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I have received some tablets called prodes diazepam 10mg. They are very small round white tablets with no markings. They come in strips of 30 tablets and were apparently made on Spain. There is very little about them online and this is in Spanish. On translation this is a standard medication information leaflet which says nothing new. This is the only reference I can find. I took one and feel nice and relaxed. No bad side effects. Has anyone heard of these and have any information?

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I have had a closer look at the tablets and the strip. In the sunlight the tablets are a very pale shade of blue or green and have 10 stamped on one side. The other side of the strip says "Diazepam prodes 10mg comprimidos", then "Diazepam Via oral"
Then under this is "Kern Pharma, S.L." At the side of the strip is a large green "K" in a green circle.

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It's like a light antidepressant. It helps me to focus and to sleep better. It also manages panic attacks.

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Re: Gavin (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hi I have also got a 30 pack of these. they do not look like any i have had before and are tiny. I will be sending one to wedinos for sampling as i always do before taking, and will post back.

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I have just received these prodes for first time ever are they ok guys??...never ever seen them b4 please give me some advice...thanks..paula

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Re: bombsh3ll (# 3) Expand Referenced Message
hi have u tested the prodes?... I've received them too but am too scared too try them.

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Re: Julia (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Not yet i am waiting for wedinos report. Note they tend to reject samples if I don't fill in effects record so when I post results here it will say effects, which I make up just to ensure it is processed so please ignore stated effects on report x

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Re: bombsh3ll (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

bombsh3ll (# 6) --ok thanks so much IL not take any till u post results..x

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Re: Julia (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, to all following the Prodes thread I am pleased to say Wedinos has come back as pure diazepam.

sample reference W010218

I also note other Prodes have been sent with the same result.

I have not seen any Prodes listed on there as fakes.

B xxx

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Re: bombsh3ll (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

That's great news thanks so much bombshell...I find them really relaxing without the groggy feeling in the morning...x

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I have received and been using these 30 tab strips of Kern Pharma 10mg diazepam. I have a massive tolerance and have to take at least 15x10mg diazepam even when from the GP script from the UK chemist. Initially what concerns me is that the blister strips state diazepan not diazepam which regardless of the country of origin should be written as diazepam with the m on the end as that's the active ingredient. I have tested them with a dip test but although this is positive for benzos it doesn't give me the strength or the benzodiazapines present. I have felt effects from 15 of these Kern Pharma diazepam I would not say that it is as strong as if I had taken 15 of what I receive from a UK pharmacy brand such as Actavis. But there doesn't appear to be anything dangerous in the tablets for anyone concerned. I have another 220 coming so will try a higher dose and try to remember to report back.

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Re: Ollie (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Ollie please do report back as I have been takin them ( 2 at night) an they do help me sleep but a bit groggy in the morning an whenever I send for tablets it's them I receive now instead of any other brand I just want too know their safe in the long term ..x

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Re: Ollie (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, send one off to wedinos if you want to be sure what it is. It is totally free, just costs you a stamp and one pill.

It will tell you what the tablet contains, including if it is a mix of substances.

Unfortunately they cannot tell the dose of a tablet, but at least you know what you are taking.

B xxx

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Re: Sarah (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Where do you fill your rx from? I was scammed by UKSP who sent me NELIZ but then replaced them with these Prodes which tested genuine after I left a negative review. If I know UKSP are selling Prodes now not Neliz I would buy again but you take a chance don't you.

B xxx

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Re: bombsh3ll (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, could you please confirm the details for this company that does free testing? Are they UK based? Also can they offer a strength of the tablets submitted or is it just an idea of the contents? Thanks

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Re: Sarah (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I am going to try and submit some of these Kern Pharma prodes 10mg tablets for testing. All I can confirm on them is a positive result for benzodiazapine, which one or ones my dip test doesn't tell. But there are no other substances showing in the dip test which only tests for cocaine, opiates, methadone, amphetamines, MDMA, cannabis and benzodiazapine

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Are the tablets definitely totally white as I have received the exact same sounding thing except that all of my tablets in the 30 tablet blisters are a light blue with 10 imprinted on one side and plain on the other. They are quite small and rounded and have the same texture as regular tablets ie not crumbly or inconsistent with one another which a lot of bad fakes are. What concerns me the most is that the blister strips do not state the active ingredient diazepam spelt correctly as you would expect any EU or even non EU countries tablets to do so, but instead it is spelt diazepan, with an 'n' at the end instead of an 'm'. Are other people who have these tablets have the same irregular spelling? Although as long as they are genuine I am more than happy to overlook that fact!!!

Does anybody on here know how I can attach a picture in or to my messages?

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Re: Ollie (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Hi it is a UK based organisation called Wedinos. If you type it into google, it will give you the address and details. You need to print off and fill in a form, put your pill into a small sealed plastic pouch (they show pictures, it's the type you use for money or a small freezer bag), just needs to be sealed. Put it with your completed form in an envelope and post.

You do not have to give your name. They ask age gender and postcode just for statistics, but no identifying info. You get a code for your sample which you can type in to look up the result.

One thing to note is they sometimes reject samples if you state bought but put no effects (ie you haven't taken it). So you can either put you found it, or make up effects. I personally do not take anything until I've had it tested, so I tend to put the effect I would expect it to have.

Also, I would specifically put the brand on the form like Prodes Diazepam, not just diazepam, as it can help others searching for that product.

Best wishes,

B xxx

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Re: Ollie (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

PS sorry they cannot tell the dose or strength, only what the substance is.

B xxx

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Re: bombsh3ll (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

What does that mean bombshell are they safe???...x

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Re: Sarah (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Yes if you are expecting diazepam and wedinos confirms it is diazepam and nothing else, it is safe. It possibly may not be as strong as prescription medicine, but is extremely unlikely to be stronger than the stated dose as the pharmacy wants to max profits (like pubs watering down ale). They would therefore not sell 20mgs as 10mgs for example, but may sell 5mg tabs as 10mgs.

It is definitely worth sending one to be tested. I had a box of Neliz which were shown NOT to be diazepam. Every other Neliz sample listed was also not diazepam.

B xxx

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Re: Julia (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Prodes are the best brand.

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Yes mate i know quite a bit about diazepam over past 5 years and if you use properly they will really help.By using properly you realise what and when you need them for.Personaly i need breaks 2-4days otherwise you need to double up and this is were addiction happens.Prodes are a good brand.The description you say is right.Hope this helps.

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Re: Gavin (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

It’s a benzodiazepine. It has nothing to do with antidepressants. It’s for anxiety just like a Xanax. Its brand name is Valium. Be careful they are addictive, and you can overdose especially if you drink or take other meds like sleeping medicine or pain medication.

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Re: Gaz (# 290) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Gaz , where did you order from ?

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Re: NightOwl (# 284) Expand Referenced Message


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Yes. I have had them a few times but cannot find a site that has them in stock for sometime now. The info I got are the ingredients are the same it’s just a foreign generic name. I’ve not had any bad reactions and they seem to work very well. Yas

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Re: Ellie (# 29) Expand Referenced Message

They're genuine. I’ve tried them. Enjoy.

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Re: Paula (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Paula I found those on a weightlifting/steroid site. They're generic diazepam. Valium. Where did you fill your prescription? I was just getting testosterone. Problem is they're all the way in London. I’m in California I need them way sooner than three weeks. Can you help me find a reputable pharmacy to fill them?

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Re: Rambo (# 277) Expand Referenced Message

Did you have them tested ? I see a list here where someone did and they came back 100% Valium Btw the country of origin doesn’t necessarily = crap as you put it. I’ve had activis dark blue which I would drs find as chalk to taste but I don’t know what’s in them as I’ve not tested them but I’ll say this I’m definitely not impressed with their effectiveness

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Re: gmanzag1day (# 264) Expand Referenced Message

Where did you get them tested? I’m skeptical about all in internet. I’ve seen posts where prodes came back 100% Valium. I’ve tried actavis but I’m not sure if they are legitimate. Just had 2 mg last and feel hungover. Now that’s on top of 10mg temazepam & 100 sertraline which I’m prescribed. Still my previous doctor back in 2019 prescribed 20mg temazepam 10mg, diazepam and sertraline, but when I had to move as I was out of the area they wouldn’t prescribe anything more than 10mg temazepam and 2mg diazepam (that was after I wept bitterly and almost begged for them). Point is I’ve got quite a high tolerance to benzodiazepines but I wouldn’t take any more than 20mg diazepam. I use them for sleep only, never ever during the day.

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