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I was prescribed 2mg of xanax 3 Times a day for years. PLEASE be careful when taking this medication. I was not told this, but the first time i went 24 hours without xanax, i had a grand maul seizure, and 2 more times without xanac. I finally had a dr switch me to valium ant weaned off of benzos completely. Unfortunately, because of the seizure activity i already had, i am now epileptic. I've had 3 more grand maul seizures without being on benzos at all. They did a ct scan and i have nothing causing them, so xanax has caused me to become epileptic. Please people, BE VERY CAREFUL WITH ALL BENZOS!

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Hello, Dee! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about what happened to you.

Yes, if you've been taking benzodiazepines for a long period of time and suddenly stop, the withdrawals can trigger seizures, as well as rebound anxiety, panic attacks and withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, chills, insomnia and mood swings.

However, in most cases, it was only one seizure that occurred, though there were a small fraction of instances where the person experienced more than one and it has never been reported as a permanent and ongoing condition. Thus, your epilepsy might not be due to the Xanax, even though they can't find another cause.

Yes, people should be careful with Benzodiazepines, since they can be habit forming and are frequently abused, but there's really no way to say whether Xanax has or hasn't caused your condition to develop.

What medication do you currently take to prevent seizures?

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As a long term user of xanax, I will assure anyone they will have major problems with this drug. It was for my Grave's disease which of course caused severe anxiety problems. However after much research on this drug, it is better to get off the xanax or at least lower to a very small dose. At 2mg now and had severe withdrawal problems and still and always will have Grave's disease. So folks enjoy life dont' let these pills control your everyday life. Doctors should always warn folks and/or give them the proper information on any type of drug that may become habit forming. However the same doctor goes into bars and gets drunk to impairment where they can not even walk. Strange world we live in. Have seen all this before.

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The best suggestion I can make for anyone that really wants to know all the details on what they are taking is to go online and do a search, for instance in the Google search box type:

Xanax full prescribing information


Physicians prescribing information

That will pull up ALL of the details on a medication, the common side effects, the rare ones, black box warnings and etc. All the stuff your pharmacy doesn't have room to list on their printouts and the stuff your doctor may not know or may not have time to tell you.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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I would like to warn anyone that Xanax is poison, no question about it. Problems usually occur when either abusing them or trying to stop. Most doctors are not aware of these serious problems, and or will change you to another benzo that is just as bad. Running out of the medicine for long time users can cause Death, Seizures and many other problems. I had a doctor who saved me from near death, yet now I now have thousands of them. While I take a little less, stay away from them and if you do take them, do so responsibly!

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