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I have chronic disc, bone, nerve damage have many other nerve, bone and tendon damage. Had injections, surgery and nothing helps. Going to a pain clinic in Rhode Island and love my doctor but wait is extremely long. Don't know how to find another doctor in area who will continue to prescribe Meds on and need to cope and quality of life. My doctor understands and can't find any doctor in area who will prescribe: oxycontin, oxycodone, Xanax and Valium. Are there any doctors in RI who will prescribe same and manage pain and increase when needed?how do I find ? HELP

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Can't believe I'm even on this website, but was just curious as to if this is going on everywhere else. My hands hurt as I type this, but I have to post a comment on this. I was in 2 auto accidents within a 3 month period back in 2009. Never suffered from neck or back pain until then. I was a healthy 50 year old who played tennis with my daughters and walked 3 miles a day. I worked full-time and came home, cooked dinner, cleaned house, etc. Things changed drastically since then. I am now on disability and can barely move some days due to the pain. I had a fusion on my neck in Jan of this year and need back surgery, but want to avoid it for as long as possible so I've been trying to manage pain with inj's. and physical therapy, and pain meds. I also suffer with a cervical syrinx and if any of you have never heard of that, google it. It's basically a cavity in your spinal cord, that fills up with cerebellum fluid and as it grows, causes horrible pain and other symptoms. I have been seeing a pain management doc for years who is wonderful and understanding. He has been prescribing Gabepentin, Zanaflex (Muscle Relaxer), 8 mg of dilaudid (hydromorphine) every 4 hrs. I have never one time had a problem with abusing my meds. Everything is done professionally, have to take urine specs sometimes and have never done anything to compromise the safety of taking these meds. So, here I sit in rural Western Pa unable to get my last prescription filled. I went to my regular pharmacy yesterday and all of a sudden, they couldn't fill it. They said they didn't have any and wouldn't probably get it in for quite some time. This is scary. They know my situation...have been going there for 4 years and yesterday, they made me feel like I was doing something evil. They told me to try another pharm, which I did. I went to 5 different pharmacies and it was the same at each store. So..what do I do?? I guess quit cold turkey! There was absolutely no warning. I have severe pain each and every day and now I fear that I will have to rely on advil or alleve or whatever!! I've tried all those and they do not touch this pain!!! I am so angry!! Why do legitimate patients have to suffer because of a few people who abused these drugs?? I really believe all of us in this situation will have to stick together and try to do something. My son lives in Colo and has told me I should move out there and get med. mar., which I had never even thought about until last night. Don't know if it would even help with this pain, but at this point, might be worth a try. Where do I go from here?? Just like to know if anyone in PA has been having this problem as well. Please let me know as I would love to know what you are doing. This is so very wrong.

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Semi-ret blood analyzer installation/repair engr. A few months ago I needed to lift bottles of calibration gasses (30 lbs each) in order to set up a machine necessary to monitor patients on life support. I could not lift the bottles (canisters) because of shoulder/back/leg pain from fractured neck. So I did a no-no and took an extra pill so I could perform my job. Without these analysis people could die from low oxygen levels or acidic blood. I was honest with the "doctor", and use that term loosely and he dc'd my pain meds (30mg ms er). I had, in the past taken rx'd doses as high as 100mg er q12h. He offered me Buprenorphine 15mg q 7 days (patch). Useless. Until something better becomes available opiphobia will be a significant problem. People will lose jobs, commit suicide and society will create its own social conundrums causing an unnecessary financial burden in the form of more cocial programs. The winners: social workers, illegal drug pushers, self-righteous politicians. The losers: pain patients, the economy, more illness in worplaces.

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need help. i was on 30mg oxy each day for chronic pain in my arm the doc f***ed me up . he would always help me but then my primary doc found out (anti narcotic pro pain) had him cut me off. so im stuck in so much pain all day i cry sometimes and i have a high pain level. can u pls give me a name that can help me in RI? thx you

I have many papers to prove my pain my doc dot believe in oxy i would be happy with 12 to 15 to at least dull the damn pain. pain but by the time i was cut off it was too late i couldn't get back on them said i would drop my other doc but he was like no no she said she will help with ur pain but nope gave me 5 different meds in 3 months then gave up told me to go somewhere ele smh :( my other pain doc had me go to 3 diffent clinics and they woundnt go over 5/325 60 vicodon a month pls help me im thinking about suing the doc that killed my arm i had cancer for 3 year and all the chemo leaked in me and now he thinks he is out the clear but nono i might try for med marijuana but that dont help with my pain tho :( so sence my prim doc said she would help me he un rooled me in the cancer place now im f***ed cuz of her i nedd help bad very bad thank you i want my life back

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I am 64 with numerous health problems causing chronic pain. Since the changes in the pain med. law, I have been unable to find a doctor in southern NH to prescribe even a minimal amount of pain meds. I have no record of drug abuse and a long history of health issues causing disabling pain going back to 1998. I'm on my 3rd primary care doctor since April and have been to 3 pain clinics in less than a year. Are there any doctors who will prescribe small amounts of low dose oxycodone? I'm tired of injections, nerve blocks and cauterizing of nerves, which doesn't last more than a few months. I'm tired of pain. What are we supposed to do?

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Go to the biltmore medical they are a new pain management group they are in pawtucket and woonsocket. They are very kind and helpful when it comes to your pain. I love them

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I'm a transplant to Rhode Island, only for a year, from Arizona. I have a fusion at the L5-S1 and a herniated disc at L4,along with Degenerative Disc Disease, Ostopenia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have successfully found a clinic in North Smithfield and Pawtucket that prescribe pain meds, as well as make relaxers. However, they will not go over 100 mg of Morphine nor will they prescribe anything extended release. Before moving here I had just switched to Morphine because the Oxy was no longer working. Dr. Turner is very nice, compassionate and understanding. You can try calling their practice, Biltmore Medical Center at 401-356-4046.

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My doctor is Pam however I have worked with doctor Turner many times. I agree nichole they are very understanding and compassionate. I am so glad I found these guys.

I have lymphedimia in both my legs and chronic arthritis in both my knees and ankles and no surgeon will give me surgery for the arthritis due to my lymphedimia because I could loose both my legs so I will need pain management for the rest of my life in order to function daily and I am only 48. Also I forgot to mention there is no cure for my lymphedimia. If you take a gallon of water and tape 1 gallon on each leg then walk like that 24/7 you will litterly feel my pain. This is what I have the pleasure to deal with the rest of my life so thank god for the biltmore medical group.

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Steve, it depends on what kind of pain med you were taking. A good doctor is the kind who will explain that trying to stop taking some pain management drugs on your own, cold turkey, is a good way to commit suicide. Some other kinds of opioid pain drugs may make you uncomfortable for a few weeks after discontinuing them, but no matter how bad you feel when you stop taking them, you aren't going to accidentally commit suicide by stopping taking them. ANYTHING with Oxycontin or a generic for that (including Percocets and their generic equivalents) are NOT the kind of drug you should ever try to cold turkey, stop taking on your own, as it can lead to seizures and even death. To stop taking drugs with Oxy in them, ask your doctor for help weaning yourself off of them slowly. Suddenly stopping them on your own without a doctor's assistance can lead to seizures and possibly your death. Other pain meds, like Norcos, may make you feel really awful for some weeks after you stop taking them suddenly, but you aren't in danger of losing your life; not like you are in going cold turkey off of the Oxycontin containing pain meds, without medical assistance of some kind. No matter what, if you've been taking prescription pain drugs for awhile and want to stop taking them, check with your doctor to see if you need assistance weaning off of the specific drug you want to stop taking. It could be a matter of life and death if you don't know beforehand what suddenly stopping a prescription pain drug can do to a body that's become accustomed to this stuff. Take care!

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"healthgrades" is good for looking up doctors in your area to see if they've got any kind of past negativity in their work histories - like having to be sanctioned for certain medical practice behaviors that are not good to be cited for at any point in one's history as a physician. I use that web site to look in my area every time I need to find a different doctor, and I can view their credentials, history, length of time as a physician, any sanctions, any pulled credentials, and sometimes, reviews about any given doctor that others have left.

Good luck!

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Here is a link, if you are still looking. May want to broaden or narrow your search on the web site I'm linking to below:

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I hope you have not tried to go cold turkey before finding out IF the type of pain med you've been taking long term is okay to go cold turkey on or not. Some of them are not good to stop suddenly and completely, and require a doctor to wean you off of them slowly, otherwise going cold turkey on certain of these pain meds if you've taken them for longer than even two weeks can lead to all kinds of horrible withdrawal problems including seizures, strokes, and even death.

If you are out of your meds and cannot find a pharmacy that can fill for you, and you have a legitimate script and need for a pain drug, go to your local hospital's emergency room and explain your problem. Find out if it's okay to suddenly stop taking the drug all at once or not, if not, the hospital will give you the pain meds you need because the hospital staff know the dangers of sudden and complete withdrawal from certain prescription pain meds. Like I said, unmonitored withdrawal on some kinds of pain meds can actually cause you to die.

My son takes prescription stimulants for ADHD. At one point in 2012, we couldn't find a pharmacy within 50 miles to fill the same script he'd been getting filled month after month for years and years by that time.

We don't know what exactly happened, except for a news article we later found regarding significant over-prescribing of prescription grade stimulants in the area where we live.

After a few months, all went back to normal and suddenly, any pharmacy we went to could easily fill my son's script. It may have been that the local pharmacies had been told to stop prescribing meds with certain kinds of abuse records for awhile in order to get the people who were taking them when they shouldn't have been taking them to give up trying to find the drug in a local pharmacy. I just don't know.

But if that's the kind of thing the DEA is doing to discourage people from getting some kinds of drugs, specifically drugs of abuse, they are truly doing harm to those of us that legitimately need those drugs due to chronic pain or other issues, and suddenly, the drugs can't be found anywhere.

Like I said, if you find that you can't get your script filled at any pharmacy you try, show up at a local hospital's ER and explain your problem and tell them that you fear possible dangerous consequences from sudden withdrawal. The medical staff at the hospital will know what you are talking about, and may be able to fill your script for you through the hospital's own out-patient pharmacy until the local pharmacies began filling those prescriptions again.

Good luck!

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My pain dr said that they are no longer prescribing medicine...I have arthritis of the spine . I was on oxicodone for roxicodone 5 mg 4 x per day. Also tramadol and
Lidocane patches and neurotin.any one know of a dr that prescribes these in Pittsburgh?please help.

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St annes pain clinic. Dr guptil is a pain management dr and knows his stuff and understands. But they are strict with urines and pill counts. And they will require a MRI and a referral from your primary dr. They arent going to just take your word for it that you have something wrong with you. They want proof.

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Hello I am looking for a pain clinic.... I have been on oxycodone and morphine for 4 years and my doctor wont prescribe them anymore.

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I am going to my first appointment at that pain clinic in Woonsocket and am very nervous. I heard a rumor that they don't prescribe medications on your first appointment, is this true? My quality of life is so low right now and I don't know how in the world I can wait for tests results to finally get some relief. It's not just myself suffering but my family too, they can only take so much crying, complaining, staying in bed and not being able to do fun things with my children. Please let me know about your experiences there so far!

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Dr. Schultz in providence is good..they are very good !!!

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Where is it at? I need help bad. I was on 30mg oxy 4x day for 2 years, I had cancer and a lot of chemo burns thats leaked, and doc moved and got a new doc she said no only give me a few weak ones a month.

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HELP! NJ! Toms River area preferable but can't be choosy...
Am SO sorry, Steve. I'm bedridden 20yrs. Dr. quit for same reason many months ago, 2 seizures from sudden withdrawls from Fentanyl to Detrol (for cord bladder....cuz they'd not help), Workers Comp hasn't honored the court order. Need Dr. for immediate pain med for short-term & lawyer. Have all MRIs, Drs.' files, no one can be bothered to look.
I wish you get some relief.

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It is amazing any Dr. would prescribe all of that..It is dangerous....

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Does anyone know a pain doctor in CT that will prescribe pain medication? I badly need one, as I am in terrible pain every day, I'm only 26 is the problem. So please if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! Also I know a doctor who will write scripts to anyone and am willing to trade names, I'm just banned from that Dr, office because I got in a fight with the Secretary. So message me on here, thank you.

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