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T level was @ 400 but was having all the symptoms of low T so I had 10 pellets inserted 1/23. had levels checked 3/12 and levels went up to only 447 with no real signs/benefits of the pellets. Has anybody else had the testopel not work? I am debating on trying the gel, but I am wondering if that will be effective. Went with the pellets for obvious reasons but am very disappointed with the results.

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We've had a few posts about it, but so far they've all been about positive results.

Has your doctor advised you of any reason they aren't working, or what your other options are?


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I have had the testopel pellets inserted 4 times. All have worked very very very well until the last time which was about six weeks ago. Don't know why. I have 10 inserted every 3 months as I had testicle removed 2 years ago because of chronic infection of prostate which did damage to left testicle. Read somewhere that an increase in soy products can assist in effectivess of testosterone being used in body, but don't know if that is true or not. Hope this helps.

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Might be worth giving it another shot. My starting level was 186 and went to 720 at my one month lab work with 12 pellets. Most comments I've read here and on other boards have been very positive. Best of luck.

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Hi I am presently on Androgel and the results for that where not that great at all. Saw my dr today and we talked about these pellets.The systems you describe are very similar to the gel.You may also want to check out tribullus which is a supplement.I did start taking that along with the gel and it worked ok for a while.

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Here is the latest for me. Towards the end of my pellets (3 months in) I started with a 1ml injection every week. I also added 1/2 pill of arimidex every week. Not sure what my levels are at the moment, but I am feeling a lot more 'normal'. I will probably go in for more pellets in the future (16 min) but for now what I am doing is working.

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Mike, make sure your dr monitors your estrogen! If you drive it down too low with the arimidex you can acquire rood rage. Micronized DIM is an excellent supplement. Drives metabolized estrogen down the good pathway instead of the bad(which studies are showing to be a cause of prostate and breast cancer), increases your LH which will reduce testicular shrinkage, it is also a natural aromatase inhibitor and frees up bound testosterone from SHBG.

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DIM appears to be a supplement for women

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It is for men and women.....women don't have testicles, lol!

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I'm going on week 3 and haven't felt anything except the pain from the implant procedure. My genitals feel like they are being pulled back inside my body. I didn't have a problem getting an erection before the implants just maintaining it because of low libido. Now it's a complete hassle and the frustration only creates more anxiety when I attempt to be intimate. I don't know how anyone on here can say it worked instantly and in 4-5 days they were good to go.

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Ok, my doctor says that if the pellets don't work, then to use Viagra or Cialis when trying to have intercourse. He believes you need the combination of the two to make things work properly.

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Mike-- I was getting injections every 2 weeks but personally get much better and more constant results with the pellets implanted.

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after axiron, testim and depo-testosterone shots failed, was hoping testopel would help, but not looking so great.

found out in june of 2012, had T of a 90 year old man (in the 100s). i was 36 at the time.

1st tried axiron, highest reading i got were in the 300s.

next tried shot, which did *work*, but when i went to urologist, he told me the amount/frequency my Dr. had me doing would lead to liver cancer.

testopel manufacturer was out, so tried testim. reading in 300s, lots of back ance and weight gain. (great when you already feeling down)

1st treatment of testopel was 10 pellets/4 months. got into 500s, but always back down to low 200/high 100s by end of cycle. latest treatment was 12 pellets/3 months, my numbers actually were lower. trying it one more time (doctor's suggestion) but starting to get really bummed.

bad history of family depression, taking 90mg of cymbalta to just be able to face each day.

low T is the worst.

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Soooooo tired: I'm feeling so badly for you as I "hear" the hopelessness in your words. Having followed this site for some time now, I've come to understand that each man, each situation, each doctor/ treatment is completely different and situation. After I had a testicle removed because of damage done because of severe/chronic prostate infection, I started w/injections, and though improvement occurred, it was short-lived and injections (painful) done every other week. My T-level was in the low 60s at that time. I have been receiving the TESTOPEL pellets implants now for about 2 years. We've had to do some 'fine-tuning', but MY results have been extremely positive. I actually feel like a drug addict waiting/anticipating my next " fix" as the time approaches for mr to get procedure done each time. My biggest/ongoing problem is that my chronic prostate infection causes an elevation in my PSA, which delays implantation while I go thru cycle of antibiotics. I wish you well and encourage you to continue working with your doctor to find a solution that works for you. Don't give up. Keep the faith. It is worth it. Good luck, my friend.

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I have been on 1mg weekly shots for over a year now. Very happy with the results in comparison to the pellets. I can understand how maintaining levels with a shot every 2 weeks would be hard because that is too long to go in-between IV's. You will be good for the first week and then by the time you get to the end of the 2nd week you will be back to below normal....and then rise back up. As far as liver cancer, I personally have never heard of that before. If your levels were in the 500's then you should be feeling 'ok' if you are not then, like you said you may have other issues to address. I would think that a shot would get you way past that though.

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Try googling BHRT pellets...a biote website should come up where you can locate one of their trained physicians. Great and well trained in HRT...

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so tired, I understand how you feel. I'm currently on10 pellets of testopel after using Androgel with little success. Testopel took 3-4 weeks before I felt a noticeable difference and quickly fell off after the second month. I'm optimistic my dr will get me to the right level but the road to get there is a long one. I too struggle with depression and can sympathize with how much low testosterone affects mood, body aches, constant feeling of lethargy etc. I scheduled a dr's visit soon to discuss next steps. I'm hoping h my dr will be more aggressive with his treatment. Hang in and keep pushing for the right dose and treatment until you feel better.

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My T level was 143 to start. I have been getting 12 pellets every 3 months for over two years. The T level at the end of the 3 months is usually around 3-400 (I envy those that have 400 as a low T).

The thing with the pellets is how they metabolize in your body. If you process them faster you'll surge and then drop fast. One batch of pellets never really "kicked in" after a week and the usual surges were just not there. It was definitely an anomaly and could have been related to seasonal increase with my depression. The T level numbers were still there.

I'm with the others who say give it a second try. As for the discomfort related to the procedure, I'm usually good after 7 days, for some it's 2 weeks. I recommend ice as much and as often as you can tolerate in the beginning. It will bring you some relief. I also find that while heavy exercise is discouraged for 3 days after insertion, you might find doing some gentle stretching (followed by ice) will get you through the worst of it faster as your body adjusts to have a ass full of tic tacs. Also understand that once placed the pellets can move. I had one that essentially stood up making it feel like someone was sticking me with a pin. It eventually shifted and was fine.

Do give it a chance...it was life changing for me..

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i've been on testopel for almost 2 years. i feel more focused now, less forgetful. my libido is more less the same. still need viagra to maintain. so i am not sure what is going on. readings go from as low as 180 to 400 or so. 10 pills every 4 months. i will talk with my urologist, maybe to switch to inj's.

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What is the maximum dose of pellets that can be inserted. I had six pellets inserted in my lower back. My original levels were 190 one month later after my treatment my levels are 288. I felt great for about three weeks, now I feel the way I felt before the pellets

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I'm 8 weeks in and couldn't be more disappointed, no increase in energy, libido, nothing. Seems like a waste of time and has only created more anxiety.

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That didn’t work for me either and you may want to use cialis with the pellets.

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Regarding viagra. Major headache involved so I found cialis much better. Cialis even offers coupons in beginning to help cost. I’ve tried them all and even some ones online that swore they’d help and nothing.Wasnt what lead to my breakup but certainly was a factor so I understand the frustration.Mind says one thing but body says another. And yes cialis used works better with Testopel

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I'm right with you. I was on inj's. and feeling much better, levels when I started the inj's. were at 234. We then switched to Testopel (8 pellets) a few months later. A week after I was at 412 (most likely leftover from inj's.). About a week after that I really started to feel my symptoms come back. Got another test a month after the implantation and was at 312. Doctor said we have to stay the course for safety reasons but that he wasn't happy with the results. I just got results back today, almost 3 months after implantation and I'm at 182. Ever since I got the implants its been a steady decline for my T level. So yeah, they don't work at all for me. Have to wait through another month of hell until I can go back to inj's... Wish I never would have tried Testopel.

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