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I have been on adderall 8 years. I'm 29 2 kids. My dosage is at 60 mg. 30mg ir 2 x daily
I actually took 1.5 months off it and learned just how unmanageable my adhd / add is with out it. I tried starters and Wellbutrin during that time both which had neg side effects and just got back on adderall 10/30. Corpharma 30 pink tabs are what I got. I have been EXHAUSTED lethargic headaches sad .... Weird crap. I tried taking more just to see if it was weak (up to 200mg) - all it did was made all those symptoms ALOT worse.
Is it the brand ? After all these years could my body just need to switch to a different medication ? Vyvanse? I've never been on it.

Also struggle with depression and severe anxiety I take lexpro 20 mg.

Feed back please with opinions or suggestions based on your personal experience is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi, my opinion it's the cor pink. I have taken adderall for 16 years it's definitely the cor. Vyvance is fabulous. It's clean with out the rollercoaster of all the garbage that comes with the generic adderall. When I say clean, it's smooth, it does the job its ment to. It was the tool I needed. Unfortunately it's also very expensive. You may have insurance to cover, but even partial med coverage its EXPENSIVE. You can get a free 30 day coupon, but buyer beware you will probably like it. Nothing activates it but the fluids of your stomach. This is to avoid abuse. The dosing can be tricky as with any new dosing and the balance of what works for you. shire claims 12 hours, I beg to differ. Everyone is different. Good luck.

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All a very personal experience. One son did well on vyvance but the other kids and I did better on Adderall, and not on vyvance.

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I have been taking Adderall for many years for adult adhd and treatment resistant depression. I always received the Barr/Orange, either 20s or 30s. At some point during the Summer of 2016 my Doctor wanted for me to use only one pharmacy. So I chose one that I ended uop getting the pink teva generic from. I literally could immediately tell there was something unusual about the way I felt and my attitude towards ...well, basically everything changed, and not for the better. I started getting headaches that were insane. I felt sick, i had severe migraine like headaches and was convinced I had some type of brain tumor. I could not easily eat, than late at night i would be eating probably more than usual. I wasnt to stressed about that but long story short. I WAS PYSICALLY SICK on and off through the holidays and at the end of January I could take 60 mgs of the pink Teva 30s in 81and it stiil just

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I took the Teva brand for years and just decided to try another generic brand because it was no longer working for me. CVS had the Corepharma (the round pink pills) so I decided to try it and I like it much better than what I was on. You have to go to most pharmacies to see what generic brand they have in stock. I was shopping at Ingles yesterday. I saw the pharmacist so I asked him what they carry. It’s called Sandoz, something like that? I wish I could find a page that shows all of the current generic adderall brands, what pharmacies carry and a description of each generic brand, like what it looks like, color, etc. I don’t want to waste an entire month on something that doesn’t work.

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It's absolutely corepharma. They probably use methamphetamine instead of amphetamine salts.

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