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Is there an expiration date for ichthammol ointment? I can't find any on the box or the tube. I've had it for quite a few years.

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Hey Dot, How's it going?

From what I could gather, the shelf life of ichthammol is reported to be 2 years.

And while I'm not aware of ichthammol becoming toxic or unsafe to use after that point in time, lots of meds like this can gradually become less effective, depending on storage/temperature conditions.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you David, for your information on ichthammol ointment.

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I too have the same question and can't find answer from a professional. My CVS 1 oz tube has no expiration date.
Can anyone help?

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It does have an expiration date. If you look on the tube towards the bottom you will see the bar code and then at the very bottom it will give you the month and the year.. Hope this helps.

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My Ichthammol 10% ointment, USP 1oz expired on 10/97. Can I still use this safely on my foot?

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I have had a tube of Ichthammol Ointment 20% for several years. Would it still be safe to use? How long does it stay good for?

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Well, Itchamol is actually an mineral oil derived from Rock . It's been there millions of years. And other ingredients like petroleum and Ammonium bituminosulfonate too it's mineral. So , as long as you keep it's container in dark cold place you can use it like years actually... I have a jar of Itchamol that uses for horses and I've been using it for years. Nothing changing it's appearances, no different effects from aging what's so ever.

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Re: Mandy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

On my tube, the numbers underneath the barcode read: 13279 01053

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Re: Kay (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

My brother in law just gave me a container of it that came from Eckherds pharmacy with an expiration date of April 1988. I just rubbed it on my leg that has a bakers cyst that is very painful that I have had for over 2 months. If it kills me it would be better than the pain.

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I found it. It's 2 years.

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