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are generic capsules ever yellow

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Yes, these are made by a pharmaceutical company called Rivers Edge, this the RE 369 on the capsule.

Chlordiazepoxide is a sedative hypnotic, used to treat various conditions, such as anxiety and alcohol withdrawals.

Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache.

You can read more on the medication here:


Do you have any other questions?

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Then it was the incorrect medication since this answer indicates it included only one medication (Librium) when it should have been a combination medication used to treat gastritis. Now I know why it was ineffective. It should habe been a combination of chlordiazepoxide HCI clidinium bromide. (capsules have always been green).

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I also checked out Rivers Edge business since 2003, employs 10-19 people, makes $20 to $50 million/per year, and their website states they do not claim bio-equivalence of its products. Apparently they just may be a redistribution center, rather than an actual research facility.

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I am confused about the yellow librax.
does the yellow re369 contain both drugs

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This Rx does not work for me and many others as well.
My Dr. no longer writes Rx's for "Librax." He now states on the RX 5mg chlordiazepoxide/2.5mg clininium.

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I am very surprised to see that others are having the same trouble as me. I've been taking 5mg chlordiazepoxide/2.5mg clininium (B 622 labeled green pills) for about 8 months and it's been a life saver, but when I got my most recent prescription filled I started having severe stomach pains again. From everything I can tell online in spite of these pills being yellow not green, they're supposed to be the same thing but they really aren't working right for me and I'm experiencing a lot of panic as well which is confusing because if this was only chlordiazepoxide I'd think I should be incredibly sedated. Does anyone know why these pills don't seem to work right?

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My Pharmacist said it was the "formulation?" It's not the same in all Generics. I contacted the manufactuer of the blue-green pill and was told where I might be able to find it and I did. The one that works for me is made by Brekenridge.

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Okay, I called my pharmacist after reading this and she explained to me that they no longer carry the manufacturer that made the green pill I was taking and that it's not uncommon for a person's body to reject a pill by a different company. Since the new one isn't working for me my stomach pains have come back, and I suppose the panic attacks are a withdrawal symptom from the benzo portion of the drug. She told me to call around and see if I can find a different supplier for the kind I used to take, or that I should switch to Librax, the non generic form. My insurance hasn't covered this drug from the start and Librax is several hundred dollars a month, so I hope very much that I can find my old supplier (Breckenridge) somewhere else. To anyone else reading this who is having similar problems, I guess I have to recommend doing the same thing and if you have any of your green pills left go back to them before your symptoms get worse! I've been putting up with this too long, not understanding what's been happening, and have nearly gone to the hospital twice due to trouble breathing from the panic attacks.

If your yellow pills are working for you, I don't think you need to worry about it. It doesn't sound like the pill won't work for anyone, but if you suspect it isn't working right don't wait around!!

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Barbie, thank you for the answer. I must have been talking to the pharmacist as you posted it. I hadn't thought of contacting Breckenridge themselves, though that is a wonderful idea. I've been scrambling to find a new place to get it as I'm still suffering horrible panic attacks, but I am having zero luck so far and that may never have occurred to me. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Last month I told my pharmacist I wanted Librax and not the Generic. She called me back and said for 240 pills the cost would be $1600!!!!! Brekenridge assured me they are still making the generic pills that work for us and that they are available, you just have to search around. Walgreens have quit carrying them and told me they will not change back. My Dr. said the formulation in the non Generic Librax is different from the one we have been getting and we don't want Librax.

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When this drug was first prescribed to me as a possible hope for stomach problems that had gotten so bad I couldn't eat anymore and had rapidly lost 20 pounds (I'm very small to begin with), I doubted that it had any chance at all of helping me and my insurance rejected the request. I inquired about the out of pocket cost and was quoted a number similar to what you mentioned and was so upset, knowing that even if it could help me I'd never know because it's impossible to afford. The generic has literally saved my life, so this is terrifying. I am happy (in a strange way) to hear that getting the real drug/non-generic really isn't the answer here and that in spite of Walgreens dropping the brand I should be able to find it somewhere. I can't thank you enough for offering a bit of hope and calm into my current unbearably frantic state of mind. Thank you!

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Barbie, I wonder if there was a specific pharmacy that you were able to find that carried the Brekenridge version? I was using Walgreens as well, before they switched manufacturers. CVS has told me they do not normally stock the Brekenridge manufactured version (though carry another that isn't the yellow one) but has offered to try to contact them to get it for me tomorrow. I am hoping that will work out somehow, but would like to have a back up in case they can't get it. I'm also thinking I could probably find it online, but I'd like to get back to taking it as soon as possible.

I'm still so grateful I found you on here, because I may have ended up in the hospital from the panic attacks otherwise. I still have a hard time understanding why, no matter how different the formulation might be, it's not enough to stop the benzo withdrawal. I knew about the risks of being on/stopping a benzo when I started taking this, but it's insane that I have a full bottle of this drug sitting right next to me and am still having trouble breathing. =( So thank you again for posting here, I'm very lucky I stumbled across this thread and was able to see that I wasn't the only person not responding to the new medicine.

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HEB only carries the yellow cap.
Will a pharmacist special order the green ones from Brakenridge? How does one complain to the makers of the yellow pills. They are not formulated correctly.

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I will update tomorrow where and if I am able to find the Breckenridge version of this medication.

In the meantime, I found an old lawsuit against River's Edge (the makers of the yellow pill) for a different medication that is very disturbing:


It explains why they have a disclaimer on their website (but not on their products!) saying that their medications are not "bio-equivalent" to other drugs of the same name. It's infuriating that they remain in business when they're not doing much more than selling glorified placebo. I'm very disappointed in my pharmacy for using this company.

I do not believe contacting River's Edge will do any good as it appears they are very well aware that their products are not comparable to the non-generic/other generic forms of medication, however if you still wish to you can write to them here.


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Breckenridge told me that they do supply to HEB stores and to try there 1st. I did and they only had River's Edge at the store I contacted. However she called the HEB warehouse and they had them so she ordered them for me. She wrote on my RX "Breckenridge" so when I call in for refills I will get the right thing. Breckenridge also said they were available at other places here but I would just have to call around and find them. Hope this helps.

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Maybe it would help to complain about River's Edge to the FDA. It's just a thought.

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Good news regarding HEB. Thank You

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I also was able to find a pharmacy that could special order the medication for me. I wrote an email to Breckenridge, including my city and zip code, and they were kind enough to suggest a pharmacy in my area (Fry's/Kroger) that might be able to help. Although neither Breckenridge nor River's Edge was their normal supplier, they were able to place a special order for the Breckenridge version for me. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow for quite a bit cheaper than I had previously been paying for it, which is a happy ending to a surprising nightmare.

CVS also got back to me and said that they could special order it, but it was quite a bit more expensive that way. It might be worth it to call around a bit, especially if you are working without insurance, just to see if you get quoted a different price to special order the medicine.

I took Barbie's suggestion and wrote to the FDA about this. I found a warning issued to the company last year on the FDA's website, http:/­/­­ICECI/­EnforcementActions/­WarningLetters/­ucm220315.htm but it would seem that it had little to no effect. I can't say I think it's likely for my complaint to be taken too seriously, but I do strongly believe River's Edge is knowingly selling dangerous and potentially ineffective medication.

Luckily, aside from Walgreens, most pharmacy's in my area that I have contacted do not carry the yellow version produced by River's Edge. With what I've read about River's Edge I think there is some chance that other generic formulations of the drug may be beneficial, though I will stick to the Breckenridge version as long as it's avaliable since it's the only kind I currently trust.

Thanks again!

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Re Rx's from HEB not covered by Insurance. If your insurance company does not cover this drug ask for "HEB RX Rewards." They give you a BIG discount!!!

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Is anyone else being told that the Breckenridge version of the drug has been discontinued?? There are a bunch of alternatives to try, and obviously you couldn't pay me to go near River's Edge again, but I don't want to play guessing games with what might work. The pharmacy that was able to special order the Breckenridge version for me in January is now reporting that Breckenridge has discontinued the product. I am at a loss as to what to do and hope that they are wrong about this. I am just curious if the other people here who have been loyal to Breckenridge are hearing the same thing??

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I can no longer get Librax by Oceanside. What brand of Librax is working for everbody now? Thanks for your help. So many don't work for me.

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Lisa, I hope you had luck with your insurance company! Mine refuses to pay for it and with the price increases I'm realizing more and more that there is no way I can continue to afford being on it, but I am terrified of the consequences of stopping.

Has anyone on here made any attempt of going through an online pharmacy for this or any other drugs? There are so many fake drug sites it's hard to know if any are legitimate.

I'm also curious if anyone stumbling around in here has gone from taking this medicine for a period of years to stopping completely and how that may have affected their condition?

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very effective. trying to fight my insurance to supply it to me. have been on it for 5yrs

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This still really makes me nervous as I honestly can't imagine a fate more horrible than River's Edge being the only option. It equates to an expensive placebo, which is nothing short of dangerous considering the benzodiazepine in Librax.

The way Oceanside worded their response to me definitely sounded like it had the potential to be a carefully worded P.R. damage control script, but I still have to think if them ceasing production was a solid fact they would have worded it differently.

Please do let us all know if you are able to get someone to special order it for you or not. If anything does happen to Oceanside, which I really prefer to consider unlikely thanks to their connection to Valeant, I certainly don't want to be caught off guard by it. I had gotten distracted by the holidays and was running very low when I saw your post this morning; I was absolutely petrified until I got a hold of my pharmacy.

I REALLY hope you manage to find it without too much hassle!

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Thank you very much for looking into this. HEB assured me Oceanside had been discontinued and they wouldn't be getting anymore. Now I feel better...we will all be in trouble when River's Edge is all that is available!

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I contacted my pharmacy (Kroger) this morning and they are still carrying Oceanside. Still extremely nervous, I decided to contact Oceanside as well. They got back to me quite quickly and said that "There are no plans to discontinue this product at this time that we are aware of." That reply still leaves a bit of room for fear of the future, but it sounds like at least for now you should still be able to find it. Both Kroger and CVS have been willing to work with me in the past and, upon listening to my concerns, special order brands that are not typically stocked by their distributors. That is something to look into, although CVS has rather high prices in my experience. If you can't find anyone in town it might be worth looking online. I have never attempted to purchase prescription drugs online but anything sounds better than being put back on River's Edge~ Please let me know if you continue to have trouble finding it!

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I don't know how I didn't see this sooner, but thank you so much for sharing that update. It might the scariest update I have seen since finding this website, but I am extremely glad to be aware that the nightmare may be on the verge of restarting. I never did fully adapt to Oceanside, even using it 3 times as often as I ever had to take Breckenridge. I will look around myself and see if I can find any alternatives that can't be traced back to River's Edge and share any news I am able to dig up. Thank you so much for the update!

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I can't find Oceanside anymore. I was told they quit making it. I looked up Acelli and it looks like it is made by Rivers Edge. :( Maybe they came up with a new formulation?

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Sandi, I too am glad you found your way to this forum. I do wish that River's Edge would just be shut down and this could be a forgotten problem, but I am glad that this forum at least allows people to figure out what's going on.

I am always especially intrigued by people like yourself, who have had experience with the name brand version of the drug. I have never experienced the Acella version of the pill but very much hope you will share your experience. I have continued taking the Oceanside version but I am taking 3x what I had to take of Breckenridge and still experience recurrences of my original symptoms as well as frequent "withdrawal" like symptoms that I remember from my original switch from Breckenridge to River's Edge. It seems the longer I take it the less effective it's becoming. Which is normal for any benzodiazepine, I suppose, but so very frustrating since I was extremely careful to stay on a low dose when I started because of that and now I'm taking my full dose and it's nowhere near enough. My doctor doesn't appear to understand at all and offered to try switching me to a different medication, but I see no solution in that as nothing else had worked previously and I have no desire to watch my problems escalate while trying to get away from the Librax.

I wish you a lot of luck with the Acella generic and hope that you will come back soon to say that you have found something that works for you!! Good luck and best of health to you!!

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I was so grateful to find this site. I knew something was terribly wrong when my pharmacy switced to Rivers Edge from Breckenridge. I too contacted Breckenridge only to find out they'd discontinued production. It was a miracle generic only in comparision with the name brand Librax. I took myself off the Rivers Edge because of the
syptoms I knew weren't right. I originally began on the the name brand Librax over 20 years ago. I've had these
syptoms since I was a child and my parents use to rush me to the hospital never knowing what was wrong or ever finding out what it was. When I was finally diagonised in my twenties, I began taking Librax and it
truly was a miracle. After this I was switched to Breckenridge and found it to be quite comparable. I'm so frustrated also. I did try Oceanside but found that it
helps somewhat but not as good of course as Breckenridge. My Walgreens pharamacy has now said they offer a generic brand Acella. Anyone have any
information on this? I'll be picking it up tonight and
let you know how it's working. I agree so much with everyone on this site. It's extremely scary when they change medications and it can have effects that are really frightening! I was becoming depressed and extremely angry at small things, never happend before. At least we all know what we should be experiencing and can let others know and our doctors that the Rivers Edge brand is something no one should be taking.

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