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I am a woman of 49 years old and am having pain in the neck, shoulder and my arms for quite some time. The pain is worse in the upper arms and they are numb at night and have a tingling sensation in my feet as well. Am not suffering from diabetes. My fasting blood sugar was 5.4 last time I had a blood test.. My sleep pattern has been very erratic lately. When I wake up at night I feel hot, very anxious and my hands start burning which give me a very bad sensation. Went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who after an xray has found that I have cervical spondylosis. Is it normal to continue to have pain the arm, neck and shoulder practically everyday. I have noticed that the pain gets worse when I have problems and feeling depressed.

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how mix paracetamol, b1 , b6, b12 and how much dosage

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Good. You can continue with the pain. If you use B12 + B6 Injection. (For example: Trinurosol - H) with the advice of the doctor this type of pain may be reduced to zero level and you will become active as usual.

In addition to that please check your cholesterol rating. It may be also the cause for additional related pain.

Cervical spondylosis is a general disease where 40 % of human beings are experiencing those pains.

You can visit http:/­/­­ for additional information.

My own issues:

1. I have Cervical Spondylosis ( c5 + c6 compressed)
2. I have Lumbor issue (L4+L5+L6)
3. I have Sacral bone issues. (attempted sacralization)

So you are having only cervical spondylosis. It is not a SURVIVAL THREAT disease.

The main reason for this cervical spondylosis pain is:

a) Heridity -Anchestors gift
b) Regular sitting posture or sleeping posture.
b) Vitamin scarcity of B12 specifically.
c) Vitamin scarcity of B6

I think these reasons are enough. Simply saying its an issue like peripheral neuritis.

You can visit http:/­/­­pubmedhealth/­PMH0001619

My personal advice:

1. Don't use PILLOW when you sleep.
2. Take B12 injection or tablet regularly. ( please consult your doctor) I am using TRINUROSOL - H injection for this issue. 3 months once i use to take this injection.
3. Go for Physiotherapy if you are free of your time.
4. If you get a Cervical collar wear it for some time per day. Even in night sleep you can wear if you feel comfortable.

The given information is my own experience from the past 15 years of pain. I am not a doctor.

so please discuss with your doctor about the above information and then proceed.

If your doctor is a MONEY MAKER he wont tell the truth.

You have to search a good doctor then.

Thanking you.

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can I talk to you on phone. i am 37 and got spondylosis for last 5 years. it is getting worse now

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i too hve neck and back pain
the best way is to exercise every day morining
and take neurobian and b complex tablet for 3 months
if more pain apply omnigel ,volini temperorily
dont overload yourself or dont be ideal be active
avoid sittin in same poster for a long time

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Hi, I'm suffering from cervical spondylosis too. I have this bad pain more then 2 years. Sometime in wake up and can not turn my head from bad stiffness. I'm taking strong painkillers diclofinac sometime over doses as I can't tolerate the pain and the doctors can not do much about it then suggesting me to do yoga, strengthening exercises, swimming backwards, not lifting anything then 500gram as with this pain I can carry even my bag just my purse. Stress is a big couse that gives me this pain. I have very hard and full of stress life I'm only 26 but with this pain I feel I'm old wife. Becouse I'm young doctors would not suggest me to do operation. The only thing is to change lifestyle, not stress and be active by doing all those exercises I mentioned and also what I found out is to eat regularly fresh ginger , u can add to your meals, make tea or limomonade.
Xxxxxx I hope I get well soon and others too

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Im suffering of lower back pain knee and toes also my hand and left chest any recomended drug? I can take..or any advise

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