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I'm a stroke survivor who, post stroke, suffers from extremely irregular bowel movements sometimes going 5 days without a BM, I don't have pain or bloating, I do suffer from acne breakouts ocassionally which is kinda embarrassing for a man in his 50's. Testing provided a diagnosis of 'slow motility', i.e. part of my brain injury from the stroke affected the function of my digestive system) I was prescribed Linzess 290 mcgm daily to address this problem and to restore BM regularity. I only take the medication on Mondays and Fridays as i work from home on those days and my home office is next door to the toilet, otherwise I run the risk of a bowel evacuation at the office which would be humiliating.
I take the medication on an empty stomach with a 12oz glass of water and my stomach starts gurgilating after a couple of hours followed by multiple trips to the toilet to release the waste that exists.
Does anyone have any guidance on how best to take Linzess to allow a more controlled relief?
My problem is the uncontrolled 'evacuation' of my bowels

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There is a lower dosage available that may work better for you, you could ask your doctor about trying it, it would be only 145mcgs.

Diarrhea, and incontinence can be normal side effects of this medication, along with nausea, and dehydration, but I can see where such unpredictability would have the potential to be very embarrassing.

Are you on any other medications?

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I'm on a quite a few other medications,
1) the standard medication for stroke survivors being blood pressure , cholesterol and aspirin
2) esomeprazol to combat GURD
3) Zoloft for anti-depression

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