Searching for a doctor who will prescribe me suboxone in my area

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If you're asking for a specific medication AND shopping for a doctor... RED FLAG! You need to be going to Narcotics Annonymous instead of a Quack Doctor...

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need to find a doctor to help me got on suboxone fast a posabal

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how do i get doctor name for suboxone

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You would need to go to the Suboxone website, they list the doctors in various areas that are allowed to prescribe it and provide Suboxone therapy. A regular doc, who has not gone through the specific training and educational programs for it, cannot prescribe it.

Here's the site: Click Here

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Oh, and like Jessica said in her post, with the red flags you are raising here, you will not be able to just get this anywhere. They will not use this for just anyone, you must have a severe addiction problem and be using massive amounts off addictive narcotics, bezodiazepines, or both, each day.

This drug is not made for use for pain relief, or someone with a mild drug dependence. It is far too strong for those types of uses.

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