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After my serious episode they started me on 156 invega sustenna injection. Lets see the first 2 weeks I am extremely tired.Laid out. It even makes me drool. In my 25 year history of taking meds. I started 14. I have not been this tired. I am completely useless. its been 4 months now. they even decreased it. im ready to get off of it. I need some kind of life. im thinking about getting on the invega pills and ween off of it. I am bipolar mostly and probably need something far as my paranoia. everything is the same. no improvements. I gave it a shot. everybody different.

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Hello, Cookie! How are you doing?

Those are pretty typical side effects for potent antipsychotic medications. Are you on any others, or is this the only one you take?

You may also experience dry mouth, weight gain and somnolence.

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I've been off the injection for 7weeks now. My prolactin levels are still 1,994 when there meant to be between 60 and 600 max. Does anyone know if they normalize

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Hi cookie. Just to let you know I have a 19 year old daughter going through the same thing but now dealing with schizophrenia from going off invega cold turkey. So whatever you do make sure you don't do that. Have your dr taper you off this medicine slowly cause schizophrenia can creep up on you like it did my daughter. After being off for about 8 month shes now at 156 mg but working on getting her winged off slowly down to 117 mg then hopefully off altogether. My daughter's still not herself and walks around talking to voices all day, cant remember certain individuals and gets her conversations mixed up with other topics that pops in her head.

Has anyone completly gotten rid of the voices all together or is there a method you may know of that helps?

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You're doing the right thing. Have them wing you off. It's all poison and not good for your system. There's a lot of side effects, bad ones.

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Yes I have with activated charcoal tablets and niacin B6 and hemp seed and a healthy diet plus staying away from the sugars good too plus some D3 for sun shine

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I know exactly what your going through my 19 yr old daughters dealing with the same issues but getting better get you some 500 mg of niacin B-3 take 3000 mg daily with 3000 mg of vitamin C daily and winging yourself off this medicine is what you want to do its deadly with horrible side effects but of course your psychiatrist wont tell you this they will trying convince you that you need to be on this cause of some of the side effects if you dont believe me do your own research and a daily vitamin plus some B-12 for your mood swings

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Can anyone appease my mind that Paliperidone (Invega) has been giving me really messed up perverted thoughts? I was ok till I took these. Can anyone help?

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Wean not wing. Lol

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