Generic Percocet 10 A333 White Oblong


Anyone had stomach / intestinal effects from this particular form? I've been switched from Watson 932 10/325 because of drug store supply.

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Hi Michael,

According to the Oxycodone Drug Details page, this medication can cause GI related side effects such as: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, urine retention, and loss of appetite.

I don't know which of these symptoms you may be experiencing, but I believe they can be relatively common amongst other possible side effects.

It could also be due to having a different set of inactive ingredients (otherwise known as binders/fillers). If you have a known allergy to things like corn starch (a gluten derivative) or propylene glycol (which is also used in motor oil for your car), then this might be worth looking into. I have no clue why they put in food or medication, but I'll leave it up to the FDA to answer that one. I've noticed that some other brands of Oxycodone actually contain this. However, to know for certain you'd have to locate a list of inactive ingredients (which I haven't been able to find on this specific tablet).

Hopefully this info helps clear up what might be causing your stomach problems. Does anyone else here have a list of fillers that are used in this pill?

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Hi, No side effects from the A333's, but they do not work as well as the Watson 932's. I should know Because I have been taking oxy codone's for a few years. They are made by the same company, but I believe the A333's are the generic of the generic brand... Watson. I will make sure the pharmacy has the Watson before I give them my prescription. Good luck

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I have had very bad stomach & intestine problems with the percocet 10-325 A333.. I also do NOT think they work at all for my pain. Never will get them again, if I have to live like this with chronic pain forever !! They are made by Actavis Elizabeth LLC. The co-pay is ridiculous too for nothing. They will go in the trash & I will live thru my Gods healing, the best I can.Hope this helps answer your question on the A333s.

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I picked up this medication A333 yesterday at CVS due to my regular pharmacy was out of the Watson, they called CVS for me and CVS agreed to fill. Well they don't work nearly as good for pain period, plus I have had stomach upset and vomiting ever since taking. This crap needs to be taken off the market, its horrible. Now not only do I have to live with constant pain 24-7 I am also sick to stomach & vomiting!

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The A333 has also made me have upset stomach. I know of three other people who also has been changed to the same and they to are getting bad results which include upset stomach, acid reflux ,abd cramps,and worst of the effects is there is no pain relief ..I know of a person who was being diagnosed for drugs on the spot, before and after taking the medication and the results can back neg. for oxy. The Md Called the Phamacy, I have not since heard any further info..I have complained to CVS for 3 months that these A333 have no oxy.

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I had to go to ER after taking the A333 pill, I was DX with medication poisoning from the ER dr's . I had only taken 4 pills in the course of 2 days due to these making me sick and still had to go to ER because of this med. This med is extremely bad news. Severe vomiting, stomach cramps for 1 week and they did nothing for the pain, all they did was make me extremely ill. I cld the company that makes these and also Watson cld me, both companies said they are reporting this info to the FDA, but from what I understand, these pills will continue to be manufactured as they are cheaper to produce & will be supplied to CVS, Walgreens and some other pharmacies. Also even though a pharm states they have the Watson's, be sure to ask them if the pills they have are the A333 or something different, as Watson and Actavis who makes A333 are one and the same companies now. If at all possible avoid CVS and Walgreens now as they will have the A333 so called Oxy.

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In reply to Michael, Michael even though a pharmacy may say the pain pills they have are from Watson, be sure to ask them if they have the A333 imprint on them as Watson and Actavis are One and the Same Company now and are producing the cheaper A333 pills now to CVS, Walgreens & other pharmacies. The pharmacies are saying Watson, when in fact it is the A333 pill version, not the regular Watson that Actually WORKED for pain. CVS was the only pharm around here that carried the A333, but now as of last week, Walgreens are as well and saying the pills are the Watson's when in fact they are the A333's. When my pain dr writes my rx for my medication now, it is specifically stated that I am Not to receive the Actavis/Watson A333 pill version! The only reason I know this is my regular pharm was out of my pain med and had been for almost 2 weeks, they told me to try CVS and or Walgreens, CVS had the A333 and Walgreens told me they had Watson, so I asked the pharm specifically if the pill had the imprint of A333 & he said Yes, that is what we are being supplied with now. Thank-fully my pharmacy finally got in their supply and they Do Not Carry the Cheap A333 Version. I am hoping other people that have had similar side effects with the A333 pill will call the company and submit a complaint so this med can be double checked by the FDA, as it has many bad side effects. There is something in this med that caused me to have medication poisoning and I Had Never had a reaction to the regular Watson the worked for pain. All I can say to anyone that gets this med and has side effects or has had, please report it, go to Er and get this documented so something can be done about this Bad Medication.

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I have had heart burn, chest pain, hard to breath, tightness in chest, numbness in arm, interjection,all this from the pill A333 from Actvise

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Selena, Please Please Call the Actavis Hotline and Report your side effects to them and or go to ER! your side effects are more severe than mine were & I had to go to ER & was DX with medication poisoning. Do not take any chances with this A333 med, its really bad news and a lot of people are having severe side effects the longer they take it. I only took for 2 days & couldn't keep anything down, severe stomach problems, excessive vomiting & general ill feeling all over, I am still having stomach problems as well & it will be 3 weeks tomorrow that I had to go to ER. This med provided no relief from pain period, all it did was make me deathly ill & gave me medication poisoning. I cld and submitted a complaint, that is Why I am Urging Anyone who has taken this med & is having side effects, don't take chances with it, Stop it and go to an ER and make a complaint about this medication. Something is not right with this medication esp since more & more people are having such bad side effects, its not just a fluke & happening to a few, its happening to a lot of people. Don't put your health in danger because of this med. This is just my advice and my experience I had with it, I just wouldn't take the chance with this med.

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Sunni, I got those A333 last month as well, I felt as if the pain was not going away, I had not had much sleep for a few days due to pain when I went back to the Dr# but I did say something about the pharmacy being out of my normal medicine and the ones I had did not seem to work well. This month I went to CVS and got the same A333 filled on Feb 18th and when I got home I felt really bad, II just could not understand what was going on, It was a chase to get the meds and when I did it was the same crap, A333, My stomach hurt, I was sick, I could not eat, I had chest pains, heart burn, numbing in my arm, and still in pain. I am sure I will have to suffer the rest of the month till the 18th of next month. It is gonna be a long road. Here is a thread everyone can read about it. I am gonna report it but what will I do till next month? It hard to get into my Doctors. I am sure he is dealing with alot of this now.

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Selena, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. I simply could not take the A333 at all, 2 days was all I could do and I was so sick by time I got to ER, they took me right in which does not happen at our ER around here, Then they dx me. I had a difficult with my pain dr as well, but I did take the A333 pills into dr along with my ER notes with DX on there, I did not make appt, I just walked in as getting appts is very difficult. Because of this type med, drs have to keep record of all rx they write so its difficult to get another script unless problems arise such as mine with this med. The Er dr stated that this dosage is so hard to get as so many are rx this dose & abusers along with the pill mill drs we have, this dosage can be impossible to get, but suggested to my dr to rx the lower dose, but prob with that is you have take more, my dr wasn't great with that solution, so dr rx my scripts stating Patient Not To Receive the Actavis/Watson Brand A333 pill. Walgreens, CVS & local pharmacies around here Just Carry the A333 Brand now, its cheaper from what I understand for them, the A333 Does Nothing for Pain & how they get away with selling this med is beyond me. If I were you, I walk into my dr and explain you simply cannot take this A333 pill, explain your side effects, see if your dr can offer you something different, just take your meds with you. Maybe your dr can give you another script for lower dose until you are able to get another brand of this med. Some grocery stores have pharmacies, you may need to go in person to pharmacies and tell them what is going on, there has to some pharmacies or grocery stores in your area that DO NOT CARRY this Awful Brand. I really would not take it with the side effects it is causing you, esp the pain in arm, I didn't have that but I wasn't able to take them any longer than 2 days, well I guess 2 1/2 days - but I am still having pains in upper stomach area, nausea has gone away,, but I received nausea pills from ER. I did experience no appetite as well, but who wants to eat with upset stomach and then vomiting every 5 minutes? If you have Insurance & have to go one pharmacy, call your Ins co and let them know whats happening, that you must go to another pharmacy for your med. I am hoping your dr will write you another script for your pain. I suffered pain for so long because of this med & then pharmacies being out of my med, I couldn't take it, luckily my pharmacy did get my med and does not carry the A333 pill. If your pain in arm persists, you may need to go to ER again, you should not be suffering because od this med. I seriously think there is something terribly wrong with the A333 pill & it will cause more trouble the longer people take it in my opinion. This A333 pill is horrible and I will never take it again, I cant take it. I know walking in your drs office is a bit extreme, but with the pain and side effects you are having, its worth it until you can find your med Selena. There is no reason you should have to suffer because of this med, you are allergic to it. Good Luck to you, hope you find some relief soon.

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Yes, my stomach is rumbling around and the a333 seem to do nothing for the pain just make me dopey and gives me a headache. Does anyone know where I can go nest month for the regular Watson 932?

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Same here except for the pain in the arm.

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Watson has been bought out by Actavis, they will no longer have Watson. All the stores are carrying the A333, unless you get them to order another brand. Hope this helps. Sassy

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Sassy, Yes Watson bought out Actavis but are now going by Actavis name & pharmacies here in FL are saying they carry the Watson's when in fact they are carrying the A333 pill! Its horrible. From what I understand the Watson 932 pill will No longer be made, the A333 has been substituted for that med. Pharmacist told me the A333 pill is a much cheaper med for Pharmacies to order, Watson / now Actavis is being supplied to most all Pharmacies now as that is what they are being supplied with plus its much cheaper for them. Its really sad. .I was not aware you could request Pharmacy to order another brand, My Pharmacy told me they have No Control over what Brand they receive, not sure that is true, but that is what I was told. I hope we are able to have them order a different brand.

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yes, me too

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i was prescribed "percocet" several days ago. i used percocet 10years ago and felt pain relief. now, i must use? gerneric drug which is not as effective-- lasts less than 3 hrs. according to my pharmacist, generics only need to 85% drug and the rest fillers. what are the fillers/ inactive ingredients? i started itching and had to take benedryl for relief. is anyone else tired of generics, but must use them for their insurance??

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Sick and Tired, Ya I believe we all are sick of cheap generics that provide no relief. My advise is to call your dr, have your reactions documented by dr or hospital staff member and get a copy of that paper. Cal your insurance company and tell them you are unable to take this brand or that brand of generics, they have got to help you but you must have proof. Also contact the maker of that generic and submit a complaint. I am unable to find inactive ingred for Watson now Actavis brand A333 pill, but that pill is not good. Watson now Actavis has kept in contact with me ever since I submitted claim about their Cheap Generic form of what they call a pain med. It gave me medication poisoning & gastric problems that I still have, that is all documented from the ER. Your insurance should pay for a different med for your pain if you have documentation, I cant say for sure, but just get all the documentation you can so they know you have reactions from the generic brands. Sorry for your pain & I do hope you get some relief. Take care & Good Luck to you

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Hi everyone. .u all afe not going crazy...Walgreen s has changed their generic Percocet manufacturer. They use to be watson..which worked for everyone who was using . According to the watson pharmaceuticals website, they were taken over by ACTAVIS. there are spooo many threads on this site complaining how Actavis is making them sick and not giving any pain relief..on top of those 2 problems, all long term users of watson generic Percocet s are going through withdrawals from not having the Watson version of generic Percocet. Well I just came across an article from this website, "Generics and Biosimilars" titled, "Actavis makes agreement for generic abuse-deterrent oxycodone", Posted 03/05/2013, that explains exactly why everyone is getting sick and feeling no pain relief. Please please please... complain to the FDA, to the company Actavis, which u can do on the internet and call Walgreens @800-walgreens...but tell walgreens not to send the info to ur local pharmacy.. cause they will...tell them u want ur complaint to go to the main office that deals with the pharmaceutical part of walgreens. I hope that article will help make sense of everything for everyone who is suffering!

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Jennifer, Is this article implying what I think it is, that we the patient who have been given this Cheap Generic Actavis med have been Actavis Guinea Pigs? Testing this out without our knowledge? I am Literally Terrified! OMG, is all I can say and I am going further than just a complaint now, I am Done. What this med has put me through & continues to put me through & who knows long term effects, I REFUSE to be some DRUG COMPANIES GUINEA PIG. THIS INFO NEEDS TO GET THE MEDIA & FAST!

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Re: Riley (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Same here Riley stomach pain nauseous I never had that problem with Mallinkrodt

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Re: Riley (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I'm experiencing the same started gradually at first so I thought I had a stomach bug. I normally have zero reactions & have been very thankful for that. Plus they don't seem as effective - more pain since the last refill a week ago. Yes I know listed as a side effect but again NO stomach problems for years until this refill.

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Re: robin (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Whts the difference between A333 oxycodone10/325.& Watson 923 oxycodone10

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I’ve been taking generic Percocet for several years. I received a few of the A333 and it’s the first time any brand has caused me to have diarrhea and feel weak and a headache! What would cause the sick stomach, no pain relief, if these are real?

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I have been given oxycodone 10 pink with L 56. What in the name of the GREAT SPIRIT do these piece of s*** pharma companies have in their brain besides water. This s*** makes me sick and in more pain. Somebody tell me please.

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Yes. I have had numerous spine operations and am scheduled for more and have been on them for a long time. On this refill they gave me A333 and i can not stop throwing up. They also do not seem to work as well on pain.

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Yes and more. It's not what it's supposed to be. my pain tis still there. I called the pharmacy to no avail. I will call an attorney come Monday.

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A333 DO NOT WORK PERIOD' END OF STORY. This is a terrible thing to do to to all of us who suffer. And it's like we have no choice. I am willing to be a part of the solutions' if I only knew how to do that.

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I believe the a333 white oblong are the best when take in percocet but the little round yellow ones work the best seriously you should talk to your doctor about this because some of the other genetics don't don't work on me either do I usually take the yellow round ones or the white oblong ones they are the best

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A333's have 0 actual ocycodone in them. Actavis is by far the worst generic drug manufacturer! Their labs/mills are under constant violation and have paid millions to the Fda for violations. The oxycodone/ tylenol A333 came out along time ago probably year and half ago replacing the Watson oxycodone/aceitametphine. These Percocets sent thousands to the E.R. for chest pains, numbness in limbs, major G.I. issues including gas, diarrhea etc. Nothing was done, the A333's were not taken off the shelves and CP patients were forced to switch drugs, either to another brand or a total different medication like OxycontinER.
I took the A333's and I filed lots of "bad drug" complaints with the Fda. I switched backto Perdue Brand oxycontin and won't touch a generic opiate medication ever again! Actavis paid off the FDA so they could keep slingin their Indian backyard made oxycodone Perc's.Never trust generic drug manufacturers EVER!! Their's a reason why the Actavis generics are 80% cheaper...

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