White Oblong Pill A333 Not As Effective As Other Generics


I have been taking oxycodone 10/325 for a serious pain problem for some time now. I am used to getting a round white tablet with Watson imprinted on one side and the numbers 925. Those worked fine for my pain. They were supplied by CVS as a generic for Percocet. I also received another generic that was a yellow oblong tablet and these also worked well. I refilled my prescription last month however and got these white oval tablets with an imprint of A333 on them and not only am I not getting adequate pain coverage but there are many times I felt very strange after taking my medication. The only way I can describe it is weird, tingly, the way I feel if I have been able to sleep and miss taking my afternoon dose. Like I didn't take the medication at all. I discussed this with a friend and she said maybe the medication isn't as potent as it is supposed to be or is an inferior mixture- it is a generic after all and with all the cost cutting perhaps there isn't as much of the active ingredient. She said to report it to my pharmacist. He confirmed that I've never had this generic before, that some people react differently to the different ones, that this one might not be for me. Sadly, I have no control over what brand I get and am not able to buy the brand name or even the generic I am used to taking. So, spending much more time on the couch, lots more pain, nothing I can do about it. The pharmacist did say he hoped he would be able to order my previous generic in the future but it won't be any time this month. Is anyone else experiencing a problem with this generic form of this medication?

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Hello, Donna! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you've had.

Yes, many people have had a problem with these tablets from Actavis.

The best suggestion I can make is that you call and report it to the FDA, so they are made aware of it. You can reach them at 888-463-6332.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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From what I have gathered since I posted that was Watson purchased the other company, Actavis (sp) and will no longer be marketing under the name of Watson. The reports I saw said the product would be the same but with a different name. Thank you for your suggestion about notifying the FDA.

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You could have written this for me. I have the same problems with the A333 tab that you do. On further, thank you for the FDA number. I will call them.

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I have been taking oxcycodone 10/325 for 2 years. And they have helped me, but my pharmacy switched brands to IP240 and they do not work at all for me. What can I do?

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I have read many replies. I have also experience problems with the actavis a333 oxycodone. Have lost energy/experienced loss of effectiveness/weakness/weight gain. The weight gain probably due to energy loss/having constant pain no relief. I called FDA 1-888-463-6332. Spoke to rep and he suggested filling out a medwatch form that he is sending out. If they get enough of this form they will open an investigation on this medication. I feel with everyone dealing with this. Hope this helps.

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I had the Watson for the last two years now I have this a333. I just took my first one. Please let it work because I only get them once a month. There has to be a way for us to stop having to pay because others abuse the medicine. It's not fair. We have real pain and we have to suffer because of others. Lets form a movement to stop paying the cost because others want to hurt themselves when we have legitimate pain.

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Yes, same problems. There is no help here. I went to a local pharmacy who does not supply A333. That is the only help I know of. CVS is still recieving A333. Their pharmacist has no control over what the order, only the powers that be, Sorry....

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It's been a few months and after sending emails to Actavis and calling the FDA I got absolutely nowhere. The only generic for this medication supplied by the pharmacy I have to use is the one described- the shape of the tablet has changed since I last updated information however. The tablets are no longer oval shaped but oblong, straight sides and of course rounded ends. After discussing this problem at length with my physician, we had two choices. One would be to ask for brand name Percocet but the insurance company balked at this long ago. The other option was to up the amount since I wasn't getting the pain relief I had previously with the Watson brand generic. My doctor increased my dosage slightly and I am now getting adequate pain relief. I'm not happy we had to increase the dose to accomplish the goal yet I'm grateful I'm getting adequate pain coverage now.

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Ive been on the Watson's for 3 year's and the just recently changes me to the a333 and they dont really help me like the watsons buy nothing I can do either I go to cvs too maybe walgreens or other pharmacies have the watsons if anyone knows please let me know imbin do much pain and cant do nothing about it thanks

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Update: Watson was bought out, and the A333 is all CVS will supply. I have gone to a local one pharmacy type place, not a franchise. This has helped greatly.

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If you have insurance ask ur doctor to rite DAW on ur prescription and u will get the real Percocet brand they work better!

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Same amount of oxy just one has no tylenol in it

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I am reading alot of negative comments on a333 pills . Most definitely sorry to hear folks are not liking them and that they are causing alot of issues for some people but let me ask are there any people that might be having positive experiences that might take the time out to comment as well ? I figure the comments you will find in these forums are comments of people concerned because they are not working well for them but my friend who takes them says he loves the a333 pills and has zero complaints . I am new to being prescribed these pills so I am wanting to know if there are positive stories . Thank you

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Sean M. plz let me know if you have a good experience. Also report your ciry state and pharmacy you used.. sorry to ask for so much info but maybe if we all report our experiences and our stse then maybe we can figure out if these are given in just FL. I live in Tampa, filled at walgreens. I have AARP insurance and they were awful. I felt like it was cutting my stomach among other side effects. Pain withdrawal too.

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Bill sorry but Watson is gone they were bought by Actavis and renamed it will never be Watson. Watson seemed to help so many of us write your congressman and ask why we are no longer allowed to get what our Doctor prescribes??The FDA does not seem to care but it is across the board State to State I am in AZ every pharmacy carries amneal horrible drug it does not give you a bit of relief. Sorry I am the one with the bad news.

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Bill sorry but Watson is gone they were bought by Actavis and renamed it will never be Watson. Watson seemed to help so many of us write your congressman and ask why we are no longer allow to get what our Doctor prescribes??The FDA does not seem to care but it is across the board State to State I am in AZ every pharmacy amneal horrible drug it does not give you a bit of relief. Sorry I am the one with the bad news.

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Recently, my father had hip surgery and was prescribed "Watson" 853, so evidently they are still made.

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Don't go to a major pharmacy like CVS/Walgreens/Rite-Aid, I go to Cape Fear Discount Drugs here in N.C. and get the 5 mg. 512 and are made from Malli. Mfg., sorry I know "Malli." is not the full name but that's how it is on my bottle. If you have small pharmacies, the ''mom/pop" type, your chances of not getting Actavis are a lot better, myself you could not give me any pain med.s that come from Actavis! Good luck to anyone that needs them for pain and not recreational! Wish the abusers would find something else to use so those of us that truly need them don't have to go through some much trouble and he** !

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The a333 is hydrocodone hudrochloride equal to roughly 8.9 mg of hydrocodone itself , instead of the usual 10mg ur used to, find a pharmacy that uses something else

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I'm new to being prescribed these pills too. I've taken Watsons in the past for a few months and they worked great. Then pharmacy switched me to Activis. This is my first month on them, and so far no complaints. I had not been taking the Watsons as long as other people here have taken them, so switching to a new manufacturer's product hasn't made a huge difference to me.... yet! So far so good. In the past, I was prescribed Norco (also an Activis product) and it worked great for me for awhile until the pain became worse and switched to Percocet. Some chemicals work well for some people but not for others. It's just another way we're all unique. Hope you find which type works well for you.

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I go to a home town Pharmacy and we love that they know us by name and try to get what everyone needs.I have several Autoimmune Diseases and Percocets is the only pain med I'm not allergic to. My Pharmacy keeps the round peach 229 for me put up.It is on my file for every one to fill my script only with these.I check when I get out door to make sure. These work great, I can only take half 3 times a day ,I'm so allergic to medication. Praying for all of you ,God Bless,

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