Found A Dark Blue Capsule With A Thin White Line Around The Middle...has Powder In It That Makes Noise When Shaken.


So I found a dark blue capsule with a very thin white line around the middle. It was in my Cymbalta bottle so I'm sure it was a mistake. It sounds like cymbalta when I shake it, like it has powder in it. My cymbaltas are white on one side and the same dark blue on the other side, but this was just all dark blue with a thin white line around the middle.

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Are there any markings on the capsule? The imprint code is what would enable us to to identify it for you.

There are no Cymbalta capsules that meet that description, but it is impossible to tell what it is, just from the color.

If it has the marking 6mg on it, then it is a 6mg Zanaflex capsule, which is a muscle relaxant.


Regardless of what it is, you do need to report the error to the pharmacy, because they need to be more careful about such things.


It is a sad, but true fact that pharmacy errors harm many people and, sometimes, even result in death, so you should never hesitate to report one.

If someone accidentally takes a medication that they are allergic to or the reacts badly with something else they are on or a medical condition, the results can be very dangerous.

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thanks. I looked at it and it's not Xanax, it says lilly 3240. i googled this and it appears it is cymbalta but it still weirds me out because it doesn't look like the other cymbaltas I have. here's a link I found with pictures of cymbalta:

but my navy blue capsule with a white ring around the middle isn't one of the variants. It's 30 mg.

Is it normal for the same kind of pills to have different looks?

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So the dark blue capsule with the white ring says Lilly 3240 on it? If so then I'm confused because that imprint code is supposed to match up with a half blue half white capsule (which is in fact 30 mg Cymbalta) - Sounds like a defect to me, definitely something to flush down the toliet or return to the pharmacy...

As to your other question "Is it normal for the same kind of pills to have different looks?" - it is possible in the case of the same generic drug being manufactured by more than one pharmaceutical company. It is also possible that a manufacturer changes the look of one of their medications, which would phase the old ones out and result in the same drug taking on two appearances. Hope this helps!

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yep, the dark blue pill with the white ring says lilly 3240 and doesn't look like my other cymbaltas. I'm gonna take it back to the pharmacy and ask about it because if it is a defect then it's not safe.

Thanks so much! this site is great. :)

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I just found the same capsule in my bottle of 30 mg cymbalta and when I was looking for the imprint on it, one of the dark ends fell off revealing the white end with the 30mg marked on it. So, I think what happened is that both ends accidently got covered with blue gelatin capsule pieces, one side over the white already there!

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