Ozempic And Skin Sensitivity


After seven weeks on Ozempic the skin on my upper back and sides have become very sensitive to the touch, like a sunburn but no redness. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm on my third week of the .5 dose. No weight loss yet.

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Hello, Christi! How are you doing? Has there been any change?

I suggest contacting your doctor to be safe, since there is a warning about Ozempic potentially causing some serious side effects involving pain in the stomach, side, and abdomen.

The FDA lists other side effects as possibly including anxiety, headache, constipation, rapid heart rate, and increased hunger.

Ref: Ozempic Information

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Yes! This is common now that I am researching it more. Check out other forums. It’s there. Not sure if dose dependent

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My upper back especially feels awful, like a bad sunburn. Been on 1.7 mg for ten days now and it's worse.

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Has anyone else experienced severe itching after only 36 hrs after their first dose of .25 mg Ozempic? It took 2 days of Benadryl to ease up. I’m afraid to take my next dose. It wasn’t a drug interaction and no new products were used. The weird thing is that I didn’t even have a rash. Anyone else with similar symptoms?

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What forums it's happening to me

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Yes. I'm experiencing it on my back and thighs. I'm miserable.

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