Which Is Stronger Oxycodone-acetaminophen 5-325 Or Morphine Sulfate Ir 30 Mg


which is stronger oxycodone-acetaminophen 5-325 or morphine sulfate ir 30 mg. my doctor switch me and i cant tell the difference neither one is working

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Hi William,

I believe your question has already been answered by someone on the site- I will link you to the thread where the reply is.


I hope this helps!

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I have taken oxycotton 40's and 80's and s for a long time I was wondering if anybody else was having a pr
oblem with the new for me that the OP's seems like since I started taking them I've had nothing but urinary tract infections kidney problems swelling I would like to know if anything else is having these kind of problems and if they work for them as well as the OCS please let me know in a form thank you

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I take kadian it seems to be a lot better for pain lasts longer and has less side effects you will need about 2 weeks to adjust you will feel tired but after that it gives you energy like Vicodin it also takes long time for your body to build up tolerance to it oxy lasted about 4 months then not a lot of relief but I have take kadian for two years and it still is effective..

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Willam hi I don't know how many mil.the oxys are but hydrocodone 325's are nothing I'm on oxys 30 mil. 6 Xs a day they are more powerful than morphine or hydro's morphine is stronger than hydro's and oxys 30 are more powerful than 30's of morphine its about 1 and a half times stronger the oxys I was just taking off my oxycotin which is oxycodone but er every 12 hours you can't even break oxycotin its impossible for me I hate oxycotin but I love oxycodone it works fast and very good medication if you have on going pain day in day out I hope I answered your question as best as I know from my experience good luck!!!!!

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I do not think that your question was completely answered. If neither medicine is working for your pain , you may need to try a stronger medicine or something that your body responses to better for what ever your pain is coming from. Everyone is different and their response will also be different .i have had a bad reaction to almost every pain med. I have taken until I finally found one and it was not nessessarily the strength that was the problem. If you wanted to stay on those meds . I do think that the strength may be a main factor as it may be too low for you and your personal tolerance.,since it seems you have taken them before .

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The meds you just mentioned are the same ones that I tried & had such bad internal reactions to, also depression & my brain was too affected but the worst part with having them help for a short time - 4 -6 hrs is norm for my chronic pain until I tried methadone in an extremely low dose which so long acting that I never have the up & down of my pain . It never affects my brain except for the pain centers & has no side affects. This drug is very misunderstood, in low doses , it is excellent for pain .i broke the lowest dose in 1/2 for my first 6/8 months . The lowest is 5 mg. I took 21/2 mg - 2 times a day .

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I live with cronic pain sciatica, degenerative joint disease, spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis and need total hip replacement in left hip. My primary care doctor sent me to pain management where i went on steroid inj's. i did not feel they helped. My worst pain was in my hip. They gave me 7.5 oxycodone. I stopped going after inj. on my neck at shoulder level gave me numbness down my right arm and right hand. I'm 63yrs old. My primary doctor doesn't write narcotics. I dont know what to do. I see a hip surgeon in two months. Is there such thing as a pain medicine doctor who can help me?

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Why didn't you tell the pain doctor of this instead of just stop going. You need to not let him give you any more steroids since you are about to have surgery since steroids inhibit, sometimes drastically, the healing of wounds and they also make you more susceptible to infections...of course your surgeon SHOULD KNOW this, but you know how that goes.
The good news is that there is some such thing as a pain med doc who can help you, but you did not mention if you asked your doctor for different treatments, or what??? Like YOU said, you just stopped going. If the doctor would not listen to you or something like that I can understand you just stopping going but you should at least try before you stop since most pain management docs REQUIRE a referral from another doctor. I know where I live, EVERY pm doc requires a referral. Don't give up, my pm doctor is awesome. Remember, pm doctors are like every other doctor, some good and some baaaad!!! Just like every other occupation in life.

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According to the cdc(center for disease control) of course which classifies us chronic pain human beings as junkies in my opinion states that morphine 10mg is equivalant to 10mg oxy or hydro so anybody out there that asks what is stronger that is the table we are sopposed to go by somewhat missleading but is the table we are to go by when it comes to how much we are allowed to take in 1day which is 120mg morphine equivalant etc.....etc

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I'm sure that one outweighs the other but for me whatever would take care of my pain that's what I would take because I am allergic to almost every narcotic I'd give anything to take whatever

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Indeed if you suffer from SO MANY ALLERGIES it is essential you find the appropriate medical provider that has a complete history for you and by process of elimination makes a decision on what best alleviates your pain in a safe manner.

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I think this is a reasonably good answer. I'd just like to add try not to get into the game, illusion, placebo merry go round with trying to find out which is stronger. It's better to take a new med and evaluate it as a yes or no, it is effective for me. There are just too many variables between narcotics, dosage, people, diagnosis to try to figure out what would be better for you if you only knew which is stronger. It's not helpful. however, it is practical for a clinician to know this for prescribing. There are conversion charts available if you really want to know. But what would you do with the information? It's your MD's job to prescribe. They've had education down to the molecular level for both medications and the human body. good luck

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My Pain is so excruciating that nothing helps me except morphine sulfate instant release 30 milligram G three times a day and morphine sulfate extended-release

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OC is the original version. The new anti-abuse OP HAS a layer of Narcan so you can crush them or whatever
So your answer is OC WAS THE BEST OP's if you break the film for a quick release of the meds, you basically cancelled out the entire dose due to the anti abuse narcan layer. Thank the kids who ruined it for the people that actually need the medication.

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated in our forums is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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Morphine, Ir? at that MG? yeah Morphine all day, 5/325 are for people not used to opiate based medicine.

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There is no narcan in any OP oxycontin. The matrix is built into the whole pill now using a polymer based product. The original OC had a wax layer that slowly ate away in the stomach to release the oxycodone in the pill. Stop running around stating this in so many replies, if you're going to give out information then please do it correctly and if you have no idea what is going on then don't post stuff you have no clue about.

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I have COPD. Woke up one morn in pain & went to ER for relief. Hosp fitted me for a 'soft' vest due to Osteopatic compound fractures... Biggest prob was NO ONE would write a script for PAIN. Biggest pain I have ever needed was aspirin & yet I was treated like a junkie, and had to suffer thru 30 days of pain, until a surgeon had time to perform Kiaoplasty (?). Folks on the street had a better chance of pain relief, then someone like me. As a result, sitting for 30 days destroyed my exercise COPD prog, which does great damage to progress all because no one would keep me out of pain, blaming everything on the opioid crisis. Finally I had access to my PCP and got dome good pain med for 30 days...sad.

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