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I had been on ozempic for diabetes for about 18 months. Great results! Low side effects. A1c down to 5.6, cut my insulin in half and lost 60 pounds! I was also basically immobile for any distance more than 100ft., on O2 for 24hrs a day and unable to do anything more than light care for myself.

After losing 60lbs I am able to do most things and no longer need O2. My life has been transformed!

Ozempic has been hard to get, due to demand and I was changed to truelicity. My insulin need increased and I was hungry. Very hungry! I quickly changed back to ozempic and my pharmacy said they should be able to supply at my level of 1mg dosage.

My husband retired, I went on medicare with a plan G, and rx coverage thinking medicare would cover some. I used the last of my ozempic in December. I am unable to afford the med plus I was having trouble swallowing. A scan of my throat reveals lots of thyroid nodes and a solid mass that needs a biopsy. It seemed prudent to stay off med until then. I met with ENT to schedule the biopsy and was greatly relieved to hear this was 99% not a cancer and I could return to taking ozempic!

During my time off ozempic I gained 7 pounds...and was craving anything, often eating even when I wasn't hungry. I was so disappointed in myself. I would say, the next day I would do better, only to fail again.

This proved, for me, ozempic will be need to be a maintenance drug. Just like my heart meds. Yes, I learned to eat less, to eat more h earthy choices, to stop when I felt full, and enjoy food again...even desserts...bc I could stop with a few distressing to find in about 6/7 weeks all that was able to be undone!

With the assurance of the ENT dr I restarted ozempic Wednesday morning! By supper time, I was feeling in control again...even tho hungry, I could stop eating. And this morning, I am not hungry again and am in total control of food, not it being in control.

Help is available to those who are retired and just have SS and a drug plan.

Also, although I do this for my diabetic control, my hope is to one day be off insulin! I won't do that without keeping weight down. I can NOT go back to the non life I lived before.

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10 days back on ozempic and I am down 3 pounds, but more importantly my insulin is down, my daily sugar testing is so good again and I am in total control! My biopsy is in 6 days and I will post again

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Cairwin, given your issues with food, and cravings, have you considered seeing a counselor, or other mental health professional that is trained to help with these types of symptoms?

They often help people learn coping mechanisms to distract themselves from wanting to eat, and how to redirect food cravings.

Ref: Ozempic Information

Other than Ozempic, and insulin, are you on any other medications?

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Hi Cairwin
We haven’t heard back from you. Are you feeling ok? Did you get your results? Hope everything is okay ????

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Re: Coco (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for asking...I am doing great! No problems with my biopsy and all tests were clear. I am set to have a recheck exam in August.

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Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for suggestions! I think I have been exposed to almost everything out there and in order to improve my health have made very honest attempts utilizing them. I am a DNA disaster, suffering from 3 autoimmune diseases and heart and lung diseases...with bypass surgery 10 years ago. That being said my medications are many

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Please have your doctor check your a1c if it is OK. Diabetics should not be too low because it indicates that you maybe hitting many lows. I was advided that an a1c of 6-7 is ok for diabetics

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