how do i convince my dr. to prescribe suboxone. What do i need to say...?

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http:/­/­­patient_doctor/­splash.cfm Here is the web site to find a doc that can write Suboxone in your area.

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Your doc can't just prescribe suboxone. It's a highly federally regulated program and doctor's have to go through special federally regulated courses and screenings before they are allowed to prescribe it.... once allowed they are given a special, additional federal license number exclusively for the prescribing of suboxone. All suboxone scripts are monitored federally and the doc's who prescribe them are monitored. Frankly, a dr has to really, really be personally passionate about wanting to help addicts to even consider going thru all of this. One of the dr's here who prescribes it is an pre-natal specialist and his interest was in proving that suboxone does not pass thru the placenta to the baby the way methadone does. He told me that he had over 250 pregnant patients and only 20 suboxone patients and that he heard from his few suboxone patients more than all of his pregnant patients combined each month. So, as you can see it takes a real special doc to even remotely want to do this. And, even then, once approved, they can only service 30 suboxone patients at a time.

You can go online though and do a search on google and will be directed to a site that you can look up all dr's in any given state that are licensed to prescribe suboxone.

Hope this helps! It really stinks in our area, as there are only 2 dr's and they work together and are both over 65 miles away.

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