Thinking About Coming Off Invega Sustenna Injection


I have been on the Invega injection 234mg for over 5 years with one period of time going off it for 7 weeks. During this 7 week time my anxiety increased and i had some set backs while at the supermarket, mainly paranioa. I have never heard voices or had halucinations before. When i was first diagnosed with schizophrenia they said it was a mild case of if. The mental Heath Center i go to have my summary listed as Paranoid Schizophrenia type. The last time i told my told i thought my medication was making me feel worse she said it may require hospitalization. In the past I've been hospitalized because i thought something was wrong with me and went on my on will, not forced or committed. I'm thinking about seeing another doctor to get a 2nd opinion about my medication and diagnosis. It's my belief i suffer from more of a nervous illness than being schizophrenic.

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Hello, Zatha! How are you?

It is always a good idea to get a second opinion, if you're unsure.

The FDA lists the typical Invega side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, tremors, weight gain and accelerated heart rate.

What are your usual mental health symptoms? Are you on any other medications?

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Hello Verwon,

My usual mental health symptoms anxiety, feeling depressed, paranoia, lots of worrying and brooding. I have passing thoughts about hurting others when i'm around them but have never acted upon them and some time against myself.. So i think that the Invega has been making my depression worse over this 5 year period of time. I tell my Dr and Therapist everything. I had an apt today to talk about my meds and she said she wouldnt take me off them. I am currently on Invega 234mg, Effexor 150mg, Clonasepam .5 x2- 2x per day.

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whatever you do dont go off of this meducation cold turkey it will make the shizophrenia worse you have to gradually tamper yourself off

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you cant go off this medicine cold turkey you have to tamper yourself off or it will cause schizophrena to creep up on you i know this is what happen to my daughter shes 19 yrs ols and has never before this had schizphrenia now she does

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that because its all about money with them one injection runs 1,700 and that depends on the mgs their making a killing off of making unknowledable individual sick they could care less about our well being try Endocrinilogist Dr. thats what im going for

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You not crazy yr just beginning to feel some of the bad side effects from this medicine and it only gets worse get yourself wing off this medicine asap it's poison to your brain my name is Ruth and I posted some natural remedy that helps with the side effects

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I don't believe that it's possible to take 234mg of invega sustenna per day, they don't allow for the shot to be administered this often.

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