Doctors Who Prescribe Adderall In Orlando Floridoa


Help mr find an doctor md who will prescribe 30 mG adderall to an adult in orlando florida

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I just move to orlando and i need to find a doctor who will prescribe adderrall xr fot the motning and ir for night. I have long days and xr kerps me up at night. For some reason my psychiatrist doesnt prescribe ir. But thats thebpetfect combination fot me

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Trying to find a doctor in orlando that can prescribe ir adderrall

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Trying to find a doctor in orlando that will prescribe adderral ir tablets

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So do you know of any in orlando by any chance?

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I've been diagnosed in NH 10 years ago for anxiety, depression, ptsd and as he, I was prescribe several lamictal and klonopin and has worked for 10 years. I can not find a dr in fl to simply resume where I left off!! What is the problem, is there a dr in fl who prescribes these meds!!

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I've heard of doctors who write scripts like it's going out of style in Florida - I'm so surprised to read that folks in Florida are having such a hard time.

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Anyone know a doctor in Orlando Florida that writes for valium? I'm out of town
"Texas" working and need my medicine thanks.

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I lived in Florida for many years and I moved away but I want to move back but I am afraid to because the laws regarding Schedule 2 medications has changed so drastically that I do not know if I would be able to get my medications. Even before the laws changed so drastically i saw a Primary Care Doctor(?) who came into the examination room and said "I do NOT prescribe any Schedule 2 drugs period". He never even looked at me or examined me nor did he ever look at my supporting documentatoin. Also, I was 62 at the time and had several underlying problems. Good luck in findinf a Physician. Many will not put any names up on this forum because they are afraid that the Doctor's Office will be flooded with many calls requesting every type of Schedule 2 drugs known to man. The Doctor may then think that they will just stop prescribing ANY Schedule 2 medications because of all of the problems that have been brought to bear against Doctors that prescribe these medications. I know that many people have been taking these meds for years and have supporting documentation but they MAY feel it is not worth the heat to prescribe these meds.

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Does anyone know a pharmacy carrying generic 30's (Adderall) in the Orlando area? My current pharmacy (Sunshine) recently stopped. Historically, the Walgreens and CVS only have 20's (and rarely have them in stock).

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