Xanax How Many Mg Is A Green Xanax


how many mg is a green xanax?

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From what I was able to gather most green Xanax pills contain 3 mgs of Alprazolam. There are numerous of green Xanax pills that contain different mgs. If you are looking for one in particular please post back and I would be happy to assist you.

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The only 3 mg xanax that exist are are Xanax XR, they are triangles, not bars. The green bars, S 902, are 2 mg alaprazolam (a xanax generic).

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how do you get perscribed a 3mg xanax?

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Xanax is used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. I believe you would have to go to your doctor and he/she would prescribe you a xanax that is best for you.

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my pill is light green rectangle and flat on back and have s90 3 on the front with 3 bars are they stronger than my 2mg

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I am prescribed 1mg xanax, depending on who makes it, it comes in different colors. The ones i currently get are green, but I have had blue and peach colored.. Check with a pharmacist. Just tell them they are a relatives and that they didn't have them in a bottle if your not doing it legally.

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how many miligrams are in a green football shaped xanax?
and how many miligrams are in a green bar shaped xanax?

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Hey sweetie, the green ones are time released, so they last longer. Some people get more out of the green ones vs the white ones, I do. Like I said, the only difference is that with your white 2 mg pills,you get all the medication at once, as opposed to the green ones, where it is released into your system throughout the day. BTW, the yellows are the best. But really, 2 mgs is 2 mgs, so you'll get a very similar effect.

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Let me clarify. All green Xanax are time released, even the bars, which are 2 mg. They also have 3 mg green time released, but it's a sort of triangle shaped one.

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Post 8 was meant for your question, sorry

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2 mg if it's a bar, 3 mg if it's a triangle shape

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You are incorrect there are 3mg green bars they are IR rather than ER they are from an indian overseas pharmacy

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1mg thw footballs

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Matter of opinion..

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Matter of opinion.. A 3mg is a 3mg a 2mg is a 2mg regardless of color. 3mg have been in EU for many years & have just recently hit the U.S. market within the last 18 months.

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No such thing as a green 3mg bar.

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This is from personal experience. Pills from India & overseas in general is a gamble. 90% of the time you will get a pill that looks exactly like a Xanax but with NO XANAX IN THEM! I first noticed there was no taste. ''I chew them.'' then ZERO effect. Once did I get real Xanax online Brand name very expensive. They were even held in customs for a week I was sweating bullets. Then finally Fed-X delivered my Meds. They had Xanax in them but myself & eveeryone who tried them had the same thing happen to us. Some of the Xanax 1 would knock us out ''Kinda scary.'' Then another one we would not even feel ZILTCH. So all I can say is becarefull & if you have the money to spend make sure they are brand name & unforuntantly very expensive, & LOOK FOR MONEY BACK GAURENTEES. Hope this will help sommeone..

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Yes a Money Back Guarantee is always important when committing a Felony by ordering illegal scheduled medicine! Does it not creep you out, that although we know you as Fred Flinstone, the DEA, Customs, & Postal Inspectors know you by your real name, address, and Credit Card #

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You are absolutley right, they did know my name credit card ifo e.t.c, AND THEY STILL SENT THEM TO ME. Over 3 years ago. I oredered it from a sight that stated very clearly that it was a LEGAL transaction.

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Bottom line it is MUCH cheaper to go to your Doctor & get a prescription . I did just that 2'yr's ago & now get 90 2.mg a month. For avg of $35.00. HUGE DIFFERENCE FROM ONLINE PRICES, Although I personally understand those who once like myself embaresed to go to they're M.D & ask for Xanax. Once you do it is a huge weight taken off your chest. Also PLEASE keep in mind that Xanax are EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE if misused. They're are other alternative drugs that work for some people for anxiety for instance Buspar witch is non-habit forming, they just take awhile to build up in your system to start to take effect. There are also herbal alternatives that work for many. One I can think of off hand is called Comatose. Eddy I came hear to clear up the misconception that green bars that have the imprint S|90|3 ARE NOT 3.MG'S BUT ARE 2'S. You have taken this to a whole new VERY IMATURE level. There happens to be people like myself with LEGAL prescriptions looking for cheaper & or herbal alternatives. Fred Flinstone. YA BA DABA DOO.

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2. Not 3. It's the same as 8 white 4 peach and 2 purple footballs

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Re: No name (# 90) Expand Referenced Message

No 3 MG Green Xanax bar is dispensed legally in the United States. No White round 3 MG Xanax is sold in the United States. Xanax comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes. The funny shaped Green 3 MG (XR) X 3 is an extended release tablet. The extended release tablet also comes in .5 MG, 1 MG & 2 MG. The cost for 30 3 MG XR pills is $688 at CVS with your discount. The same amount of 2 MG Xanax ER is about $20

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Re: dc (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Wrong. There is big round white pills that are Xanax 3 mg

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Re: Fred Filnstone (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Yes there is bro, what are you talking about?

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Re: kitty (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

The only thing different is the color. They are both 1mg

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Re: Crystal (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

You dont know what your talking about. Check your facts

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Re: Roxanne (# 85) Expand Referenced Message

No, the Dava green bars with S 90 3 are 2mg. The S 902 are 1mg green footballs.

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Re: Christy (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

The green Xanax bars with the imprint S 90 2 are 2mg

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Re: Nikki (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

green xanax are not X.R.- time release. They are standard bars produced by a different mfgr. They also make the green footballs (S-90-2) the bars are (S-90-3).2 mg X.R. tabs are generally triangle in shape with a small 2 on the front, light yellow, and a small x on the back. Same with the 3 mg X.R. tabs, light green, if you've evet tried to chew one up, it's like chewing a piece of rubberized Styrofoam. Useless.

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Re: Crystal (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

green xanax bar s 90 3 and how does it compare to a 7.5mg clorazapate

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