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Can I take 500mg vitamin B12 tablets for a month straight? On one tablet a day, I had a low level of vitamin B12 due to poor absorption. My current level of B12 is around 350 but I still experience numbness in my hands when I sleep on my sides. So I cant sleep on my side. I also tend to forget things sometimes.

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What has your doctor advised?

350 is considered to be in the normal range, which goes from 200 to 900.

So, you should consult your doctor, because it really depends on how poor your absorption is, a supplement may be necessary to keep your level in the normal range. However, you do have to be careful, because getting your level to high can also be dangerous.


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Hi Verwon,

Thanks for the reply. I should probably take a test before taking vitamin b12 pills. The article link was very informative.

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I am having less vitamin b12 in my body as I am vegetarian. Please suggest an appropriate tablet and dosage for getting my levels back up.

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My neurologist prescribed me vitamin b12 (1 mg buvable). Can this be replaced by normal b12 tablets, and what's the difference between both?

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Hello. I have packed some vitamin b12 pills in a ziplock bag but after 4 days they look different. Also, they are sticky. I went to a beach house so maybe the heat cause it. It is still safe to consume them?

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Lately I discovered differences between vitamin B12 1mg.buvable and vitamin B12 tablets:as for first one I started to remember names of persons that I used to forget and remembered some things once I forget to do, in vitamin B12 tablets it takes longer time to focus ( needs long time using the tablets ).

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