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I started on prednisone for extreme knee and hip pain. Can't sleep. No relief yet. Can I take hydrocodone? I took Tylenol several hours ago with no relief from that either.

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I was put on Celebrex, 200 mg, for severe hip pain and arthritis. Can't mix Advil (only Tylenol) which does nothing for me. Tried cutting a 5/300 Vicodin in half and that sure helped take the edge off. Am going to discuss further with my neuromuscularskeletal doctor. Trying to avoid an epidural shot and surgery. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and scoliosis, along with arthritis.

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Thank You very much for sharing your challenge with me. It definitely helped me. I decided to break one of the 7.50 hydrocodones in half (i know naproxen is a no-np). I took half and within 10 minutes I felt NO pain...and got a good 3 hours sleep before the pain returned. Prayers for you during this time. Let's stay positive and not get defeated... Thanks again.

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Just a warning.... the biggest issue with mixing these is due to the Acetaminophen, taking too much of it at once, or any 24 hour period, could result in liver damage, or liver failure, according to FDA reports.

Thus, if the Hydrocodone you are taking also contains Acetaminophen, you should be very careful not to exceed 1,000mgs of Acetaminophen in any 8 hour time period, and no more than 3,000mgs in any 24 hour period.

How are you both doing?

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I appreciate the responses. Xrays shoes I actually have a partially S1 lumbarized ... I'm trying to research exactly what this means and treatment. It seems that this causes pain like I am experiencing. Minor weakness and pain in my L knee and L hip. I recent fell twice, and I just could bear full weight stepping down on my L side. My concern now I want to discuss with my PCP is what options before surgery do I have. I have never had any issues like this before.
Nerve block, therapy, etc. Or should pain meds be ongoing now...
All suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

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can you take predisone and narco , together, thank you

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