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i have been having trouble getting a good dr who will write oxycodone 30 mg. my back has been broken before and i was going all the way to Florida (a 16 hour drive) just to get my meds. So if anybody knows of any it would be helpful. i live in KY so as long as it is closer that's fine. Thank you.

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Well, the main problem is really when you go in and ask for a specific medication, in a specific dosage. Many doctors will look at this as drug seeking behavior.

Whenever you see a new doctor, you need to make certain that you don't demand specific treatment, but you do want to take your medical records with you, or see that copies are sent to them. That way, they can see what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, plus they can see the results from any prior tests you've had performed.

There are some good pain management clinics in Kentucky, that you may want to try contacting:

Kentucky Pain Management Services:

London, KY

Hazard, KY

Dr. Joseph Atallah
Pain Management Physician
1101 Veterans Dr
Lexington VA Medical Center
Lexington, KY 40502

Dr. Karim Rasheed
Pain Management Physician
151 N Eagle Creek Dr
Central KY Interventional Pain CTR
Lexington, KY 40509

And these are just a few that a Google search brings up.

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Thank you for you help. the thing is i am so glad you listened to me and thank you .. the only reason i was talking about oxycodone 30mg was that is the only thing that helps. And i realy need them thats why i need to find a dr who will wright them instead of calling everywhere like a drug seeker as you said . again thank you ... hope some more good news worksout ......

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Where is the NEW pain clinic in hazard, whos the doctor and where is it located

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Hurting, I do not live in Kentucky, so I don't know which of these doctors is new, but the ones listed as being is Hazard are:

Kentucky Pain Management Services
311 Roy Campbell Drive, Hazard
(606) 487-0776

Kentucky Pain Physicians
792 Morton Boulevard, Hazard
(606) 487-8383

Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky
Ste 100, 145 Citizens Lane, Hazard
(606) 439-1300

Dr. Ionut Stefanescu-Sturz
Roy Campbell Drive, Hazard
(606) 487-0776

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yes i've been a chronic pain patient since 1994 and my Doctor I was seeing and have been for the last 3 years and she just lost her license last week and my appt. was wednesday the 25th. and my meds. are gone as of tormorrow.Im in need of Doctor as soon as possible she was giving me 4 80mg. ocxycotin,5 30mg. oxycodone,3 15mg. oxycodone,and 3 10mg valium a day which was helping and had my blood meds. from 7 pills a day to 1 a day then she had to cut back on her reading of medicine which now has me back up to 7 blood pressure pills a day. She cut my 80mg oxycotin off i've been unable to work till I started seeing her then I was working some and now im without a doctor I need help soon as possible please. After she cut my meds. she had me on 5 30mg.,4 15mg. and 3 10mg. valium a day.HIMAN

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Does these clinics in ky take out of state pt and if so can u get it filled?

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you people need to open up your eyes and see what is going on. The beuraucrats and misinformed public are taking away our pain medicine and our rght to seek pain management by restricting supplies and intimidating doctors untill th3ey cut our meds back or completely off. we have to make a stand before it is too late. And that will not be long until they take it all away if we put it off.

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look i live in the tri cities,tn area. I am, and have been a roofer for 20yrs, i have cronic back issues, have the mri to prove it. i have friends going to atlanta, ga getting rox30s like crazy, and wont give me the doctors name without a big price. Does anyone or will anyone in atlanta on here give me the hook up on the atlanta doctor i nedd to go see to get the 120 30s or whatever it is. I own a company and just have serious back issues, but still have to work and deal with everyday because im a roofer. im not lookin to resale or none of that, im just looking to take care of myself with one of those GOOD doctors in atlanta if u know what i mean. any bodys help would be greatly appreciated. thanks much

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I go to this doctor and he writes 180-30's 90-15's for breakthrough pain & 60 2mg xanax. the guy that opened this place also owns a clinic in broward county florida. I also have more awsome doctors in tennesse.
I live in K.y. on thr virginia state line but call me and we might be able to help each other. my cell # 706-xxx-xxxx

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i live inflemingsburg ky i have all my mris,pharmacy reportsand sum paper work of the injuctions an blocks ive had please call if u know of a doc close to home or email me [email protected] [1]. i was getting 2 20mg opana and 4 norcos plus 4 1mg xanax a day but i got cut off

[1] Editor's note - In order to protect privacy, we do not allow individuals to post their personal contact information on our discussion threads (except in some very rare cases).

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I live near hazard, ky and going to a dr but she has a lying down mri machine and my injuries are in my lower back. it's so bad that i have nueoropathy in both my legs. wouldn't i need a standing up mri machine? he's telling me you have 3 bulding disc but that doesn't give you much pain. he's crazy, i know what i feel and i need someone who knows what there doing and takes the time for each patient. please help!!!i'm on 2 7.5 loratab a day that's it!!!!and noroton 600mg 3xday plus i have anxiety through the roof and he wont give out anything just antidepressants. valuims would help at this point. i shake and sweat when i go to the store. feeling helpless. any feedback would be appreciated. thanks have a good one :):) xxxxx @ gmail .com [1]

[1] Editor's note - In order to protect privacy, we do not allow individuals to post their personal contact information on our discussion threads (except in some very rare cases).

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Does anyone know where the new clinic on North Broadway in Lexington Kentucky that moved from Goregia because I have been having chronic pain for a year now and can not find a good doctor.

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yes sir i seen you post and tried to call you and left my call back number .yes i need help with a doctor i have degenerative disc diesase and norrowing of the spine so please if you can help me call me back and i will help you thank you very much.i will be waiting for your call back.

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Hey Billy ,have you found a doc. yet ? I live in the Maysville area.

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i have about 70 15 mg oxys i cant take anymore. How do I dispose of them safely?

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u gotta b kiddin- spillbattery acid on em? lol

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they got shut down sorry

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I live in central Ky. There are plenty of clinics round here that'll write bout anything you want. Just have to be able to pass a drug test every month.

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Could you please give me contact information on these clinics? I am in chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis and need a good doctor that cares.

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To anyone searching for local pain management doctors, I have listed below a couple websites specific to locating pain management (PM) doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another:

Alternatively, you can have your primary care doctor refer you to a new pain management doctor or clinic. I did find on my own searching (through the first link above) that there are plenty of pain doctors in the state of Kentucky. I know Verwon posted a number of them, but there's quite a few more depending on what city you live in.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Jeff,
I'm in northern Kentucky too.
I'm in the same boat as you. I've called Governors, Health Services, and other places. It's legally un ethical to allow this kind of suffering.

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Re: Madge (# 1619) Expand Referenced Message

Rots all your teeth and hard to stop

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Re: BlessedLady (# 1622) Expand Referenced Message

I was seeing PHYCHYTRIST for 15 years and Kentucky stripped me of all.

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Re: BlessedLady (# 1624) Expand Referenced Message

Total doctors: 3

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Re: BlessedLady (# 1624) Expand Referenced Message

Omg one pain management doctor lied to me about what he was going to inject to my spine. Which I was allergic too. His staff told me, then doctor got on phone knowing he got caught trying to harm me. Offered to send me a cab and to come to his office and work something out. What shady garbage is that? No I didn't go back. DEA got him

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Re: BlessedLady (# 1624) Expand Referenced Message

I can't get even an appointment after they screen me.

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I live in Kentucky too. Myself have had 2 failed spinal fusions amongst others. Can't get help with chronic pain management.

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Re: Dean (# 1623) Expand Referenced Message

How many pain management doctors have you actually seen ? Often it takes a few visits for a doctor to get comfortable prescribing opiates to a new patient. It is also common for doctors to want to start new patients out ona lower dose and work up. Have you given the doctors you have seen copies of your medical records from your previous doctor ?

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I live in Northern Kentucky with Chronic pain from 2 failed Spinal fusions causing neuropathy pain in legs, back, neck and it goes on.
I've been on oxycodone 30mg for 13 years, muscle relaxers, Gabapenton.
Can't find one do tor in Kentucky to help me. This is crazy. Leaves me with no quality of life. Seems unethical.
Who do I call?

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Re: RO RO (# 1621) Expand Referenced Message

You will have to see a psychiatrist for Xanax. You may or may not be able to find a doctor that will prescribe Percocet while you are prescribed Xanax.

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