I Was Taking Dilaudid 4 Mg., I Am Once At Night.


This is the first night I did not need to take a pill. I take Ambien to sleep. I woke up shaking and my leg were moving. Ingot up to walk around,drank water,went back to bed,can't sleep. so I took one of my husbands Xanax I took 1/2 of a .5, try to rest and fall asleep, no good, 1/2 hour later I took another 1/2 of Xanax. Inothing I can't sleep. I don't know what else I can do.
Need some input, I would greatpo;d greatly appreciate it.
Thanks Carol

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Benzos will often strengthen the opiate, but not the other way around.
You may want to speak to your doctor about Ambien. The side effects are minimal and I have had great success with several of my clients. Xanax is not a sleep drug. It is more for anxiety and where it may relax you, it does not often bring about REM sleep.
If you are looking for something natrual then melatonin works nicely. It is compiled of the same natrual chemical that your brain produces.
I am asuming you are taking Diluadid for pain. Is it curving your pain and working as it should? This often makes a big difference in sleep disorders.
Lastly, it is natural to want an eight hour average sleep. However, when the body becomes reliant on an opiate such as Dilaudid or similar it tends to wake itself up as the drug wears off and four hours sleep becomes the norm. I hope this has helped a bit

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If you didn't take the Dilaudid, then it is possible that the issues you experienced were withdrawal symptoms from stopping it abruptly, withdrawals from Dilaudid may also include rebound pain, anxiety, and muscle aches.

It is normal to experience withdrawal symptoms any time you stop taking a medication abruptly, and it is especially bad with opioids.

Have you consulted you doctor? IT would be better, and safer, for you to taper off slowly.

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