A Small White Round Pill One Side Is Blank And The Other Has A Split Down The Middle With The Numbers 1000 On Either Side Of The Split


a small white round pill one side is blank and the other has a split down the middle with the numbers 1000 on either side of the split

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White pill 8. On 1 side other arrow.is it controlled

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YES. That is brand name hi-tech subutex, it is a CIII Opioid. Much like Suboxone only it has no naloxone in it. Both are buprenorphin, a partial opioid agonist/partial ANTAGonist. Therefore it has been effective in treating opioid dependency/addiction (Oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine etc.). It is also being used for pain treatment now. It doesn't produce the high that full on agonist opioids do, because it essentially blocks itself from the alpha and gamma receptors which are the ones that cause the euphoria and buzz etc., from the straight up dope. It has a VERY strong affinity to the Mu receptor giving it a long mean half-life elimination. And while present in your body it blocks the high from the heavy dope- unless you do a lot but the other benefit for addicts in recovery is this weird drug actually blocks your cravings. It doesn't work for everyone. It is not a magical cure. It is addictive and if you have little or no tolerance to opioids, it WILL get most people high. But by and large, if you compare opiate/opioid addiction to being on a suboxone program or even to it's EVIL predecessor (still used but good lord it's an awful drug trust me) methadone, it is by far the lesser of the evils. Drs. That prescibe subox/butex have to have an XDEA license. I can go on for hours but last thing- you might ask WHY MAKE THE SAME DRUG WITHOUT THE NALOXONE? Because pregnant women aren't supposed to have it. It (subutex) is also Rx'd if you're deemed either in serious pain, allergic to naloxone, or are NOT a risk...that last one is the prescribers call. I've been on suboxone for 10 years. I did one year of methadone maintenance and it was hell. Ironically I used to like "street" methadone- mix up my tolerance a bit by dissolving a few wafers aka 40mg methadone discs, in luke warm water and drink it up! The high was much slower but steady and long lasting. Then again the half-life is 96hrs. Throw a few xani bars back and mmmm. But on the liquid hancuffs (Methadone maintenance) I never felt high...I felt heavy and tired. Depressed and I gained weight. And that s*** gets deep into your marrow so even tapering off is a nightmare. Enough about that uggghhhh...yuck. SO yes your pill is a controlled substance. But it has saved my life. Instead of going to my dealer several times a day (for 20+yrs) then having to get up at 4:30 every morning and drive an hour each way to take my dose of methadone then drive back and get ready for work (I eventually got take homes- after certain periods of time they allow you one day, then two etc.), but STILL I felt like crap 24/7 and ughhhh STILL wanted to feel high.

THEN I get onto a suboxone program, and after a few months was on the right dose, only had to see my doc once a month, back then there were no generic brands, only the orange "stop signs" (they were octagon and dubbed that on the street). Ppl still found ways to abuse them. But they changed my life. No insurance back then so it was about $300/mo but I'd spend that in a day if I had it back in my days on the needle. One thing I want to clarify- I explained the whole suboxone vs subutex- the narcan- naloxone, same thing- and how and why people get the subutex (again naloxone free) well the truth is that if taken as directed (sublingually) approximately .003% gets into your bloodstream, so the whole "it's in there to prevent IV administration" (which is accurate) vs. (INEED the butex because I'm allergic or pregnant) seems ridiculous but that's just my humble opinion. And I'm actually prescibed BOTH- 3 suboxone/day and 1 subutex/day because my states' medicaid only pays for 3 a day BUT the subutex is considered a different drug so yeah my doc does that to help me out. I notice NO difference between the two. YET the word on the street is ppl are paying 20 dollars a piece for suboxone BUT up to $30 for the butex. Whatever NOT my world anymore thank God and good riddance. Btw the max dose a doc can Rx is 32mgs that's why the 3 subs and 1 butex. Ok well I have left out a lot of info that I would love to share but I think this is long enough and I'm writing it on my phone so...yeah..hi tech pharmaceuticals 8mg buprenorphrin is your pill and again controlled? Si. Da. Yes. Schedule 3. Addictive? More like chemically dependant but yes it can be. Good or bad? I've seen it cause far more good than bad. I was a junkie. I worked just enough to get unemployment and was a hazard to myself and a threat to society. I'm now married, have 3 boys, I'm a career firefighter and EMT (with only 270 clinical hours left til PARAMEDIC! I save on average 5 opioid overdose patients per week. I save lives period. A bit over a decade ago, I'd take your life for the right price- and if I was dope sick that might not have been a very high amount...Take care and always google a pill if you don't know everything about it. Pharmaceuticals- even ones that are non addictive all have one thing in common: they are toxins to your liver.

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I nearly lost my life. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and had 4 shots of narcan just to revive me and I'm not sure what other medications, This happened a week ago. Spent 7 days in the hospital. I was on suboxone for 4 years but had foot surgery so went on oxycodone. When I ran out went back on suboxone for 10 days with the 10 pills I had left. Then like an i**** to some methadone within a short time frame as well as zolpidem. Needless to say, caused myself major problems by overdosing. Coming off suboxone opiates and methadone in now my third week. I must say it's the hardest thing I've ever gone thru. Take care with these meds cause they aren't something to mess around with. Xanaz is still in my cabinet however I don't feel comfortable even taking that without first speaking to an addiction specialist. I'm supposed to get a vivytral shot tomorrow after each week out but am scared to do so since a week ago in the hospital I took a vyvitrol pill after one week and I ended up in the hospital after a pill was evaluated (the vyvitrol). Has anyone had the shot? If so, does it help with cravings? And how soon should I get it?

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TO MJkpinbutexcuffed4LIFE I jist happened to stumble on this thread looking for some information on my Calcium pills and wondering why there aren't numbers on OTC drugs. I was amazed by some of the questions on here and your comment grabbed my attention Immediately because you went beyond the call of duty to answer that question. You explained the up and downside of that drug to that person because of personal use. You put your story out there and if helps one person you did your Job. You have become a productive member of society
and so has my Brother now for 6 years. I watched him go through addiction and it tore the family to pieces, but we have him back. I support him, you and others. Take it one day at a time.

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I'm in recovery almost 7 years. I have lupus and RA. Suboxone has saved my life. I only take 2 mg a day compared to several 10/325 norcos a day. You sound like ur doing well. With the right help and the belief that there are forces out there bigger than you and you find your higher power (same really) get a sponsor, go to meetings, you too can be an addict in recovery and life can get 1000000 times better. Good luck to all. {edited for privacy}. Anything is possible, stop beating yourself up, don't be a victim...be a survivor. Then turn it around and help others. We are all equal. We share different versions of the same story. I wish you all peace.

Please share my message. It's one of hope. And meetings are meetings...NA, AA, CA, WHATEVER, JUST GET TO ONE...ALSO A MEETING CONSISTS OF 2 OR MORE PPL. START UR OWN, GROW AND BECOME A RECOGNIZED MEETING.

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I had the vivitrol shot, I loved it!! Didn't have any cravings!!! I was energetic and felt like my old self again!! I would most definitely advise anyone to get it,if u have addiction problems. My brother also had it. He loved it as well!!

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Re: MJkpinbutexcuffed4LIFE (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and Life Story to everyone. I am proud of you for turning your life around and saving others. You truly are an inspiration to us all in the addiction world.

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