I Have Been Taking 110 Mgs Of Methadone For 7 Months Will It Be Easier To Taper Off Than If Using Longer


PLease answer and help guide me with an example tapering schedule please!!! I want off of these things before I hit 9 months!!! I am taking morphine 240 mgs. a day, oxycontin 10 mg, tabs 3x a day. and valium 30 mgs. a day will these regular pain meds help my tapering and detox pain?? help!!! I want to stop the methadone while my other doc is prescribing me my MS Contin, valium and Oxy so it is easier to stop.

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Hello, Dan! How are you?

Methadone is actually notoriously hard to stop and most people end up requiring a lifetime maintenance dose of it.

What has your doctor advised to help with getting off of it?

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Dear Dan, I use 2 b on 110mg of methadone. When it came time 2 taper down, I did it VERY slowly . I got down to 24mg and I thought I was going 2 die. I was SO sick from the withdrawals. I had 2 go on suboxone. U must taper down SLOWLY and everyone is different. Methadone is VERY hard 2 get off 4 most people, just as Verwon said. GOOD LUCK!

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My boyfriend just got himself off 60 mg a day ( for over 3 yrs) over a 3 week period and it was hell. I'm telling you this because it IS possible if you're committed. It passes, though slowly, and there are things that can help. There is a free detox handbook on a website called withdrawalease I think. At first I thought it was just an ad for some "snake oil" and almost passed it by. It's true that they want you to buy their stuff, and I would have after seeing all the free, helpful advice and their booklet PDF download is awesome, but he was in the thick of it and I didn't have time to wait for a mail order. They actually list all the supplements used in their "remedy", so I ran out and bought most of them. Though they didn't make it all go away, they helped IMMENSELY. Valerian root and melatonin to sleep, essential amino acids for cell support, Milk thistle for liver detox, ginger for stomach upset, Passion flower for anxiety etc. After kicking the methadone to the curb, and then the vicadin, both in 6 wks, a week ago now...he is still taking the supplements and is feeling better every day. I should add that he was prescribed these meds for chronic intractable back pain, and not only had they stopped working, he has had less pain after stopping them than while taking the meds. I applaud you for what u are doing...these meds are dangerous and life crushing. When you are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired, eat clean and look to the supplements to at least take the edge off the withdrawals. Good luck! And way to go...it will pass, you will get thru it. As my mom used to say "if you find yourself going thru hell, for Pete's sake, keep going!"

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Wow man that doc has you riddled with addiction. I took 120 mgs of methadone for 4 years. I went cold turkey and don't suggest it. However you shouldn't feel withdrawals from anything more than 60 mgs for 2 days. So if I were you I would immediately drop the dones to 60 mgs and take the other pain meds as normally prescribed. Only take the dones every other day. Then after 2 weeks drop down to 30, 2 more weeks 15, then to zero. Remember take the dones every other day. And you can buy capsules legally called KRATOM. It's a plant that both grows and is illegal in Asia but the FDA hasn't made it illegal here yet. It gives you an opiate / amphetamine feeling and is very helpful with withdrawals. Also doesn't come up in UA's. Not that it matters because its legal. Make sure you buy capsules not powder. Kratom tastes horrible. Best of luck and god bless

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U can detox urself if u can get ahold of opiates quicker this way... I detoxed myself off in a week off of 195mg and another time off 160 mg, but I took less and less each day for a week and withdrawals were bearable at the end .... Let's face it no matter what u do ur gunna withdraw... And if u allow the clinic to do it it will be more time consuming and feel like forever because they lower you at 1 or 2 mg day or within a 30 day period... They can discharge u without detox if u cause behavioral problems so be their slave if u wanna stay on methadone thru clinics. I have been barred from clinics in my state and haven't been able to find doctor to prescribe me opiates or methadone for my crippled legs viral and psoriatic arthritis...hsv/HCV viruses in my body all intensify my edema and pain

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60mlgs last two days?!!? For who? Not me thats for sure!! I take 110 everyday and by the 12 hour mark I'm starting to wish i had more! By the time I'm ready to go back to the clinic I'm racked with body pain and anxiety and sometimes even diarrhea and runny nose, you name it. I could not imagine going a whole day without anything that would literally be torture! And I've been on 110 for about 8 years or longer.

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You're better off on methadone. Cheapest long lasting pain med there is.

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U can do this...taper urself of about 2 mgs every week...its the best way...I was on 80mg for 15 years...most never get off....take some oxy or morphine to help...something to sleep also (when u get under 25mg)....I have to warn u I'm 59 so I did not feel normal for a year...a lot depends on ur age....sleeping was my biggest problem when u get real low...I wish u the best....remember keep telling urself "tommorw ill feel a little better)...I also kept a calendar and wrote down how much I took everyday....and kept my eye on the one year mark...anyone who tells u ..u can just get right off is wrong..follow my directions....u will be better off without the methadone...best to u

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With all the other melds you're taking, you shouldn't really be in withdrawal. Morphine is a considerably weak drug compared to oxy and methadone. Have you tried just not taking the methadone st all?

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I've been on mine eighteen year, doctors refusing to reduce me as I've a heart condition, there saying it will put pressure on my heart. Been drug free four years

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