Is Relent Cough Syrup Fine During Pregnancy.i Am 4th Month Pregnant Now And From Past 3 Days I Have Cold (blocked Nose), And Cough With Flum Inside.


I am 4th month pregnant now and from past 3 days I have cold (Blocked nose), and cough with Flum inside and fever at some times. My doctor prescribed Relent cough syrup , but want to make sure before I use it as I am scared to use anything during pregnancy. Please help me.

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From what I can find, Relent is listed as containing Ambroxol, which is used to break up the mucous.

Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor?

Since it isn't commonly used in the U.S., this site doesn't have a lot of information on this and what I can find just says that it should not be taken during the first 3 months of pregnancy.


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I'm towards five months pregnant my private part is itching I've use warm water but its the same can I use canex v to that itching
Plz I need answers is safe to use it

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