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Are Quinine sulfate capsules used for Lazy Leg Syndrome?

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As an antimyontonic for office use

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I am looking for a price on the 325 mg capsule or tablets for office use in Myotonia Congenita.

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I bought quinine but it's yellowish in color, so I want to ask if there are different types of quinine?

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I've seen Quinine come in the form of a round yellow/orangish colored pill as well as a white/cream colored capsule.

That said, to my knowledge, there are different manufacturers of Quinine containing different sets of binders and fillers. Depending on how your body responds to these differences, you may end up preferring one over the other.

RE: "Are Quinine sulfate capsules used for Lazy Leg Syndrome?"

According to medlineplus.gov, Quinine is a medication used to treat malaria. I have not found any specific details depicting a use case for "lazy leg syndrome".

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I have been treated for malaria with quinine tablets and after 3 weeks I had an artemether injection. Now I have been experiencing internal heat (hot flashes) for 2 weeks now.

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