Eptoin 100mg For Headaches After Stroke


I had a brain stroke 15 days ago and have been prescribed 100mg of Eption to treat headaches that are common after such strokes. I would like to know more about the side effects of this medication..

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Eptoin contains the active ingredient Phenytoin, commonly used to treat epilepsy.

Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, sedation and gaze nystagmus.

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I had hit on my head 6 month back and got head ache. Doctor advised to take Eptoin 100mg/day.I took this tablet three days after that head gone and didn't take this medicine. After 4 month i got severe head ache, have taken hand ache medicine but no relief. After that i took Eptoin again, full relief from head ache on next day. if i didn't take eptoin one single night, the next day i get severe head ache. i feel dullness if i take Eptoin.. I went to another doctor and was advised to take trytomer 10mg, but it is not full relief from head ache. please help me out from this head ache.

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I got an head injury and blood clotted in my brain before 2 Months. Doctor prescribed me to take Eptoin 100mg twice a day. Is there any side effects by taking this drug?

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plz...don't change your tablet eption..b'coz the previous taking tablet was treating ur disease...bt u shud not change ur Dr. specially in this case...and as per ur headache prob...go the Dr. and he will minimise the dose...in terms of ur pain in head...it will give u relief...and u will be fine soon...Jai Maharajji ki!!!!!!!!!

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On 27.1.2012, While eating i feared of vomiting because I had a fever of 102. Thinking of vomiting, I had fits like for seconds and continued normal after that. I didn't aware of what happened during that seconds. Doctor advised me after seeing my brain CT scan and suggested to take EPTION 100mg for 3 years and dosage is 3 tabs in the night.

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Dr, My wife 43 years old , she had a fits on 25th feb 2011, we admitted in chennai India Neuro hospital, on 27th night 8pm duty doctor informed us that, her eye ball movment is get stopping, we have to carryout immeidiate brain / head operation, since her blood group is AB Rh -ve , we cant arrange this blood immediately, we can able to arrange only 1.15AM only, then operation was carriedout , around 3.30 AM operation completed, (craniatomy )right side of the head from ear to mid of the head skul was removed, but in the bargain she had total left side paralaised, no eye sight, no speeach,by grace of god, after 5day she can able to open her eyes slightly, she can only see us, after 15 day she can able to speak very very childish speek, after discharged, we carried out pysio theray, acuo puncher, pressure point therapy and herbal oil massage for 3months, since I am a Dr MD -AM & Phd in indian medicine I carriedout the above treatment, after the above treatment for 3months, she can able to walk, speek, dinning, rest room service, in jan 2012 we carriedout crano plasty surgery,Artificial skul fixing, Now as per Dr advice we are giving EPTOIN 100Mg 2 tab x3 times/ day & ENCORATE CHRONO 500Mg 1 tap x 3 times / day.Now she is feeling very much tired, no proper sleep even 2 to 3 hours in the night, she can't walk properly, she feels unbalanced while walk, Dr please can you suggest me better way / option to healthy survial, we are giving calcium, hemo globin 1-0-1 every day, thank you very much Dr, please suggest me .

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I met with an accident two months back and suffered a head injury. I was asked to take Eptoin twice daily for three months. Is it alright to stop the medicine after three months?

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