I Have Been Taking Hydrocodone 10 500 For Over 5 Yrs What Are The Side Affects Without Them


I have been taking hydrocodone 10.500 for over 5 yrs. what are the side affects without them

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Hi reb,

If you've been taking 10mg of Hydrocodone + 500mg of Acetaminophen for over five years, the withdrawal effects from suddenly stopping them would probably be very serious from what I understand. That said, if you do intend to come off them any time soon, it should be vitally important to discuss tapering plans with your doctor first and foremost.

I don't have a specific list of actual side effects, but others on here who posted similar threads relating to opiate withdrawal may give you an idea of what to expect mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I also believe that having a strong support group or spiritual foundation might make going through some of the mental and emotional symptoms less taxing on your body. Would anyone else agree?

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Sorry friend, your about to enter "hoe" short for hell on earth. I would suggest making an appointment with a doctor that specializes in addiction or at the very least get yourself into a padded room! I recommend option# 1 because it's safer and they can also monitor your vital signs, I've seen cold turkey cause seizures as well as many other unwanted symptoms. sure you're not new to what withdrawals feel like.anyone taking narcotics as long as you have has certainly run out at some point. //This was a reply to the person that said that they had taking 10 milligram opiate for 5 yearsand was about to stop

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Am a lady 23years Old,i have been using conceptives(e-pills it contains 2 tablets)for one year..........will it affect me?are There any chances of me in future to have a baby?what are the side effects?

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I would visit a Dr. and ask about whether a prescription for clonidine would be an option for you to help with the withdrawals of stopping your hydrocodone. There are good abstracts out there regarding the efficacy of clonidine (a beta blocker) and managing withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, nicotine, opiates..

Here is a link to a short abstract from the National Institutes of Health:

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Withdrawing........major depression that never seems to end. Keep up with stopping this evil addiction...you can do it. Once you've stopped, don't ever go back.

Good luck

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Why?? What is your injury? Are you part of the problem of why doctors don't want to prescribe meds now! I have had 7 surgery on my shoulders and arm for a crushed ulner nerve. I have never been on meds longer than 3wks after procedures unless there are still issues which explains the 7x. When I let the doctor know that the meds aren't controlling the pain they seem like I'm crazy!!! Is that because of all the liars and abusers out there..

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you are in total denial...........

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major depression for a very long period of time.....get off of them no matter what. They will destroy your life if you don't...that is why they are so hard to get now. Believe it.

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Im sure you know by now since this is one year old but for me hydrocodone withdrawal was waaay worse than oxycodone withdrawal. Horrible, horrible restless leg and arm and body syndrome. But tears and fatigue from oxycodone

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Taper off,that's what worked for me

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Pain,diarrhea,crawling feeling on skin,possible seizures

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I took 4 10/325 for six years due Shingles in face. It is tough to come off of this but I went to a pain specialist. It took many weeks but made it though. He cut me down 1/2 pill every other day for a week and then 1/2 pill every day, then 1/2 pill per week every other day. So- on so-on. I got a Clonodine patch but since I have heart problems, it will crash you blood pressure so do not suggest that if you are either a low blood pressure person or are on another beta-blocker or some type of blood pressure meds. But if you can get off it, it is a different world without it. Good luck

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Please don't assume,when you don't really know.

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I took 4 10/350 Hydrocodone for 6 years due nerve damage in face due shingles. I suggest seeing a doctor as the withdrawal is very nerve racking and takes about a couple of months. It consists of cutting down 1/2 pill per week and with real problem a clonodin patch helps. Of course, you may find you still have pain and you may start having pain as you reach the threshold which may be 3 pills per day or some such thing. I was able to get off of it in about 2 months, just takes time and perserverance.I now take Gabapentin. 3 600 Mg pills per day as the nerves never healed. Sorry, know what you are going through, but feel much better without the pills.

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...Correct answer...NEVER GO BACK!
...was prescribed Xanax...took for 6 months...went thru hell for 3 weeks after stopping...Best thing I ever did. Told my Family Doctor...never write me a prescription for Xanax again. Hydrocodone in small amounts...shows promising results.

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Well I was on 10 mg twice a day for 4 years, even though I was prescribed 4 times a day. First off I learned that I should've never been on that medicine for that long, so many people have been over prescribed and not things stop hence the heroin epidemic. The government now's controlling everyone with Suboxone and that's a horrible addiction.

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

First of all I took 20, 10mg/325 a day. Withdrawal is terrible. The best way to get off em is too make an appointment to a subutex or suboxone dr.....you’ll have to go through withdrawal for 12 hours of no norcos for the suboxone to work but subutex would give u the same pain relief without the chance of preciptated withdrawal. Subutex or straight up Buprenorphine has no naloxone in it. So subutex would be your best option! I love it

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without the aid of subutex, suboxone, or methadone you are in for the biggest nightmare of your life my friend. Ten years off opiates. Addicted to the exact same pill you’re taking. Completely ruined my life for a spell..horrible. Absolutely horrible I will pray for you man.

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