Sandox Pizotifen Vitamin B Complex Mosegor Capsule


where can I buy this vitamins in US? they send them to me from the Philippines for my husband, to increase his appetite and it works good for him,and which Drug store will I go? CVS Pharmacy , Walgreen or Rite Aid Pharmacy?

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You won't find this specific brand name in any U.S. pharmacy. There are, however, many similar supplement products on the market that contain B vitamins, so you may want to just take the package to a store and ask the pharmacist if they can help you find something comparable.


It also may be easier to find the specific formulation and potency at a shop the specializes in vitamins and nutritional products.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Just started taking Sandoz pizotifen, for a sleep aid. Could I be dificient in B Complex? I have a very hard time sleeping, weight gain and no energy.

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I'm 28 years old, really low in weight and I'm trying to gain weight. I live in the u.s. Where can I find mosegor vitamins over the counter or from the Philippines so I can get back my weight?

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