Doctors Prescribing Xanax In Johnson City Tn


I need to find a primary care doctor in Johnson City, Tn (or somewhere close) who will prescribe my xanax. All of the doctors I have called aren't accepting new patients and the walk-in clinics don't want to prescribe alprazolam

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Your State changed their controlled prescription laws in 2013. Some say its now the hardest State to obtain Xanax and pain medicines due to the massive abuse going on there.

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Well I have been taking xanax for years now. My problem is this... I became personally involved with my last primary care doctor so he had to dismiss me from his practice. He wrote me one last prescription to last me until I found a new pcp but I haven't had any luck yet.

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Can anyone refer me to a surrounding area doctor in Tennessee that will write oxycodone meds? I live in Johnson City, TN. Im willing to drive to another state. The laws in TN makes it so hard to get a rx. Used to drive to FLA. Does anyone know if there is any where that can still treat out of state patients? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Florida will treat out of state patients but your gonna have to be careful cuz the laws are always changing & in FL they throw serious jail time towards ppl that seek, & need pain meds. Your best bet is to have your own residence in Florida even if you have to use a friends address cuz whenever it comes to Pain Management they're Down Right Vicious towards ppl w/o a FL residency now. You need to look in Northern Florida cuz down towards Broward they've made it hell to get any narcotic i reckon. Good Luck pal, but the good news is that they're still like 10 or 12 states that don't have a Prescription Drug Tracking System as of last year, some may be introduced to the legislative bodies of any or all of these particular states by now idk but I Seriously Doubt that over in Wyoming they're very worried about ppl who is in pain getting their med's. If you find a decent pain doc in TN please let me know cuz here in KY you can't even get Neurontin 6 & 800mg'ers without taking a U/A, you have no idea what kinda hardcore ass drugs are moving in here now cuz ppl cannot find anything to help them with pain, with nerve troubles, etc... Good Luck though & let me know if you run across a decent pain, & or Nerve doc....

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Brandi did u find one. I'm having the same problem

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The hard core drugs is what's moving in thru Tenn. That stupid gravel or ice is all over the place and now docs act like cause of new laws and ppl stealing from ppl with chronic pain to sell to get their other fix is making it very hard for us who live in pain. I got lupus, sterposis, steninis, and broken tailbone and having trouble here in kingsport tn. Its not right and somehow they should be able to weed out ppl but we do have a huge drug problem here. I'm in need of a pain management clinic now I got BC/bs and medicare but I got my deceased husbands SSN and Caz of that they won't take me. If you or anybody heard of one plz help me. thank you in advance

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You use your deceased husbands SSN, is that even legal?

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Ask BCBS and medicare Eddie. I don't think its right either... But that's what insurance gave me after that 2 year mark tht I waited until medicare kicked in.

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I've been on Xanax for over 20 yrs. My Dr. retired... Now I can't find a family Dr who will prescribed Xanax. I hear withdrawal is terrible. Why do I have to suffer? I only take as needed. I'm living in the tri cities in TN.

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Who was the one you were seeing?

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Hey there - can you please let me know who your last pcp was that prescribe your nerve meds- I have anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder - I have tenncare bit am bout to lose it and need find Dr fast- can you plz help me

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Yeah a friend of mine gets the 10 mg pink oxys here in East TN . I'm thinking it's towards JC I get them from him from time to time. I'll find out the dr.i also heard the pain clinic behind the social security office in JC I guess or Bristol idk which ever one has a pain clinic behind it writes either morphine or Roxy.

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Go to the pain clinic behind the social security office idk which one JC or Bristol but it's behind it. I had a friend that had hip dysplasia and she has her choice of morphine or Roxy there.

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Wouldn't doubt it heck sometimes I wonder if my dad even is deceased. Seriously he worked for the Fed government for 26 yrs anyhow u can go online and lookup anyones social security death index card it has there social,dob everything on it. Well I went to look up my dad's and he doesn't have one? Also shouldn't he have benefits or pension or 410k something? There is nothing.hevwas retired but only a year and they told us it his pension was exhausted the same month he passed away? Hmm well how odd? The list goes on like I never got my dad's stuff back at hospital like where is his clothes and wallet. I took him for a stomach ache two hours later a Dr is telling me he's dying and didn't know why he would open him up but he would die on the operating table. At the time my head was spinning so fast it didn't occur to me that should have been my call I'm poa and him as a Dr should want to know what was killing him bc he's dying anyway. No autopsy nothing.when I got his bill they charged my dad's insurance for four different surgeries over 4,000 each that day his bill was almost 200,000$s he wasn't there two hours. They knew he was dying or killed him one and maxed out that good government veteran insurance plus Medicaid. Well don't you think I've forgotten any of it. I have worked day and night for over a year on my own fighting these Drs and there laws . I am having them investigated for insurance fraud. Bc if I don't say something who will apparently no one has so far or it still wouldn't be going on. Just bc my dad is gone doesn't mean I'm throwing up my hands and saying I well. I will make sure they remember his name every night before they go to bed he want be just another number IDC if I have to walk to Washington DC I'll have to other wise I'll never get the closure I need to move on.

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This is weird. A Federal Pension should last for a lifetime, not that you would have been eligible for any benefits. Perhaps he worked as a spy or contractor? What years did he work, and when was this surgery. If your dad knew too much there is a chance he was taken care of. Did he work under Donald J Trump, a dangerous man who would kill you, like Kim Jong Un. I'd call Ben Crump the attorney

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If your dad was not a contractor & covered under a qualified retirement system, there would be a possibility of health benefit coverage (FEHB) if you are under 25. He also could have had some funds in the TSP (the equivalent of a 401K) and he could have had a FEGLI life insurance policy as well, those could be for you. I don't see why you were asked to pay for 4 unknown surgeries, especially because he probably had FEHB health coverage or free Vet & Medicaid that coverage you mentioned. Again if he was an employee and not a contractor. I forgot how Xanax is involved in this again as your post is a little hard to read & doesn't mention Xanax. Contact the OPM, the Office of Personnel in D.C., perhaps they can help you out further. If he was a Veteran & on medicaid then they should have paid for it. I think Veteran care & medicaid are free? You do need a Xanax! Something's wrong? Also check with Veterans Affairs.

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I need to find a doctor in Johnson City Tennessee who will prescribe my Xanax 2 mg. Every doctor in Lee county I’ve called is not accepting any new patients and will not write them. I’ve been on them for 44 years and my anxiety keeps getting worse and worse every day, so please, can you help me?

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I moved here from CA and could not find a doctor to prescribe my Klonopin that I have been taking for 26 yrs. They will not even see you for nothing here. I even went to the ER in Elizabethton cuz I ran out and felt a seizure coming on. They turned me away. I went home and that same day had two seizures. I feel we are all left here to die. I did go through Talkiatry online and they prescribed me Klonopin. Then the Walgreens pharmacy would not fill it. I could not believe this crap. So I had a really bad time get them and still don’t get them now cuz my insurance changed from Cigna to Bluecare TN. Please let me know if anyone has an answer to this.

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I'm in CA and have Blue Cross. I don't know if this goes for all the Blue's but Walgreen's has been removed as a eligible Retailer. They are closing lots of stores. Here is some good BCBS TN Prescription info for you! Xanax is covered, also very inexpensive with a discount card for cash paying patients



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