Nasal Vaccines And Canine Cancer


My 4 yr old healthy dog was given a nasal vaccine for bordetella. Four weeks later she developed a large nasal fibrisarcoma and now we have to put her to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this tradegy?

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Hello, Eileen! I'm so sorry, that is so sad.

I have to admit, however, that I really know nothing about this, this site and my own information all deal with the use of medications in humans. There have been occasional posts about animal drugs, but I haven't seen anything else on this.

What did your veterinarian say about it?

Does anyone else know more about this?

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So sorry to read about your doggie!
Our labradoodle (one year old) was administered a bordatella nasal mist booster vaccine and, within 24 hours, had an allergic reaction resulting in a stroke. Within a year, she developed hydrocephalus because of the obstruction caused by scarring from the stroke and she passed away (she was just over two years old). Merck was the manufacturer of the vaccine. Have you found any more out about this vaccine? Have you connected with others whose dogs have experienced adverse reactions? Thanks.

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