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I would like to know of anyone has used this medication for headaches?

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yes. didn't help me with pain. put me in a stupor and i felt like a zombie. It was prescribed by MHNI

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I have never used it, but yes, I can tell you that it is sometimes used for certain types of headaches and migraines, that have failed to be alleviated by other meds. Since it reacts to brain chemicals, this can provide some relief for people with certain problems causing their headaches.

But, just lik the other poster said, it didn't work for them and it will not work for everybody.

Basically when you suffer from some condition causing pain, your doctor has to play the trial and error game to find out which med will work best for you, since there is no comprehensive way at this time, even as far as modern medicine has advanced, to check the various levels of chemicals in the body, so they can see what would work best for you.

They just have to play a switch game, where you try something, if it doesn't work, then you try something else.

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I have severe headache after taking Thyroxine 25mg for about three days
I am 75 having BP 140/80

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