Suboxone Prescription Needed In Cleveland, Ohio


I need to find my brother help! We live in Cleveland, Ohio and there is no one around here that can help him get this prescription (Suboxone). If you know of any information please contact me. Thank you

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I also posted this in response to the other post, vbut will place it here as well just in case you don't see that one.

The only way to get this drug for addiction treatment is through a certified treatment center where they docs are specially trained in its use, your family doctor and other treatment centers cannot prescribe it. Sorry.

You can get more information and check for any local treatment centers at

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Getting Suboxone legally can only be gotten from psychiuatrists.doctors that are licensed to prescribe it. They want you to go through about 18 jours of withdrawal which enables the suboxone to bond with the receptors in the brain that your opiate use used to occupy. It is very effective. You take a pill under the tongue and let it dissolve. You take the amount and dosages of tablets that are required for your addiction. It works great and removes almost every drug desire you have.

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