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Hey everyone,

I just saw that there is a brand new line of generic xanax alprazolam in .25mg, .5mg, 1mg, and 2mg tablets that are newly approved generics for alprazolam xanax. the 2mg are legit made pharma rectangular bars imprinted b707 and shape is very similar to brand name (greenstone) front side says B 7 0 7 and the back is blank and has a curve up like brand name and greenstone. I am hoping to hear some feedback on these generics. they are dispensed by Breckenridge pharma but manufactured by centaur pharma which I believe is in China. Not sure. They again are Breckenridge Pharma Generic and blue bars with very similar shape to brand name but instead of white are blue. I believe these to be the very first legit pharma made alprazolam xanax bars ever made in blue. I am curious if anyone has tried any of Breckenridge centaur made generic xanax alprazolam and how they would compare it to other generics. I am going to search for the ingredients in it soon and compare them to the other generic ingredients but a new generic xanax bkue bat that is legit pharma has peaked my interest. any feedback would be great. there are very few images of this companies new xanax and alprazolam online but they go as so:

.25mg b 704
.5mg b 705
1mg b 706
2mg b 707 blue bar

any feedback would be great this is our first ever legit blue alprazolam xanax bar new! would love some feedback on these!

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Hello Goozer,

I'm sure there are people on the site who are going to be able to give you their input on how the drug worked for them but please be mindful that everyone reacts differently and your experience with each generic is going to be unique. Ultimately your reaction to the drug is going to be based on your bodies compatibility with the binders and inactive ingredients more so than the active ingredients in the drug.

I know most people want reassurance, I simply wanted to make sure you understood that everyone else's reaction is not going to be the same as yours.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for putting this up, regardless of the responses you get the sheer fact that you mentioned a new generic coming out could be useful for others.

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Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Well of course Kevin I am certainly well versed to know that everyone experienced every drug different different bodies but thanks that was helpful..

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I just picked up my refill from CVS which had switched to the green bars and I HATED them. It was to my surprise that when I opened the bottle that they were BLUE bars EXACTLY the size of the GREENSTONE brand and are manufactured by Breckenridge and they say B707 on them and can be broken into 4 0.5 doses something you couldn't do with the green dava bars. I took it about an hour ago and I have to say I feel like singing HALLELUJAH!!!

These NEW Blue Bars seem to work and are slightly stronger and are comparable to the Greenstone generic brand. They look and feel (when breaking them in the middle or breaking off a 0.5 square dose, has the same "tougher more firm feeling and NOT powdery" such as the Greenstone brand was/is.

I have noticed the difference right away and it is NOT a placebo affect. I have been on Alprazolam since 1999 and have experience with every generic of the 2 MG (Mylan & Dava are the worst) these NEW BLUE BARS with B707 even have that bigger split on the back of the bar where you break it in half. This new Breckenridge 2mg B707 tablets are/feel EXACTLY like the white Greenstone brand.

As mentioned I know and can tell the difference between generics of alprazolam, and I am more than happy that CVS has switched back to a generic brand that actually is what 2mg should be and feel like. They take effect faster like the white Greenstone's did and are actually shaped the same in size and even the back has that indent on the back that kind of sinks in a bit like the white ones did.

I am RXd 120 of them for panic disorder and I now know that I wont run out earlier every month from having to take 1 green and 1 square of the green 2mg dava at the same time to get the same effect as the Greenstone generic brand. I just thought I would share that they WORK JUST LIKE THE WHITE ONES and no more crappy DAVA from CVS.

I think this Breckenridge brand must be a subsidiary of a bigger pharma company with higher quality of standards and are putting in the correct amount of the active ingredient into their BLUE B707's just as Greenstone has/had always done. I suggest if you are able to, have your script filled at CVS and try them out for yourself and you will notice the difference within 15-20 minutes after taking it, compared to waiting 30-45 mins for the green 2mg Dava's to take effect.

I can't say enough great things about these new blue bars. They are also the same length, thickness, and tri-scored such as the Greenstone generic. IDK what Walgreens carries, if they still dispense the yellow R039 which worked well too, but in my opinion there is no difference between the Greenstone and these new Breckenridge generic brands.

I can say for certain that these new blue bars TRULY do work better than the DAVA & Purepac (although Purepac is also a good generic as well) but these blue B707's are an answer to my prayers and now feel calm like I haven't felt since last having the white greenstone generic.
SWITCH to CVS to get them, you wont be disappointed. I've been on alprazolam 2mg 4x a day since 1999 and as mentioned I CAN FEEL & TELL THE DIFFERENCE right away.

I have nothing but good things to say about these new "Blueberry's" compared to the "green hulks." If you need some pics of them leave a message and where you want me to share them and I'll be more than happy to post some pics up close and also compared to the size of the DAVA generic.

Smaller and thinner truly is better, than thicker and only be broken into 3 0.5 doses when the full bar is not needed. I now prefer these new B707 Blueberries over the GREEN DAVA. If CVS ever goes back to DAVA I'm having them special order these new Breckenridge or Greenstone generic because now that I know, DAVA is unacceptable and I refuse to waste my money on those POS bars when these NEW Blueberries are awesome when it comes to system relief. I feel calm like I haven't in such a long time. THANK YOU CVS for switching to this new generic, more of the active ingredient and less fillers FOR SURE!!!

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Re: Martin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Very troubling post. You are just too fixated on the wonderful qualities of Xanax

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Re: EDDY (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Apparently you don't know what it's like to have panic disorder, and have your medication changed. This is my experience with the new generic. Other generics did not work or were too weak. Fixated no, concerned and getting my money's worth for medication I pay for, yes. If you did have experience with panic disorder you would know, that everyone reacts differently to the medication. Other users will find the information that I provided helpful, I respect your opinion, I'm going to have to agree to disagree with you on your choice of words. Just as I'm sure you disagree with a lot of my words or my complete statement. Different individuals will react differently to the binders and the fillers and the active ingredient in the pills themselves. I am glad and what is so wrong about that, that there is a generic product on the market now that my Pharmacy carries that is dispensed to me that actually works as it is supposed to, and had worked in the past under a different generic brand compared to the generic brand that I was getting at CVS which were Dava pharmaceutical alprazolam. Dava who are very weak chalky and bulky and could only be divided into three sections, not leaving the option to just take .5mg when needed because there are times ask anyone who has been on Alprazolam when we do not need the entire pill. We may only need .5 or 1 mg or 1.5 or 2mg depending on the anxiety and or Panic that is setting in within our bodies. Have you ever felt the discomfort and the physical symptoms not just mental that come with this disorder? I suggest you please look them up and see how they can be debilitating. Again I thank you for your opinion. Although your comment was very biased I take no offense to it and I make no apologies. thank you for pointing that out though so that I could clear things up a bit and hopefully enlighten you a little bit hopefully to the point to where you can do your own research. After all, you wouldn't be on this message board for no reason at all... So you yourself are searching for answers and that is a step in the right direction for your mental augmentation of the knowledge and symptoms and how the pharmacokinetics of Alprazolam fillers and binders contained within the tablets to do make a difference to different people. I know some people that absolutely love the dava generic, I know others in my support group who swear by the purepac generic, and others who swear by the activis generic pharmaceutical brand. Everyone reacts differently, but for the most part,when prescribed this medication it is important to know that it is going to work and after years of being dispensed medication that was lackluster and it's symptom relief for me, I am glad that the Breckenridge generic pharmaceutical is a godsend and I finally feel symptomatic relief like I have not felt in years.

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Re: Martin (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I've had almost every brand made Martin. Some here loved TEVA & Greenstone & Dava. The pills are basically all the same. After 30 years of use I only encountered one brand that I didn't like. Most of this is all in your mind! Not to say certain binders or fillers might disagree with the stomach though...

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Re: EDDY (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I think you're wrong Eddy. When the patent went off Xanax, the few generics were pretty much the same as the brand, but not anymore. I think it's great that there is a new generic that seems to be purer than others, but I've been going thru the ringer with my insurance company to cover Xanax because from one refill to the next the pharmacies may change their manufacturer. All the big pharmacies told me they just sell what they get and some of the traditional generics have become too expensive, so they are selling new generics from overseas companies. If a new mfg makes a great product, that's fine. But most of them aren't going to be of high quality. Plus some of the old standbys, even Greenstone are not the same. I was on Sandoz which I personally feel is the best, but it is one that has become too expensive. I'm on Greenstone now & if I can find a pharmacy that sells Sandoz, I'll change but I'm covered, insurance wise, if I have to start taking Xanax again.

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I have used Dava .5 mg for years and base my day on their effects for driving, outings, etc., I was given Breckenridge and do not like them at all, awful. Cannot find Dava anywhere. Is it possible to have a pharmacy order Dava for you?

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Re: Nikki (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I haven't done it, but I've heard that small pharmacies will order specific drugs for you. I spent too much time & energy dealing with the big pharmacies, my insurance company & doctor. However, I would try that.

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Re: Nikki (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Qualitest and DAVA were acquired by ENDO. I'm still working on some DAVA bars and Qualitest 1 mg pills from 2012, WOW! In any case generics can vary plus or minus 20% according to the FDA. For every brand that has 20% less, another brand will have 20% more, or so!

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Re: Sandy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Generic Alprazolam is on the $4 list at most major retailers. I pay $1.93 for 100 1 mg pills. I was paying about $2.40 for 100 2 mg pills. Its been this way for years since Xanax became a generic?

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Re: EDDY (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Do you really think they're going to have 20% over? lol I just want an RX that isn't going to make me ill or kill me. The company that made my last Alprazolam RX which started my investigation have had other drugs pulled off the market because proven carcinogens were found in them. A bunch of drugs by this company have been approved by the FDA including Alprazolam.

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Re: Sandy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Do you really think these FDA regulated Companies would put 20% less. Yes it is possible, + - 20%

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Re: EDDY (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Yes it isn't just possible but it is something that happens in medicine nowadays especially with benzos and pain killers. And yes eddy troll it happens as u r well aware

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Re: Nikki (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you nikki for some actually real comparison and feedback. I like davas but prefer brand or greenstone as they are exact same ingredients and inactive ingredients. Good to know you think davas are better. They are now owned by par pharma so if you want the green s 903 bars 2mg ask your pharmacist for par. And if your looking for Qualitest Alprazolam they are now owned by Solco pharma if you want the v 2090s or any qualitest benzos. Thanks nikki!

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Re: EDDY (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

You pay that low price for a sealed bottle of alprazolam? geeze let me know how u make that happen.

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Re: Martin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Martin thank you so much for the feedback I actually have my green stones ordered and so it's good to know that these b707 or just as effective also the b707 Czar manufactured by Centaur Pharmaceuticals and they are manufactured in Made in India not in the USA not to say that makes them worse but they are made out of country.

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Re: Sandy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Greenstone went back to its great original formulation in October 2017 they actually are better than Sandoz, as they are exactly the same active and inactive ingredients as brand name pfizer. Everyone has their preference but greenstone is best generic. It is identical in chemical make up as brand name xanax. Sandoz differs highly in its makeup bit are good but Sandoz also are the first pills to be fake pressed. I can order sandoz any time but always get greenstone as it equals 100% to brand name pfizer.

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Re: EDDY (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

They don't make Teva Alprazolam. Only in the odt alprazolam formulation. Thought you would know this.

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Re: goozer (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I was getting Sandoz for a long time & now I'm on Greenstone and there is a difference to me. I don't like them. I can't find a pharmacy here who uses Sandoz, but I just went thru heck with my insurance company for them to cover Xanax. So I'm going back on the real stuff.

And Eddy, I don't think I posted anything about how much generics cost.

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Aurobindo used to be blue, a few years ago, before they became garbage. Now my local pharmacy (not corporate) sends me what is labeled Greenstone but looks identical to the white Aurobindo. I've looked with a magnifying glass. However the square 1 mg.ER is effective, unlike the round Aurobindo which did nothing.

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Re: goozer (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

You’re exactly right. Greenstone makes the name brand Xanax and then after they make a certain amount they switch over to the generics. It’s exactly the same as Xanax. I have a friend that works for Pfizer.

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Re: Elsa (# 503) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I do, ask your Doctor.

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Re: EDDY (# 502) Expand Referenced Message

Do you know where to get this at? I don't think they have it in Florida

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Re: EDDY (# 501) Expand Referenced Message

Xanax dosage for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
Mental health professionals diagnose generalized anxiety disorder when a person experiences excessive worry about a range of issues on an almost daily basis for six months or more. More specific anxieties, called phobias, and short-term anxiety in adults are usually not treated with drugs like Xanax.

Standard dosage for generalized anxiety disorder: 0.25–0.5 mg taken orally three times per day

Maximum dosage for generalized anxiety disorder: 4 mg per day

Xanax dosage for panic disorder
People with panic disorder with or without agoraphobia (fear of places that may cause panic or embarrassment) experience frequent and uncontrollable “panic attacks”—periods of intense and overwhelming fear—that come on suddenly and significantly impair daily functioning. Most healthcare professionals will start treatment with a low Xanax dose and steadily increase the dose every three to four days until panic attacks are under control. While no maximum dose for Xanax has been defined, some patients require more than 4 mg a day to manage panic attacks. Even higher doses (up to 10 mg per day) have been used in some patients.

Standard dosage for panic: 0.5–3 mg taken orally three times per day

Maximum dosage for panic disorder: Not specified

Xanax dosage restrictions
Some people may require a lower dose or less frequent dosing. Doses should be started at the lowest possible dose and increased slowly in those with debilitating diseases or older patients.

Alprazolam is metabolized by the liver, so people with hepatic impairment will be started at the lowest possible dose (0.25 mg). The dose should only be slowly increased while carefully monitoring side effects. The dose may be decreased below 0.25 mg if adverse reactions are a problem.

Because the kidneys are not critical to the elimination of Xanax, people with renal impairment or kidney failure will not require a dose adjustment.

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Re: Theresa (# 500) Expand Referenced Message

Absolutely not 10 mg a day, no way. Quote your source

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Re: Dan (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

Actually the recommended limit is 10mg a day. Look it up.

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Re: Hair (# 494) Expand Referenced Message

I liked brackenridge and sandoz the best. I was given greenstone on my recent refill and I hate them. People say they are the closest to brand name but I remember get Xanax and didn’t like them either. ( referring to 2mg bars)

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Re: Martin (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

You took the words right out of my mouth. When you really genuinely have anxiety problems, every manufacturer is different and affects you differently. If you don't like what people are talking about then just stay out of the conversion.

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Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I got the blue 2mg. Xanax for shout 3 years now they all of a sudden about 4 months ago pulled them. They are supposedly not making them anymore. Besides the old green monsters they were definitely my favorite!! The blue B 7 0 7's are great

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