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Is there an expiration date for ichthammol ointment? I can't find any on the box or the tube. I've had it for quite a few years. ## Hey Dot, How's it going? From what I could gather, the shelf life of ichthammol is reported to be 2 years. And while I'm not aware of ichthammol becoming toxic or unsafe to use after that point in time, lots of meds like this can gradually become less effective, depending on storage/temperature conditions. I hope this helps! ## Thank you David, for your information on ichthammol ointment. ## I too have the same question and can't find answer from a professional. My CVS 1 oz tube has no expiration date. Can anyone help? ## It does have an expiration date. If you look on the tube towards the bottom you will see the bar code and then at the...

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Does black drawing salve have an expiration date?


My son was diagnosed this week with hidradenitis. I was wondering whether or not ichthammol (black drawing salve) could be used on it. I have another friend who used it on some boil-like areas on his butt and under his arm which seem to be much like the hidradenitis areas I've read about. ## The ichthammol ointment 20% is black in the tub. Is this the color it should be or is this color because it's of out date? ## Hello Teachermom114, If your son has hidradenitis then it is possible that Ichthammol would be able to help him. Some members of the dailystrength hidradenitis-suppurativa section report that they carry a tube of this everywhere with them. My only concern is that most doctors will advise you don't pop or squeeze the sores because this can cause infection and I...

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I was told that Ichthammol would help draw a splinter out. I've been using it a week & so far no results. How long should it take? ## If you are using the true Ichthommol salve which is dark brown in color and smells like roofing tar, then it should only take overnight. I used to be able to buy this product from the K-Mart pharmacy however they do not sell it any longer. ## Rite aid has it and it's called Draw out. 20% Ichthammol ## It has been known to help, but not always, sometimes it doesn't work, it can depend on the person, since we are all different, as well as the type of splinter, and how deep it has penetrated the skin. The good news, however, is that most splinters will eventually work out on their own, our bodies tend to dislike foreign objects being left in ...

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I recently had either a spider bite or some type of staph-like boil come on my left side. It is extremely hard under the skin and I'm wondering if this ointment will do any good. Thanks to anyone who answers. ## yes it works for this.place alot and cover it with gauze. in between place alot of hot compresses on it. if you have a heating pad thats good also. ## To Netty, thanks for the reply. I saw the dermatologist today and it definitely IS a spider bite! Got some of the cream, did the hot packs tonight (thanks for the suggestion), put the cream on and gauze. Will see what happens! THANKS! ## @ Joanie, please let us know how this treatment worked out, I have just had a suspected spider bite, and had the ulcer popped by the GP, how did your G & I & hot compresses work? ## I ...

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Where can I find the drawing salve, dark brown in color, 20% strength, that comes in a tube? ## I am looking for the tube of ichthammol salve that came in a blue/green tube and had a tar smell to it . It was almost black in color and would ooze out of the tube when you opened it ## Drawing ointments containing ichthammol are still available from various manufacturers, though I don't know if the specific one that you're talking about is still on the market. To name a few you can find Trimol, Prid by Hyland's, and Christopher's Black Ointment. I see it available many places online. Have you tried checking for it at any of your local stores?

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## There was an ointment that my mother would use when we would get a cut or blister or anything that might get infected. This was before antibiotics or antibacterial. It was coal black and smelled slightly of tar or sulphur. She would apply the ointment and bandage the cut and leave for a few days. When the bandage was removed the skin would be healed and looked white for awhile but there would be no scarring or discoloration. Do you know what this was and if so is it available today. I would love to have it as I am sensitive to antibiotics. ## Possibly ichthammol? ## An old-fashioned remedy for deep wounds that must heal from the inside out is: Clean wound with hydrogen peroxide. Pack wound with dry grated raw sugar. Cover with air-tight tape. Do not disturb for 5 days. Repeat treatme...

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what is the color of ichthammol ointment 20% in the tub. ## Ichtammol is a drawing salves used to treat things such a hives, cuts and other topical skin irritations. It contains black shale, which is rich is sulfur and known to be good for the skin. As to the color in the tub, I do not know, but would have to assume it would have a grayish cast due to the color of the ointment. Has anyone else used it this way? ## The color is a very dark brown, almost black. It is a very good "drawing salve".

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I have been looking all over trying to find ichthammol ointment. It does work really well as a drawing agent. NOT these so called "drawing salves" which are useless. Does any one know where to real ichthammol. It has a distinct odor and is black not gray or brown. I used it as a child for boils, spider bites and really deep splinters. Tea bags are what I have been using since I can't find ichthammol. ## Hello, Mortisia! How are you? Have you checked the ingredients on the Drawing Salves? Some of them do legitimately contain Ichthammol, for instance the CVS store brand does. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, rash, irritation and dryness. Does anyone else know what other stores carry it? ## The small % in the drawing salves does not do ...

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I would like to remove a non painful epidermoid cysts without surgery. Any thoughts? Would ichthammol application help? Can't afford surgery witha $5000 deductible and I work for myself. ## What has your doctor advised as an alternative to surgery? Ichthammol is a 'drawing' salve, so it is doubtful that it will do much for cysts. You can learn more about epidermoid cysts and the treatments here:

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Is this Ointment safe to use on wounds? ## Please see the page Drugs/Ichthammol.asp for more information about this medicine. Thank You! ## i baught some ichthammol ointment 20% for external use only at village drug store in grand rapids mi 49508 look at the box on 4/24/2010 it had expired on 2/2010

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