My Pain Doctor Said To Take One 10/325 Percocet Every 6 Hours...but


It said to be detailed, so I hope I didn't end up rambling? I have 3 herniated discs 2 in my neck and 1 in the lower back. Also bulging discs-odd but, never heard exactly how many? Also degenerative arthritis in my entire spine and neuropathy in my feet. More too, but those are the main pain related. I'm almost 70. I have been taking 20mg Percocet 8am and 10-15mg at 4-4:30 pm. When I 1st went to the pain doctor and told him about having stomach ulcers, he put me on 25mcg Fentanyl patches. I felt nothing and no pain relief. He doubled it to 50mcg, same result. Before I went back to him, I researched Fentanyl-WOW! That scared the crap out of me, so when he said he wanted to got to 100mcg, I told him I didn't want to continue with Fentanyl. So, he actually got disgusted looking and said "So, what do you want me to give you?"

I explained how I had used Percocet, for years and he said "OK" He's a pretty nice guy, but doesn't have much to say, nor anything is suggested [like exercises, etc] to work with the Percocet? My pain doctor gives me 120 10/325 pills a month and says to take 1 pill every 6 hours. I tried that and #1. Got no pain relief from 1 pill. #2. Couldn't stick to an every 6 hour schedule. #3. If I take it after 5pm I can not sleep until after midnight and had some 3am nights! So, I tried 2 pills in the morning and that helped the pain enough to satisfy me. I take 1 - 1 1/2 pills at 4pm and that gets me by until I go to sleep-but I do have quite a lot of pain. I told the pain doctor and he just said "OK". I'm afraid if I take 2 pills twice a day, I will get used to 4 a day and have no room to go up, as my body gets accustomed to it? I just started taking it on a regulated, daily basis about 5 months ago. I have taken it sporadically, as needed, for the past 12-13 years for bouts of back / neck pain, that usually subsided after a few days to a week. Back then I just had some of the arthritis and 1 lower back herniated disc, as far as I know?

Before starting it regularly, I researched it and have been cold water processing the 20mg morning dose the night before, to spare my liver the Tylenol and drinking the filtered Oxy at around 8am and then just taking 1 to 1 & 1/2 whole Percocet pills at around 4:30pm. What should I expect to happen, for my future, if I continue as I am? I have already tried quitting and going without 3 times now since I started with the pain doctor's 120 pills a month. Out of fear of addiction-I can hardly think of anything else! The pain doctor said I could become addicted eventually to opioids or remain addicted, as I am, to my constant pain. He said "You have to have one or the other every day, right? Couldn't argue with that! I can't do much of anything without the pain pills, but sit with hot packs in a chair all day. I have had stomach ulcers since the late 70's and am prescribed 2 acid control meds a day for that, so I can't use nsaids at all. Tylenol is not an nsaid, but, no matter how much I take, I feel absolutely no relief! So, no point in ruining my liver for nothing!

What I had done for a few months, before I went to the pain doctor, was take 20mg Percocet in the am and mostly just sit with hot packs or ice and watch the stupid television! That's not living. I do pressure washing and roof cleaning for a living, but I only work 2 days a week now and don't actually do much of the actual labor-just water plants and help here and there. Still, after working, I feel increased pain for about 5 days and then it's time to do it all over again. A car accident in 2014 added 2 more herniated discs and that was the start of a whole different kind of pain. The ins company said all the disc problems could have pre-existed and the rest was arthritis, so I got nothing, but doctor bills paid. But, I went from 5 days a week of work, gradually, down to 2. My income is 1/2 or less for the last 2 years. Prior to the pain doctor, I got the same med [90 pill prescriptions, as needed, I just had to call in and pick it up from my family doctor, but out of fear of addiction, never took them more than 1 time a day and not over 3 days in a week].

At my last pain doctor visit, he suggested I see a local doctor for medical marijuana. I called him and the receptionist said they only worked through some place called MYFLORIDAGREEN. So far, I have procrastinated and not signed up yet. What I'm asking for in this post is: At the dose I am at, how long before my body will require a higher dosage? Until I started taking Percocet daily, I used to feel energy when I took 20mg, now I don't, why is that? My doctor wants me to switch to oxycontin time released, but I prefer some control-if the pain subsides, maybe I can cut back? Has anyone tried medical marijuana? If so, how does it's pain relief compare to Percocet's? For the medical mmj to work, do you have to feel high? It was fun when I was in my teens and 20's, but I quit completely in 1978 and don't want to go back to feeling normal while stoned and like something is missing and wrong when I'm not stoned. LOL. Again, hope I was detailed enough, but not rambling too much. Thank you for hearing me out!

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CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, this is not the THC that makes you high/stoned. I am in a low dose of hydro, but coming off of it, due to cleaning my body out every 3-4 years, I go holistic. I am in more pain while in transition but healthier!! Turmeric is a natural pain reliever (mustard) Google your options, research! Always check with your doctor B4 starting, stopping, taking any meds, holistic, otc products! Good luck!

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I don't have answers to your questions, sorry, but I wanted to ask why your doctor has you on percocet rather than oxycodone. I had/have the same concerns you have with having to take opiates regularly and one thing my pain doctor did on my 1st pain management apt was replace the percocet my rheumatologist had me on with oxycodone so that my body wasn't dealing with all that tylenol daily. He wanted me to try oxycontin and I was pretty much forced to )but along with the oxycodone), but like you I like to have control over the release and for some reason my body doesn’t process extended release meds properly and I've never gotten relief from any er med on any dose and I've been through all the usual (oxy, morphine, hydro er, etc).

For the past few years 20mg of oxycodone has been the only thing that touches the pain. I would request your dr to let you try it if I were you. It would save you from having to do the cold water extraction.

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Hi there! I had surgery on my lower spine L-S/L4 at HSS.. three years ago. It hasn't helped a lot and now I have discs sliding out at L-1 etc. Plus a lot of arthritic pain, I'm 70. I'm just so shocked and surprised that docs will prescribe oxycodone to all the people reporting on this thread! I'm lucky if any doctor will give me Tylenol with codeine in small amounts! Oh, they love to try to get me to take Gabapentin which is useless and when I came off it I had horrendous nightmares for several weeks. Where do you find doctors who give you stronger meds? Doesn't happen in NYC I can tell you! I've been to several 'pain docs' and all they want to do is give you useless inj's. in your spine which inevitably does nothing but make things worse. If anyone has a sympathetic doctor to refer me to, please let me know. Thank you.

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I don't know how you got such a large RX for pain, I'll tell you right now, you are lucky. I have cerebral palsy with spina bifida, MS, Lupus, and of course the severe scoliosis from the CP. I have all the herniated discs, arthritis, and spinal stenosis that goes along with it. All I can get from two different pain clinics I've been to is 15 mg morphine 3X a day. I'd like to know how you found a Dr. who will prescribe that much pain medication for you.

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First off..I'd look up to see how much stronger fentanyl is than Percocet. No wonder ur pain's not controlled. Medical marijuana I don't believe will work alone for ur pain..could be wrong. But at 70 yrs old..I'd be worried about what quality of life is left, not becoming addicted... Thanks.

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I have had L4-S1 fusion as well as C3-C-6 fusion and have arthritis and degenerative disk disorder and have been on pain meds for the last 15 years. I used to take Percocet 10/325 but over the years my liver enzymes became abnormal so now I take Oxycocdone. It is the exact same thing as Percocet Just doesn’t have the Tylenol in it. I also found that Fentanyl and OxyContin (extended release) do not work for me my body does not metabolize it and it does not touch my pain. Don’t have any advice on the THC but can tell you that taking 4 pills a day for as long as I have I have not become addicted. Yes if I don’t take it I am in a lot of pain but do not have withdrawal symptoms. I have taken as prescribed and not taken more than prescribed. On a side note intake gabapentin for neuropathy and it helps a lot

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There are so many variables that I wouldnt even try recommending what you should take, but I will tell you that you need to settle on a routine ASAP. With new CDC guidelines, the DEA cracking down, and States and insurance companies implementing Rx opioid restrictions, it is going to become harder and harder to find a physician willing to prescribe any opioids, much less go through a trial and error process. I would seriously consider the marijuana. There have been a lot of botanical advances to keep up with the research, and now they have specific strains for specific ailments!

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Whenever I've tried marijuana, i've become hyper-paranoid!! I hate it! Had it in London once with Gerry Garcia's band at a friend's flat. Couldn't speak!!! Last time I had some for my pain, I'd gone up to Harlem to get some with a friend. I was so freaked out that I'd get arrested, I scrunched down behind a car as I sorted out my 25 bucks..... Went home; consumed too much and couldn't get my arse off the sofa to go to the bathroom...... Always a disaster pour moi!!

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If only the MJ was as easy to get as Percocet, but, it's complicated, here in Florida, so I keep procrastinating.

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Hello, I see my pain Dr Wed. I'm going to ask for Oxy instead of Percocet. He kind of has a rep for being a pill writer, more than a Dr. He never asks me anything on my visits. Nothing is recommended etc, just, is the Percocet working ok for you? I say yes and leave.

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You are right. If anything, I just thought Med MJ might allow me to take less, or at least not need more mg Oxy?

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Sorry to hear all that you have to deal with! This Dr I go to, has a reputation for easily writing Opioid scripts. I just worry about legislation in Florida, leaving me sitting in a chair for the rest of my life, with wet, hot packs. I spend a good deal of time each morning, doing that anyway. I can never leave the house before 10am and it's just that, even though the pain is cut in half by the 20mg Percocet, I'm too stiff until about 10am.

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Sorry to hear of all your problems. You are right to fear Fentanyl. A pain Dr put me on it in 2011. Had I known what we all know now I would never have done it. I spent a month in a hospital program getting off it. As far as your liver worries, you can just get Oxycodone - no Tylenol in it. I was prescribed it after my knee replacement years ago. Hydrocodone is what the government has forced to be mixed with Tylenol.

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In regards to your pain mgmt Dr. giving you Percocet? Watch out because that Tylenol will make your liver enzymes go through the roof! I know it happened to me! I have Spinal Stenosis throughout my entire spin from the C-S and bulged/ degenerated disc of all my Lumbars of the spine & neck. Right now I'm waiting to have Cervical spinal surgery on my neck. I was diag with Fibromyalgia in 2004 and M.S.last Jan. 2017. The Spine & The M.S.? They say are separate things. However, I also have O.A. And R.A my knees are a mess after I get up from sitting down? It feels like someones cutting my knees off with a hatchet! I can't take anything with aspirin since I have GERD. My pain Dr. started me on the usual Fentylnal 25mg. It went to 50 right away within 1 week and 1-50mg every other day he said. Along with you I read the side effects and was scared to death! I'm on 30mg oxycodone 6 per-day. 1-2 every 4 hours. I have other health problems such has tumors in my brain and one removed last Feb.Both thumbs went completely swelled up on me and I couldn't use them all last year! I was never so scared. The pain was incredible in both thumbs. I couldn't bend them and I had no idea what was happening to me. Now my entire right-hand goes completely numb. (Not the type of numb when your foot falls asleep numbness either.) The pain that comes with this type of numbing is all nerve related! The M.S.? Is giving me tremors like epilepsy attacks and I never know when they're coming. But, all of this stopped my entire life in a heartbeat! I was a Chef and I worked out every day! I loved my life.Now? I live each day one hour at a time. I take pain med as needed. I never take 6 per day. But if you're having trouble with using a pain med with Tylenol in it has I did? Tell your dr. to start you off on 15mg Of Roxycodones which is the brand name for Oxycodone> At least there's no Aspirin or Tylenol in them. I tell you I went from being bedridden to being able to now do laundry and walk even my dog. These are big steps for me. Try to stay active which is the key no matter how painful it can get. The more in-active you become? The worse pain gets ' matter how bad the back hurts or muscles hurt you need to keep moving. I use to say to the Dr.'s that weren't in pain mgmt? Who wanted me to take baby aspirin back in the day's I was bedridden? "You wake up each day and see how it feels like being hit by and 18 wheelers every day!" Then I finally went to these excellent pain mgmt Dr's for the past 13 yrs and I tell you this? They take excellent care of me and they're very proud of me for working out and trying to improve my life.I at least try and with all my medical problems (And there are too many to count!) I still have goals and want to work again. I know I can't be a Chef and have my own business again. But, I know I can be useful somewhere! I can't go on any disability since my husband makes to much money even though he's also disabled from the Vietnam war! Was a Marine for 23 yrs and had to retire because of his war injuries! He is older than I by 19 yrs and even though I was always independent? I was not able to collect a dime. I'm certainly disabled enough to collect. But I want so badly to be productive anyway. I Pray I can find something the Lord has for me someday soon. Ask your Dr. for the right medicine. The meds are out there. You need to have the right Dr. Percocet is not the medicine you'd take every day for years that has Tylenol in it. God Bless.

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I'm going to ask him about switching from Percocet, to straight oxycodone from here on.

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Thanks! I have researched cbd oil and medical MJ extensively, as I have with opiods as well. I must have 100 hours or more research into opioids! One reason I won't continue morphine er, is that you can not drink any alcohol while taking it and you become addicted to it very quickly. I can't do any of the things I enjoyed in life, before the accidents put my pain over the top in 2014 and the neuropathy hit at about a year before that. So, having a couple [ not more than 2 ] drinks at night with my wife, is about the only thing I enjoy anymore. I know that because 15 mg 2 x a day did nothing for my morning pain, this pain Dr will double it and I don't want that. I prefer to live an hour in the morning in pain! If I take my 2nd dose of Percocet at 4 - 4:30pm I can handle the pain, up until I got to bed at 10 - 11 pm.

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Joe (# 12) --

Hmmmm, that's puzzling! "Hydrocodone is what the government has forced to be mixed withTylenol."

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The oxycodone is what I take now instead of the Percocet because the Tylenol affected my liver enzymes and the oxycodone works great. I take 10 mg and can take it 4 times a day. However I did notice a difference when I switched from the Percocet. The Tylenol helped with swelling and muscle stiffness. I cannot take any NSAIDS because I have had 5 different fusions and the NSAIDS will cause the bone not to fuse. The oxycodone works great and he started me on Robaxin which is a muscle relaxer and I also take gabapentin for the neuropathy. I will say that moving and stretching are very important. It hurts for me to walk and stretch but I hurt more when i don’t I also think you need to be forceful with your doctor about making him listen to your concerns. A lot of pain doctors have short visits so they can see as many patients as possible in a day but you pay for the visit so make him listen. Hope you get some answers and relief. Prayers for you

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Buprenorphine, i.e. Belbuca can help with pain like that. It has done wonders for my pain. He can try inj's. for pain... and depending on if there is nerve involvement, Lyrica could work.

However, I would consider Buprenorphine if you aren’t comfortable with Percocet.

Oh and with the stiffness in the degenerative joint disease, it’s possible that aquatic therapy may help.

Re: Tylenol- it works on centralized pain to a certain threshold.

If he’s Dx with failed back syndrome, a topical compound could work. They can be expensive but if done through the right pharmacy, it won’t be as ridiculous.

If the doc is only giving you opioids and not doing conservative treatments as well, ask about it... you can always get your primary involved or get a second opinion.

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THIS IS TO EVERYONE WHO WAS KIND ENOUGH TO REPLY TO ME: My DR did switch me from Percocet to Oxycodone. The % of pain relief remained the same, but I noticed that my left foot is swollen, when I go to bed? I read a reply above, from Chuck #9 "However I did notice a difference when I switched from the Percocet. The Tylenol helped with swelling and muscle stiffness. I cannot take any NSAIDS because I have had 5 different fusions and the NSAIDS will cause the bone not to fuse". I guess the swelling I have is due to not having the Tylenol now? I also feel more muscle stiffness, and I also can not use NSAIDS because of stomach ulcers and GERD. Tylenol, of course, is not an NSAID. Anyway, I have a new thought now, but probably should start a new thread on that. My question will be: Having taken 20mg at a time of Oxycodone [prior to this month, it was Percocet] now, I have taken 20mg 2 X a day for a full year, in fact just over a year.

Thanks! This is a very helpful and responsive forum! I'm glad I came here!!

Chuck In Florida

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