Suboxone Doctors That Accept Medicaid In New Orleans Area


I have been on suboxone for many years now and Im trying to find a suboxone doctor that accepts medicaid in the New Orleans area. Please help!

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They are few and far between! Although, I do know of a Doctor in DeQuincy, LA who prescribes Suboxone and also accepts Medicaid for the office visit. This doctor is extremely peculiar and is very, very strict. His name is Dr. Jagjit Chadha and his wife also can prescribe Suboxone and she is in the same office as he is. Hope this info helps someone!

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I have been taking Suboxone years to given by pain mangment I hated what other medication did to me and mind we decided try it been on it since at time he took Medicaid Louisiana and stopped without warning.visit was $180.00 now $240.00 for 2 seconds of their time all about cash anyone know where pain mangment Dr takes Medicaid I go Slidell now they redid the office it so pretty but when we pull in parking lot everyone car drags bottom scraping the bottom against cement they could at least fix parking lot ha.

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I am in need of a suboxone dr that takes medic aide for the visit. I live in Covington Louisiana. Any names in New Orleans or Baton Rouge would be great.

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R u sure he takes Medicaid my husband use to see him and I was also seeing a different doctor he was very strict and he cut my husband down fast really fast but needless to say we moved to Texas which is no doctor where we moved to that even prescribe for pain meds r subs I use to be in pain management then I moved to subs and I never could find a doctor that would take Medicaid we just moved to Texas so I still have Louisiana Medicaid so I’m wondering if he for sure takes Medicaid we have been without subs 2 days now and can’t find a doctor around this around so if that doctor takes for I’m gonna try to make it there

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I have looked on Google search I get my Suboxone for pain management I have found Drs. I found one tylertown and Frankilton I printed out a bunch Dr taking Medicaid but I'm thinking it's more like they start you out so many a taper off I never really looked all the Drs I will and post.

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I need Suboxone treatment, but I have Medicaid. I'm addicted to opiates and I need help to get off. Can anyone recommend a New Orleans doctor who takes Medicaid for suboxone treatment?

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Yea the problem is sub Dr's. like to take cash and the few who do take Medicaid are few and far in between and they make you jump through hoops. 3 of them are Dr klaybor at Acer, Dr Karr at Aarno new orleans, Dr. Aarno Metairie, and daughters of charity. Daughters of charity has a wait list and Acer and Aarno make u go through a program, but you get free meds. Hope it helps.

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i need to find a doctor that prescribes suboxone in Slidell, La and accepts medicaid please help?!

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Please help me find a Suboxone doctor in Slidell, LA who accepts Medicaid. I need to get well.

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I want to find out more about the program you're on.

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I can tell you a doctor that doesn’t charge 250 to 300 for first appointment. He only charges $140 first month and thereafter. He is a good guy, a straight up dr. He doesn’t mess with dirty UA. Dr. Mai 504-465-0185 - he takes Medicaid, but you have to pay monthly. I hope this finds you well and helpful. Francis

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The company that makes suboxone has a program where they pay the doctor for only 2 sub-clients a month. No doctor has that spot open. I know it sucks but I tried for months to find a doctor in the New Orleans area. They all have those 2 free clients already and you can’t get those spots sorry. Unless someone dies. Pay 140$ the first month and every month. Kenner Dr. Mai he will not put up with a bunch of dirty U/A's. He is cool and they don’t overcharge you the first visit. Like everyone else does. My friend paid 300$ the first visit and 185$ a month. I have bad pain and it works great for me. And more pain management doctors are using subs now because of overdose. And it really works on a lot of people with bad pain. Their number is 504-463-2200. Good luck.

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Have any access on finding a Dr in New Orleans or Slidell that take Medicare?

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