Reclimet For Diabetes - Side Effects?


I am a Diabetic for nearly 40 years. For the last few years, I am taking 'Reclimet" daily. What are the possible side effects? Could it trigger higher blood pressure?

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Sir, May I know how you managed diabetes for the last 40 years? I am quite young and type II diabetic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Btw, I use recliment. My BP is 120/90 when I checked today. But donot know if it is because of the tablet, as I dont do regular exercise.

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Thanks. By God's grace, my type II Diabetes is fairly under control, with tablets only. Being a vegetarian and reducing consumption of rice (staple food), has helped, I think. The higher BP level has been recently detected. I am not sure, however, whether Reclimet might be one of the causes for elevated BP.

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What tablet were you taking before reclimet? Also, do you check ur blood sugar multiple times a day OR is it ok to look at HBA1C reading every 3 months?

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Ananth, you should check your blood sugar levels daily, usually several times, especially after eating. If you don't, then you aren't going to know what foods affect your sugar levels, so you aren't going to know what you should avoid.

Learn more Diabetes details here.

A couple of other things that you need to do is get lots of proper exercise, because that will help with both managing your diabetes and your blood pressure.

And eat a healthy, low-fat diet. It isn't just sugar that you need to avoid. Fat coats the cells, which means they can't absorb the sugar they need to burn for energy, which in turn allows it to stay in your blood stream raising your sugar levels higher. A low fat diet and getting your weight under control in you're overweight will greatly improve your blood sugar control.

And as to the medication, Reclimet contains the active ingredients Gliclazide and Metformin, both of which are used to help lower blood sugar levels.

Learn more Gliclazide details here.

Learn more Metformin details here.

As to the elevated blood pressure, that is most likely due to the diabetes itself, these medications aren't known to cause high blood pressure.

Diabetes and hypertension usually go hand in hand for most patients, because many aren't getting proper exercise, which can contribute to blood pressure elevation and many are also overweight, which can also cause hypertension. In many cases, if the person gets one or both under control, they will see a significant improvement in their blood pressure.

Are there any other questions or details I can help with?

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Thanks, Verwon. I have started doing exercise and started looking at diet control also. I am not taking any medicine for BP. Is it required? I have seen a reading of 130/90 some time back.

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Hi Verwon
Can you please answer my queries below?
1. Does the sugar level increase after exercise?
2. What is the correct time to do the exercise? Should it be timed along with breakfast and dinner OR irrespective of that?
3. Do you know of the side effects of Galvus?

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Mr. Viswanathan, Do you mind sharing your contact details (mail/phone) with me? I would like to get some advice on managing diabetes. Thanks.

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Dear Anand,

Do not get confused with overloaded of information because of Internet. Do your exercise-walking-Jogging preferably in the morning time. Buy one glucometer and check the sugar level after PP. inform the same with doctor. doctor will adjust medicine accordingly. avoid fast food ice cream and other rich food,avoid stress. start to live in a holistic way. thats all

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Dear Ravi. Thanks. I am just looking for good practices from persons who are managing diabetes well for a long time. I am doing exercise regularly now and being careful on the diet (choice of food mainly).

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If a person (man) is type 2 diabetic, will their children become diabetic too (at young / older age)?

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There are nothing like that. But the chances of Kids become diabetic is very high. Train them from early age to avaoid high calorie food and do proper exercise.

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Hi, Can you please share some vegetarian food items that can be taken by type 2 diabetics? Rice consumption has to reduce. I guess its the same for wheat. So, what are other options are there?

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What is the difference between Reclimet and Glucored Forte? Been having Glucored for years, but some docs say Reclimet is better ?

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Hello Mr.Viswanathan, what tablet were you mainly using for the major part of 40 years before starting Reclimet?

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Ananth, I am 62 and managing type II condition rather well. I follow a combination. Reclimet OD 60 before break fast, Glucobay 25 (acarbose) with lunch and Janumet 50/500 pre dinner. I do light exercises (treadmill 20 min) and yoga. Hopeful of delaying insulin for as long as I can.

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Forgot to add that I have started on a blend of wheat flour and barley flour (1:4) for chapattis . Avoid sugar to the extent possible.

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I have been taking semi reclimet and januvia 100 for the last 2 years for type 2 diabetes. My HbA1c recently records at 9.7. Can I switch over to telenigliptin at this stage? Please advise.

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I am suffering from diabetes since last 3years and high BP since the last 10 years.i am taking semi reclimate and envas 5mg.

These days my sugar level reaches around 260-264 after breakfast. My doctor advised me to take reclimet now but its still 260above after breakfast

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My mom was diagnosed with diabetics few years back. And she was on glimaday 1 oral medication. Few months back her sugar levels went out of control and we had to hospitalize her, she was given insulin treatment for two days and given discharge on third day. At the time of discharge the doctor recommended RECLIMET OD 60, but inspite of taking this tablet her sugar levels after breakfast goes above 300. She has wheat chapatis for breakfast which spikes her sugar levels and sugar levels doesn't become normal it reduces to 260 or 250. Please help

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