Doctors Who Prescribe Xanax In The 73701 Area


My husband hung himself recently and I came home and found him in our garage and cut him down to try to save him but it was too late..we have a baby girl who was 11 months old at the time and also was home with him when he did it. I have a history of anxiety disorder and panic attacks but had almost stopped having them except for very stressful situations, so I had stopped taking xanax for a few years until this happened.Now im having full blown panic attacks all the time now but dont want to go to the northwest center for behavioral health because thats whose care he was under at the time. Id like to know who I can go see that is the closest to me to get a prescription of some

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Sorry to read this. Any licensed Medical Doctor can write for Xanax with certain state exceptions. Try your GP, even your OB/GYN, or it might be a good idea to schedule some appointments with a Psychiatrist

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Wow, Jennifer! I am so sorry! What a nightmare to live through, I really can't imagine, and won't even try to pretend that I do.

Are there any other doctors that specialize in psychiatry in your area?

Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe Xanax, since it carries the risk of being habit forming, so the DEA warns against it.

Can anyone recommend a doctor in that area?

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