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Do we get relent syrup seperately for babies or its the same 60ml bottle?Is it safe to give relent+ syrup for 5 months old baby?

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Relent syrup contains cetirizine 2.5 mg + ambroxol 30 mg; per 5mL

From what I could gather, the prescribing information for this drug notes the following:

Children: 6 month's - 2 years old: 2.5 mg once daily
(up to 2.5 mg bid in children ≥12 months).

There are no dosing indications for children under 6 months of age, but since your child is only 1 month away from that, I would suggest talking to your doctor about this just to be on the safe side.

I hope this helps!

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If your Paediatric doctor recommend it Relent+ syrup can be given to 6 month old child as dosages suggested by doctor.

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My son is suffering from running and watery nose and 11 months old. Doctor prescribed a Relent + syrup with 2.5 ml dose once a day. Is it right dose?

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