How Long After Taking Suboxone Can I Take Hydrocodone For Surgery?


I've been taking 8 mg/2mg Suboxone strips for 1 year. I am having a molar extraction in the morning. I took my Suboxone strip this morning & the tooth extraction is tomorrow at 9:30 am. If I don't take Suboxone again before the procedure, would I be able to take Hydrocodone after the surgery? I don't want to get sick, and I am concerned of going through it with no pain medications. Any advice appreciated!

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Hi, you can use hydros after you have your tooth pulled but it,s not gonna do much. You would be better off taking extra suboxone after you had extraction. Suboxone only works for about 4-5hrs for pain relief. Of course it works much longer keeping wds away and stuff like that. I was speaking to my sub dr just the other day about this. I have addiction issues and pain issues. This is why he has me split up my dose 3 times a day. You can try the hydro but I,m sure it won,t do much. If you take the hydros be sure to wait the recommended length of time before going back on the subs. Just because you can,t feel the hydro there still in your system.

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Thank you for your advise. I decided to just stay with the Suboxone & see how things went. I can't believe I almost risked all that I was contemplating risking. I have had NO pain, headache, nothing. I guess the Suboxone does relieve pain because I had none. For whatever reason, I have absolutely no pain! The point is I have been off of all opiates for over a year with no desire for opiates, but I was freaking out about this oral surgery. It was a breeze. Thanks again!

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In some countries bupe is prescribed for pain. Not in the U.S. Were behind in thinking with this drug.

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Jolter...I guess the us has caught up because I was taking suboxone for pain control over a worked a little for some of my painful injuries for the first 6 months..but after that nothing! pain was off the charts so my doc put me on fentanyl patch and percocet and I'm doing great!..

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Suboxone has been in the US for more then a decade, they have used it for pain and to be the best way to get iff all other drugs! Ive been on it for 3 years !

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Im from indiana and cannot find a doctor for my pain im on medicaid any help would be greatly appreciated for the name of a doctor who will help me my orthopedic doc moved to ky and does not take indiana medicaid thank you please any doc names close to me that takes medicaid thanks again.

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I would call and switch to passport immediately! !!! I think my doc takes Medicaid but I'm pretty sure everyone is not accepting it anymore.

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How Long did you have to wait coming off the suboxone before you can go on the patch He is going to start me on exalgo ER (Dilaudid) extended relief as I have had 5 back surgeries I have a disease in my spine very rare but it sucks I have been on suboxone for 3 months the pain is pretty intense how long should I wait before I take Hydrocodone 10 on January he is going to put me on the Dilauded ER, or the fentanyl patch its basically up to me I just don't want to be in pain anymore..

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I've been on suboxone for a month. Had four teeth extracted two days ago. Didn't take a sub or anything for pain yesterday because I knew the sub would block pain med. Took a Roxy twenty this morning. Didn't work and still in pain. How soon can I take a sub? I'm in terrible pain.

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Sorry meant to also put in my ? that I'm on 8mg a day if that helps any.

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I quit Suboxone & now I am more sensitive to opiates. 2 5mg hydros & I'm in Lala land. I'm thinking this is great! Then...withdrawals came back when the pills wore off! I have to have oral surgery, but detoxing from subs was an effing nightmare & I still have bad days. I'm confused-that tooth has to be taken care of-has to. It's infecting the whole right side of my face! I don't have a dr to talk to about this, my drs have a sub clinic in the next town! They deny PAWS exists! I have obvious psychiatric issues is the official diagnosis. I do...but hey, lol.

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I have been on suboxne for a year and it did not help,at all with my back pain 3 surgeries so I decided to go back to my pain meds they give my hydro 10 to hold me,over till I get to pain dr and they aren't workin either I'm at a loss of what to do I'm miserable from hurting and at my wits end Idk what else to,do

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Lets hope you were prescribed the suboxone to start with .
I know from experience if you let the suboxone cleare your systems
3 full days and have not been taken subs for yrs the pain meds will stop the pain but no buzz , but that was my exsp

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Suboxone is an opiate. In fact it is probably one of the strongest opiates made today. If you think you are clean of opiates, get a u/a and you'll see you are not. Secondly, try to get off of subs and it is hell ten times over. It is plain wrong to think you are clean if you are on subs. You are on a synthetic opiates which is 99.9% pure called Suboxone.

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Hi I've been on suboxozone for a few months now. I had some friends over and now all of it is gone and I still have 17 days until I can refill it. I have some sort of cough or bronchitis and my dr have me a cough syrup with hydrocodoine. How long should I wait to use the cough syrup? Haven't taken sub in 50 hours. Need some help please

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Lainey: either you broke the law and committed felony for distributing narcotics or your friends committed a felony for stealing your Suboxone. Maybe both. It appears your friends are drug addicts and have very little regard for your well being. I would be astonished if your pain med Dr. would give you any more before your renewal date. You could obtain other opiates to dodge full withdrawal from Suboxone however most likely you and your supplier would have to both commit another felony for distribution. By day sixteen you will be in withdrawals. This is far from life threatening as I have not heard of anyone who has died from Suboxone withdrawal. I have met people who continued to work their daily schedule while detoxing and withdrawing. You leave yourself with two choices. Either suck up and go through the withdrawals or break the law. Remember if you supplement with other opiates, you will have to go into withdrawals before taking your Suboxone in order to have it work properly. Poor decisions can be painful.

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This is dangerous misinformation. Suboxone is not an opiate, it is an opioid. It is also only a partial agonist/antagonist meaning it doesn't make you feel high when on it for maintenance and to say someone isn't clean is debatable but suboxone will not show AS an opiate it will show as BUP aka buprenorphine. It is not 99.9% pure, etc. You must be one of THOSE people. Knowing a lot doesn't matter if a lot of what you know is wrong. Do some research next time before posting potentially dangerous misinformation.

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I know you posted a while ago but for anyone else reading and wondering you could have taken that sizzurp at 50 hours and been feeling great. Wish I had some.

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No, that would be Methadone. You obviously don't know much about suboxones real use.

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In my experience, suboxone does not work long term for extreme pain issues. I was on it for 2 years, actually I was on subutex. After a couple of months I was not getting pain relief and yet the side effects from this drug were increasing daily. I was having seizures 6 - 7 times a week and it started after a year on this medication I had a grand mal seizure. My doctor refuse to listen. He screamed in my face, why does it matter anyways you're never going to be able to work again! Really it matters because of the severe damage in my spine and the fact it will continue. It matters because I take care of my 96 year old father in law and I have a house to take care of! Just because I am NOT working outside the home, does not mean I should not have pain relief. I still have to function! So in my opinion No may be short term for pain relief or certain pain indicators. In my personal case... Im glad to be off them. I am sad to have to take a different opiate the rest of my life, but maybe they will come up with something a little bit better. I had a doctor tell me that there are better medications out there and that they are longer lasting and eventually I will not be back with oxycodone, which can give me mild headaches. It's rough! Also any opiate really messes with vitamins and supplements and sucks the calcium out of your bones. It also does not do much for my Crohn's disease, they can be very constipating if you do not drink enough water or have roughage and vegetables daily. I had to change my complete life style. Have to drink 10 bottles of water a day, eat plenty of green vegetables, and make sure that I've got some kind of roughage, which is hard because I also have celiacs disease. I wish you the best.

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Re: Anthony (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I recommend CBD oil

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Re: Low6 (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Now, I have found you only have to wait 8 hours in between hydro and sobo

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Re: Low6 (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I don't know what a roxy 20 is, but I guess it is an Oxy Contin? 20mg of Oxy won't do anything if you're on Suboxone. If you have taken only 1 x 20mg, 12hrs will suffice. If more, wait 24 hrs. Precipitated withdrawl is the worst thing you'll ever experience. Don't go there.

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Re: The truth (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

No truer words have been spoken! I know people that wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Suboxone and yes it is addicting but it is Saving Lives taken appropriately and that means taking it only as long as you need it and getting off of it and going to meetings if that helps. But please that comment was a little harsh especially for newcomers that want to be clean so badly that they're willing to go to any extent. You really need to do some research before you post. I'm I'm just saying...

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You can take subs before oxy, but not take sub till 24-48 hours after last dose of oxy. The sub will probably block the effect of the oxy though cause that's what it's made to do..

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Just be careful with fentanyl
Patches and oxycodone. I was on both for two years and I went through absolute hell when I came off of them.

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Your good 50h is OK but if u won't to get it right an 8/2 SOB will take a max of 72h goodluck

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Suboxone detox is nothing compared to methadone withdrawals.

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It's funny cause this guy is being a f***in d***, he is just being a a**hole who thinks he knows it all. u f***in piss me off, u talking bad to this guy that needs help and u know what even if he bought subs through other means it's still better than buying something else to feel high on. If it was up to me I would kick ur ass off this s*** for talking s*** to a guy that's trying to do the right thing.

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Suboxone is the devil. I had to get 4 in one and had been on subutex for years and could easily make the adjustment to opioids with no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Then my insurance would only cover suboxone so got on that like a month before the surgery (three 8 mg strips). My dr put me on Norco 10s before the surgery to help with the withdrawals from the suboxone. I experienced full body restless syndrome for five days and nights and it has been the most horrific experience of my life.

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