So know BARR offers a Generic AND a BRAND, does that make any sense to anyone. ILLEGAL???

Ok PLEASE excuse my TERRIBLE comparisson, but the same happend to Patron and Grey Goose (I work in the Liquor industry), used to great had great rep Paul Mitchell Bought Patron, now its s**t (its booze most peeps dont notice, but if you put milk in it vs another similar priced tequila, the difference in how the milk settles is amazing, proving the now high accidity of Patron). Again PLEASE excuse this stupid comparisson, I was just making a point. Thanx to everyone on this board for amazing detailed info. I will call Shire and the FDA tomorow.

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I was prescribed Adderall XR a few months ago but was given the generic. My doc insisted the pharm. provide me the name brand as he does not think generics are equal to any name brand medication. I will start the name brand tomorrow. In the meantime, what interests me about these posts is many of you are mentioning Walgreens as your pharmacy. I find it interesting so many of you are using the same company and are getting generics out of name brand bottles...

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I never had a problem with Walgreens, they always dispensed it as AdderallXR. My mail in at Express Scripts was the one giving me problems. This last time the doctor did write dispense as written on the RX, took 3 weeks for Express Scripts to get the AdderallXR to me, but they sent it correctly. I imagine they had to go back to the distributor to get the AdderallXR from them instead of using the M.Amphet Salts like they did in the past.

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I've been taking Adderall XR for 4 years . This story relates to the past 4 months.
The first 2 months I was recieving the supposed Shire Adderall that had M. Amphet. Salts imprinted on the capsule and I was experiencing sensitiviy to light, headaches, and had mood swings. Me and my doctor felt it was just life circumstances. i.e. Work and School and staring at computer screens for both for hours a day and the stress that came with them.
Month 3 I no longer have insurance and I go fill my prescription and the capsules say Adderall XR and my mood swings, light sensitivity, and head aches dissipated. I still had school and work and it was even more stressful because it was the end of the semester.
For Month 4 I asked my doctor for a generic version since I no longer had insurance. When I filled the script the capsules said M. Amphet. salts. and my headaches, light sensitivity, and mood swings returned.

After reading the comments above I'm going to file a complaint and speak with my doctor about writing the specifications on the script. ADDERAL XR only. I'm sick of headaches and my coworkers are sick of my mood swings.

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I just started the add salt combo and it don't feel right.almost like senthetic meth( flakka)

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I am so glad I came across this site. I need a dr so badly for my add and anxiety. I'm very lucky to read all this info before I get screwed and it's so my body to get those bad side effects.

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I just read your post. I was for many years taking and sometimes abusing my adderall ir so after being hospitalized to get off of 6mgs of ativan a day which oi have successfully but painfully done. I for the first time been given the orange 20mg xr M imprint and i have been in bed with blackout curtains from insane headaches, stiff neck, dizzy, nausea. I feel like total s***. The only relief i get is the 20 mg booster ir in the afternoon. I am also used to not sleeping a lot and since on this generic xr i am sleeping more than i have in my life, i am 51 years old...i am also angry and having crazy thoughts i have NEVER had in my life. I have not drank alcohol in years and since starting this i have been craving alcohol and having drinking dreams. I am beyond frustrated.

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The only institution the Insurance Co's are going to listen to are NIH and NIMH. Full Stop!!! I copy/pasted 11 studies done by the government that prove without a shadow of a doubt that generics are fundamentally different and how they are different. You can beat your head against the wall talking to your doctor or calling your Insurance. Go to nih.gov or nimh.gov. I only copy/pasted for my fight. I didn't keep the links. You have to play around a little bit with what you write in the search bar but when you get it right study after study will be there. A side note. If you're so inclined, and I was, England has much stricter laws than we do. I also printed out studies they did on generics that had put in applications to sell their product in England and they were turned down. Teva is one.

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Henry H. posted here stating those who posted here are the most ignorant... YOU'RE THE IMBECILE.

Generics are not always identical. Personally i say none are, but i haven't looked into nor used all drugs now... does it make any sense for any company to make the same identical drug and compete with themselves selling it cheaper and calling it generic??? Fk No. That's why i personally don't believe in the BS.

Generics can legally have 20% less of the main ingredients (the ones that matter for the treatment). Then, the delivery system can be different.

Adderall brand. They own the best delivery system ER patent(s). They put pure ingredients in it and therefore they set the bar! They also make generics too! They may or may not use there identical delivery system in generics. Their secret. But you can be dam sure they most likely put less or less pure main ingredients into the generic.

Now for my experiences. Brand name 20mg x2 a day first month. Awesome!!! Generic switch to TEVA for 2nd 30 days. The duration changed from 8 or 9 hrs to 6 hrs, 2nd dose taken after 1st declining. Had some muscle aching and weakness, some headaches and nausea. Never put the symptoms together till i read them on forums from others saying same thing upon a switcheroo. My doctor wrote my 3rd month for brand only before upping dosage and to 3x a day as we both want to make sure its not a tolerance change and or generic to blame. Funny thing is, meijer pharmacy still gave me TEVA generic and charged insurance for brand!!! Thankfully i noticed it withing 8 hrs of getting script. Called meijer and got some we sorry story, bring it back for brand... honest mistake or a switcheroo??? Garbage! Will call insurance co and meijer heads to complain. Upon searching google for this switcheroo, seems to happen but not as much as people getting someone else's scripts. Scary.

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I could not believe my eyes when I read your post , I had the same experience
I used to take Adderral XR brand and it worked fine , then the medication got changed to generic and I had horrible side effects. I was able to switch back to brand and after taking it for a few days once I got the same side effects . I checked the medications and found out that half of them are generic in the bottle with brand name and yes it was from Walgreen

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I had to laugh reading this your complaining about a luxury medicine that they were switching manufacturing companys and rather hike the price up they gave u different imprint... At the end of the day the only way you win is stop taking em

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I took phentermine 37.5 and had the same sense of productivity, energy and focus. I lost 30 pounds. 145 was my best weight. And had an AWESOME personality. Since stopping it's been tuff. I was prescribed Zoloft then Welbutrrin xl 150. Taken off Zoloft then upped to 300 on Wellbutrin and phentermine. Then decided that adderall may cure all. Add has been quite crippling and was dx very late in life. Initially took generic teva/Barr and felt like I took sleeping pills instead of adderal. Then went to cvs and had adderall filled by activis. Activis XR is the best generic that worked for me

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Some people are highly sensitive to the so called inactive ingredients. It's called DRUG SENSITIVITY. To call people ignorant truly shows you're own ignorance on the subject. Please refrain from putting people down when this is a very real problem many deal with & have a hard enough time as it is.

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hello! thanks so much for talking about this medication! I have to start this medicine for the first time in my life as I have been diagnosed with ADHD at 34! I am desperate for help but not desperate enough to suffer worse symptoms for it. I am extremely afraid of taking this medication xr as I have been researching it and found so many side effects including sudden death. Though I am in a very sensitive state regarding where I stand at my job and the way people tend to treat me as if i was a total stupid i**** that cannot do her job, I am not willing to die to correct my ADHD issues. Because of this post I did contact Walgreens and was told I was prescribed the generic manufactured by (bar). I am not sure if that is how you spell the name as I was told over the phone. I explained to the pharmacy the issues I have read about generics and asked if I could get the brand name medication. They told me I would have to call the doctor to find out. I then called my doctor and now I am waiting on a call back.

is barr generic brand good?

UPDATE: Thanks so much for sharing this information!!!! I will call my doctor and ask them to provide me with a new script for the brand name but am afraid of whether or not my insurance will cover it because it is more expensive?

I just read your post after I posted this last message and sure enough they are trying to sell me the generic BARR manufactured stuff. You just answered my question!

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