Sublocade Dose About To Wear Off


My son was shot on March 10, 2022. He had only received one dose of Sublocade and it expires today. The hospital he is in cannot give the shot, only the strip medication that doesn't help him with his opioid dependence at all.

He has tried the strips, methadone, and everything else but always ends up taking other opioids that are around now with fentanyl, ending up right back where he started. The clinic that administers the shot cannot come to hospital, they can only give it if my son goes to their clinic. The hospital has only been prescribing 5 mgs of oxycodone - 2 pills every 4 hours as needed. Since the sublocade will be losing its effectiveness today and he is unable to get it, will he experience a significant amount of pain once it has completely worn off?

With his long and very heavy use of opiates in the past, the 5 mg oxycodones are not going to help at all. He would take a high dose of norcos 10 mgs in the past which didn't help him with withdrawals. My questions and concerns are:

Should the doctors up the amount of oral pain medication since the shot will no longer be in his system?

What would people suggest he be given for pain with such a heavy and long term use of opiates in the past?

He has had surgery for shattering of femur, knee and elbow. One bullet ripped through his abdomen hitting his prostate for which he has now a catheter and will have for an extended period of time even when released to nursing home. Does the sublocade help with the treatment of severe pain such as what he is having due to gun shot wounds?

He has rod, plate and screws in his femur, will have surgery of elbow next week and the knee they have not addressed yet. Any suggestions on an expedited basis or urgent basis would be greatly appreciated, as it is 28 days today since he received his sublocade shot and now cannot get.

What can I suggest they give him along with the strip medication that never worked for him in the past? It appears that they are holding him to a different standard due to his past drug use but that is no excuse and he should not have to risk his sobriety because they are being so judgmental due to his addiction history.

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How is your son doing?

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Sorry to hear what happened to your son. Very few places can do the injection. Addiction wise he would be better off with the strips. If the dose is correct he should be ok. I prefer the injection but the strips got me by when I was in the hospital. He can't take any pain meds while on the injection or strips.

Pain wise he can let the injection expire and take the pain pills.

I'm an addict in recovery and I can tell you from experience he won't think the injection is fully working and or the pain meds are enough. This is very common. We don't just want our withdrawal issues lessened or pain controlled we want to feel good doing it. That's not what they are for

I hope he does well

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