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My boyfriend began taking Eliquis in March for AFIB. (He is 68.) Right away he wasn't himself. He gets short of breath dozens of times a day now when he didn't before. Even going upstairs is a problem. He needs to exercise because of his peripheral arterial disease, and he can't because he becomes so short of breath. He was walking for an hour and a half at a time. He gets short of breath so often that it scares him and me. The doctor said that Eliquis can't cause this. He wouldn't take him off of it, so my boyfriend continued to struggle. About three weeks ago my boyfriend had an epic nosebleed that we had to go to the E.R. for. In treating the nosebleed, they stopped his Eliquis. Lo and behold no more shortness of breath. When he had his follow up with the cardiologist a week later, he put him back on it despite what my boyfriend and I attempted to explain to him. He refused to listen and said it wasn't a side effect. He upped the dose of his metoprolol and sent him on his way. And almost immediately the shortness of breath was back and my boyfriend feels lousy again. Why don't doctors listen? Aren't they obligated to report these reactions? Maybe it other people are having the same reaction and their doctors aren't listening either because no one is writing it down.

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Hello, Mary! How is your boyfriend doing?

Actually, the FDA lists shortness of breath as being among the most common side effects that can occur with this medication, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising.

No, the doctor isn't obligated to report such issues, but you can. You can call them at 855-543-3784.

As to the doctor not listening, your boyfriend is also not obligated to continue seeing him. Sometimes, hitting them where it hurts, IE: their wallet, is what makes the biggest difference.

It is an unfortunate fact that most doctors are not aware of most of the side effects that can be caused by medications they may prescribe. They do not spend nearly as much time studying it as a pharmacist, clinical researcher, or pharmacy tech.....and when you get a doctor that won't listen, it creates total chaos.

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I've been on eliquis about 3 years. At first I felt a little shortness of breath but after a few months it wasn't as noticeable. Today and the past couple of weeks I have had severe shortness of breath, headaches, and lightheadedness. I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow (it is Sunday today). I feel like I have to force myself to take deep breaths. I am on 5 mg two times a day. I have mentioned this each time that I see the doctor (actually I've been to 2 cardiologists). They both skate over this. Eliquis couldn't cause this.

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His shortness of breath is no better. As a matter of fact it is so debilitating at this point there's very little quality of life. He can hardly get around, but he won't go to the ER or call for an appointment so there is little I can do. I did talk him into scheduling an appointment with a pulmonologist. That doesn't happen until February nor is his next cardiologist appointment until then. To make matters worse his urologist found signs of an abdominal aneurysm. His vascular doctor agreed, and he needs surgery. However that can't happen until his shortness of breath can be explained. It's a vicious cycle. None of these specialists communicate. Plus, to be honest, my boyfriend doesn't express himself well. I can't go to every appointment with him because I work full time. I just cycle through worry, prayer, and exasperation.

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I been on Eliquis for two weeks and i have all the side effects. nausea, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath. my doctor told me when that bottle runs out i could get on 4 - 81mg baby aspirin a day. maybe your doctor will let you try that. if not you might want to check with another doctor... good luck and God bless...........

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Hi. Did you go to your doc? Did they find another cause of being short of breath? I have been taking eliquis for nearly 3 moths now. I am an athlete and today I could not do my running because I was so out of breath with my usual tempo and puls. Has anyone who is an athlete experienced breathing difficulties (exertional dyspnea) while training due to eliquis?

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I have been on eliquis for about 3 months. I had an ablation in Dec and was told to stay on eliquis till March. I am an athlete who has exercised my whole life. Since being on eliquis I have a strange shortness of breath that happens when ever I start exercising. Even going for a walk makes it happen. I soldier on and after about ten minutes it usually get a bit better but still is noticeable. I know it is the eliquis because I feel good otherwise. I am hoping it goes away when I stop taking eliquis in a few weeks. I feel for you and completely get your frustration.

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I recently stopped taking Eliquis on the advice of my doctor. It has been almost three months since I had my afib ablation and I have had no problems. The shortness of breath that I had been experiencing has gone away now. It took a few days but I can finally achieve good exercise tolerance and don't get that strange shortness of breath whenever I started some kind of exercise. I'm sure Eliquis caused this.

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I am 82 and have been on Eliquis 2 mg twice daily for Afib. I have had breathing problems with exertion but for the last 2 days the shortness of breath has been continuous.
I have had most of the side effects Including balance problems and memory loss.i
Is their another medical I can take instead of Eliquis.
I was feeling great before taking this medication.

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Hi Kathleen. Sorry to hear about your side effects. I did suffer a strange shortness of breath while taking Eliquis. It has gone away now that I stopped taking it. There are other blood thinners out there but if you are wanting to make changes make sure you consult with a doctor you trust. These mess are something's a necessary evil but yes there are some choices.

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Eliquis- Shortness of breath. My mom was on coumadin- doing okay, but the cardiologist because of her severe pulmonary hypertension felt Eliquis might be better for her so she switched. She is now SEVERELY sob on exertion and it clicked when she told me it increased after she started started the Eliquis. I ran a search on side effects and there it was listed. Will be calling cardiologist to switch her back.
We wills if her SOB decreases. Will keep you posted.

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I have shortness of breath after being put on Eliquis for the past week and a half, following cardioversion for atrial flutter. Is this a common symptom?

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Update: My mom ended up in the emergency room because of the shortness of breath, her cbc was drawn and she was anemic. Shd had a GI bleed! They transfused her 1 unit of blood and gave her some IV Iron. She walked out of the hospital on NO oxygen!!! Make sure your doctors are monitoring your cbc's !! Made a big difference in her breathing. We are not sure where the slow bleed is coming from. She is staying on coumadin for now. Her cardiologist said if you are very short of breath on Eliquis it can be because your anemic. So be aware!!!

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Try and have your Doctor check your blood work for anemia!!!

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I have a serious interstitial lung disease. The disease requires that monitor my blood oxygen saturation level. After a couple of heart procedures, my cardiologist placed me on effient. My pulmonologist could not figure out why my oxygen saturation levels plummeted. It turns out that effient has a known side effect of shortness of breath, which my cardiologist did not consider. I had to discover the side effect on my own by conducting internet search. In my search, I have learned that shortness of breath is a common side effect for not only effient but Eliquis, and several other blood thinners/anticoagulants. Doctors fail to warn patients of this dangerous outcome, or they don't communicate with each other regarding treatments. Don't be a sheep. Question everything your doctor prescribes to you.

The good news is, once I quit the blood thinners/anticoagulants, my oxygen saturation level has greatly improved.

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My 89 yr old dad was put on it, immediately experinced shortness of breath and panting like a dog, and incredible shaking episodes, throwing him back and to the right. I would speak to him, but no response for 30 secondss. I called them convulsions. after stoppinf the med, within 3 weeks he could walk short distances again, but the shaking, while not as bad, returns. Panting has gotten slightly less, but he sounds like an obscene caller on phone, and can't have long conersations. Eliquis is evil.

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I have now been able to quantify the harm caused to my breathing by the anticoagulants. I had an appointment this past week with my pulmonologist, who had me take a 6-minute walk evaluation. While on the anticoagulants, I had to be on 6 L of oxygen to complete the evaluation. Now that I am off the anticoagulants for 2 months it only requires 4 liters to complete the same evaluation. That is a substantial Improvement. Again don't blindly trust your doctor, ask questions and get the right answers.

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My mom turned 90 in June in perfect health,never had shortness of breath neither, and everything since she started taking that drug eliquis she has also been short of breath. I believe that the FDA.approved it,because they still making money out of the cost of the American people.

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My mom turned 90 in June in perfect health,never had shortness of breath neither, and everything since she started taking that drug eliquis she has also been short of breath. I believe that the FDA.approved and they know the consequences why approve of this drug.

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Dr. Checked for anemia. It's the drug that causes the shortness of breath.

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I have shortness of breath all the time. I am on Eliquis and metropolis. Now my internist put me on advair and it is worse! I would love to get off of all these drugs and take aspirin only. My heart doctor says I need eliquis with a fib because I could have a stroke. I have no heart disease or valve problems.

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I have been on Eliquis for 2 weeks now due to a clot in my leg and 4 pulmonary embolisms. I have had shortness of breath ever since starting eliquis. Some days it is almost unnoticeable but others like today are pretty bad, especially when trying to sleep.

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Get him to a cardioelectrphysiologist and have a Watchman filter installed in his heart. I had been on Eliquis from July of 2016 untill this past July. I had nosebleeds, blood in my uring and behing my right eye. I have maculardegeneration and it could have caused e to go blind. I had a regular cardiologist, who did not help much. I asked tp be put in 2.5 Eliquis and that helpped, but the doctor said it was not strong enough. I went into permanent Afib and looked around for a cardioelectrophysiologist. I found the est at Mass Gen in Boston. Had the Watchman put in and am now starting to feel norman. Shortness of breat is gon, starting to get my stamina back.

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I quit it sbout 6 weeks on so very tired no appetite back on warfarin

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Metoprolol probably is the problem. It is a beta blocker and is noted for down modulating and causing lethargy. Why was the dose increased? I would not think the Eliquis is the problem. MD can change anti-coagulant therapy or reduce the Eliquis dose to address the bleeding.

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I had the same problems with Eliquis. I finally got the Dr to cut the dsage in half and the nosebleeds stopped. They kept insisting I take the stronger dose. I have macular degeneration and had bleeding behind my right eye, blood in my urine. I switched to the top cardio electrophysiologyst at Mass Gen in Boston and he installed a Watchman filter in my heart. I had to continue Eliquis for 4 more months and then I stopped. I now take a baby asperin every day. I am taking Diltiazam for my AFIB along with Lopressor. Diltiazam time release of 120 was too strong for me, so I asked if I coult take pills every six Hrs. This stipped the pain behing both eyes, day nose and throat and sores in my nose. It still makes me constipated and I get shortness of breath and weak feeling. The DR gave me 400 Magnesium. qne this helped the constipation. I began taking B2 Iron folic acis and CoQ 10. It helps me feel more energetic and I can do more. MY PC did blood tess and said I did not need iron and vitamins, but they make me feel better. I find I am super sencitive to generic drugs and if I take the brand name only they work better, Lopressor instead of Metroporel. I am goine to ask for Cardizam instead of Diltiazam and see if that helps. talk to your pharmacy. This posting sight has been most helpful, you find you are not alonr with these problems.

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they believe what the drug companies tell them
do not have time to invetigate on their own

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Does any body else have the following symptoms after taking Eliquis? Shortness of breath, unbelievable fatigue, achiness, no appetite.

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I have been on Eliquis for 6 years. Last summer I went into AFIB and cardioversion did not work. Dr put me on Diltiaz along with my Eliquis. In March I had a WAtchman filter put in my heart. Dr told me that it is possible I can stop the Eliquis in 6 months. I hope he is right. I am extremely tired all the time , cold and weak leg muscles.

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I feel shortness of breath on Eliquis, as well, and have to be aware of taking deeper breaths. Not sure if related.

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Re: Suzie (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Glad I'm not the only one. I'm 74 and am starting to develop Afib, actually I've had it for several decades but it seems to affect me a lot more lately. So my doctor put me on 2 Eliquis 5mg tablets daily, plus a heart pill, Cardizem. Right away, I noticed extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and pressure in the top of my head. If I bend over, it increases the pressure greatly. My tinnitus kicked into overdrive and I can hardly sleep at night because of the breathing issues. I can barely get out of my own way, gardening has become a drudge and I tire immediately. I'm beginning to think that the cure is worse than the ailment!

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