Oxycontin 20mg And The Possible Effects Of Interfering With My 2mg Xanax Now Not Working Like It Useto


I've been on 2mg xanax four times a day for years and it never fails, i've also taken oxycontin 20mg for some time and now the last to refills of xanax have not been working. Is the oxycontin effecting the xanax..I'm really scared as I am very scared my xanax won't ever work the way its supposed to..any advice

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Based on my research, using Alprazolam together with Oxycontin (Oxycodone) may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may also experience some impairment in thinking and judgment.

I haven't found any information stating that taking Oxycontin will make Xanax less effective, so maybe that's just how your body is reacting to the combination. The real problems with mixing these two arise from the fact that both drugs have the possibility to depress the central nervous system. Therefore, when they are combined, there would be an additive effect on central nervous system depression. This can lead to serious problems like Respiratory Depression which is why it is necessary to be extremely cautious when doing this.

Have you spoken with your doctor about this?

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R u in Melb Vic if so do u know where I can get Xanax from doctor

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Hey Vicen, Idk how you would go about finding a xanax doctor down under, I'm in the US so I'm sure it's different...Melbourne is a big city and im sure if u see a psychiatrist and explain ur anxiety to any shrink ( or even ur primary care doc) they should be able to write u an Rx (unless ur trying to get them for Recreation)
Don't think it's like getting med Marijuana here, where there's an extensive process to get them, but my doc got my on the 2MG bars after I broke it down from him. I see this post was from last year so I hope you've seen a doc. But if not, best of luck. Shouldn't be too hard if u really need them!
Best of luck from a fellow patient in Boston!

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