Why Is The White Lortab 10 Mg I Was Given Today Not As Effective Pink Ones Normally Get (Top voted first)


I normally get either blue or pink lortab 10 mg for back pain. Today the pharmacy gave me a white one. It's also a 10 mg, but is not nearly as effective. What is the difference in the different colors?

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Hi Lisa,

Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each brand, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. Because everyone is different, your body may respond favorably with one medication and not the other, due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves.

When you switch brand names or manufacturers, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it.

I hope this helps to answer your question!

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Thanks so much for the reply. I hadn't considered the possibility that the inactive ingredients might be the cause of the problem. I do know that I will not accept the white ones again. I don't want to take more than is prescribed, but with these I'm having to occasionally. Thanks again for your help with this.

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